15 DUMB Hacks that “Work Great!”

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At one point I really thought that the hacks channels did great work, but it has gotten absolutely awful.
The Hacks referenced in the video are linked below:
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Getaime Wheeler
Getaime Wheeler - 5 timer siden
Hi Gloom i been subed to u and azzy for 6 year and i love it back then but now im a little bored i miss the Gloom Azzy vids plz what happened 😔 make more vids with her 😔 ik u do it with luarn but plz bring Glzzy back 💓 💖 (Glzzy-gloom and azzy bff name i made when i 1st started watching )
Getaime Wheeler
Getaime Wheeler - 5 timer siden
I ment 4 years
Getaime Wheeler
Getaime Wheeler - 5 timer siden
Oh on different acc XD
Chris Belcher
Chris Belcher - 7 timer siden
You wear inappropriate stuff
michele johnson
michele johnson - 17 timer siden
To do that what you just did
michele johnson
michele johnson - 17 timer siden
This is Michelle's daughter but she might have been at school
Venla Hakala
Venla Hakala - 19 timer siden
Im annoyed. I call it A lollypop
Kenneth Ge
Kenneth Ge - 19 timer siden
Fun fact: if you’ve ever visited a house for sale, you actually wear “socks” or booties on top of your shoes to keep the house floors clean
AG Magic
AG Magic - 19 timer siden
I ligit puked at the thumb nail
Nassima Poinsette
Nassima Poinsette - 20 timer siden
Kathleen McBride
Kathleen McBride - 20 timer siden
No won:

Kassie: put fruit around my face!
【】【Cotton Candy】【】
look at her face xD ( 2:26 )
Unicorn sisters G
Unicorn sisters G - 23 timer siden
Gloom’s face at 2:28 is mood . Lol
šøphîè ÿèø
šøphîè ÿèø - Dag siden
Me: new hacks!
Me after I watch the video: what the heck that is not hacks
khalari sturgeon
khalari sturgeon - Dag siden
life hack when you have a bra with straps but you are wearing a crop top you must
1.loosen straps
2.cross over the straps when placing on bra
3.tuck staps into crop top
GachaSkullz - Dag siden
Or you could just go get a bowl
dancinggenes21 - Dag siden
Her face when Terry eats that sucker
Ashlei Rife
Ashlei Rife - Dag siden
No when he ate the sucker her face just stoped and was like ewwwwww
Aubrie Montstream
Aubrie Montstream - Dag siden
Why would he do that🤨🤢🤮
Aubrie Montstream
Aubrie Montstream - Dag siden
Everybody has armpit hair it’s normal😐🤨
Evelyn Thompson
Evelyn Thompson - Dag siden
The shoe hack is a sign of laziness, but what are you supposed to do in times like these?
XxxJasmine2020Xxx Plays
XxxJasmine2020Xxx Plays - 2 dager siden
Cassy’s (boy friend?): OWWW when she take lolly of
Me again:laughing at ever single hack especially the lolly one
(Kassie) sorry ☹️
Daniela Pigors
Daniela Pigors - 2 dager siden
Ruby - 2 dager siden
i love the hack vieos threr so fuunny
Eliza Jakins
Eliza Jakins - 2 dager siden
Sometimes I think

Poor terry
Noah Moyle
Noah Moyle - 2 dager siden
I heit trom trom
Indian Mom Australia
Indian Mom Australia - 2 dager siden
Wow why would he eat that
Nessie Krim
Nessie Krim - 2 dager siden
Gloom’s face lol
Maggie K.
Maggie K. - 2 dager siden
Maggie K.
Maggie K. - 2 dager siden
CARINA ALLAN - 2 dager siden
Why would you bring your phone in the bathroom with you?
Amelie Poo
Amelie Poo - 2 dager siden
Terry is like help me me like lol
Save The Ocean
Save The Ocean - 2 dager siden
Troom troom: PIZZA TIME! *slams girls head into the pizza box*
Caroline Hunter
Caroline Hunter - 2 dager siden
How gross do u think holding a sucker in your partners armpit, then watching him eat it? Poor Cassie LOL
Dayne Crowe
Dayne Crowe - 3 dager siden
You can take off your socks and put your pop socket in between your big toe and your other toe and put the Picture on a timer
Darius Lewis
Darius Lewis - 3 dager siden
I love. you
Suzana Gonçalves
Suzana Gonçalves - 3 dager siden
I dont wanna see tarrys armpit
caden jordan
caden jordan - 3 dager siden
when your brother eats your cookies when moms not home cuz she said its for you 2:27
caden jordan
caden jordan - 3 dager siden
thank for the like
Flarissa Cox
Flarissa Cox - 3 dager siden
You only did some hacks I thought you were sapost to do all the hacks
annabell jaegersa
annabell jaegersa - 3 dager siden
Same I don't
the leagends
the leagends - 3 dager siden
They are Russians so what do u expect
Heather White
Heather White - 3 dager siden
Why does terry look like that in the background sooooo funny peeing my pants
dirvi patel
dirvi patel - 3 dager siden
when terry ate the sucker
and me being like 😫😫😫😫eww
Aries B
Aries B - 3 dager siden
Kassie :"No it's not edible "
Terry: *chomp*
Pika Bloxy ASMR
Pika Bloxy ASMR - 3 dager siden
Kinley Combs
Kinley Combs - 4 dager siden
Terry looks dead in the background... Like he regrets donating his armpit
Zoe J Morton
Zoe J Morton - 4 dager siden
Does anybody notice that Kassie in her phone camera looks like zendya
farouk barakat
farouk barakat - 4 dager siden
I laughed so hard when she said "dIs gUrL iS hOlDiNg tWo BaGs oF wAtEr WiT hEr AlL dAy"
Jolene Ofsdahl
Jolene Ofsdahl - 4 dager siden
David Hampton
David Hampton - 4 dager siden
samantha Maureen de Jesus
samantha Maureen de Jesus - 4 dager siden
I see you
samantha Maureen de Jesus
samantha Maureen de Jesus - 4 dager siden
Am ate gloom your friend is skykkuno ?
thezerofan fortniteplayer
thezerofan fortniteplayer - 4 dager siden
What is gloom wearing and ewww terry why just why
Audrey Roberts
Audrey Roberts - 4 dager siden
xXPONCHOXx 111 - 4 dager siden
Terry: 🙆🍭 Leter rip
Priscila Olea
Priscila Olea - 4 dager siden
5:04 I like it that part!🤣😂
Boba_queenlover of adopt me
Boba_queenlover of adopt me - 4 dager siden
Ewwwwwwwww terry is like
Cassie:*puts sucker on arm pit*
Cassie:*pulls sucker out*
Terry:i dare you to eat it.
Cassie:eww no i would never do that !
Terry:*takes sucker and eats it*
angel owens
angel owens - 4 dager siden
Your Irish kasy
Olivia Mizell
Olivia Mizell - 4 dager siden
the hack channels lowkey ran out of ideas a year ago
Sandra Lastarria
Sandra Lastarria - 5 dager siden
Troom troom or 123 go
sindiso sibanda
sindiso sibanda - 5 dager siden
Faith Allen
Faith Allen - 5 dager siden
Imagine the process of 5 minute crafts making the video and they're supposed to put the girl down on the pizza box, but the catch is she does not like the girl so she slams her head in. Now the girl has a headache, but has to keep her cool to show no emotion during the video Finally they put oranges all around her face once the video is done she beats her up that's what I would imagine.
Ellanore Lagundzin
Ellanore Lagundzin - 5 dager siden
instead of azzy saying DeLicOuS👌for the first one she should say DIscuSTiNg
Cocopuff - 5 dager siden
my hair is thick too
Stephanie Holler
Stephanie Holler - 5 dager siden
life hack just keep getting worse
Philipe` Cannada
Philipe` Cannada - 5 dager siden
Shadow_ Gacha
Shadow_ Gacha - 5 dager siden
You are gorgeous and Terry is very lucky and the fact that Teri was so scared to do your hacks and he does it anyway NOW THAt IS TRUE LOVE I am actually hoping for that to this day
Sara Lewis
Sara Lewis - 5 dager siden
I love you outfit
Panda.bell.307 Ultimate Trash Lol
I did know Suckers existed-
Rae Jeanne Fabillar
Rae Jeanne Fabillar - 5 dager siden
Heidi Westbye
Heidi Westbye - 5 dager siden
at the start terry looks terrifyed
Renee - 5 dager siden
Gloom i have a different hack for you put a towl over your head take a blow dryer cafaly put it in the towel and turn it on
Kyle YT gaming
Kyle YT gaming - 6 dager siden
Cassie nooooooo
afifa hamid
afifa hamid - 6 dager siden
Are you ok terry and gloom😠😠😠
ananya das
ananya das - 6 dager siden
Aah the thumbnail, I'm gonna have nightmare
Piedae Disiliva
Piedae Disiliva - 6 dager siden
Is it troom troom that ur watching I watch that too
The Liam Erasmus show
The Liam Erasmus show - 6 dager siden
I loved it when Terry just took the lollipop
Aeden Estonactoc
Aeden Estonactoc - 6 dager siden
Lucy Goose
Lucy Goose - 6 dager siden
Kassie: its not edible
Terri:*nom nom*
Me:RIP Terri
Charika Clark,
Charika Clark, - 6 dager siden
Why do you have a tank top on top of your jeans that is not real fashion okay I'll help you get real fashion some James with a shirt
Hailee Rioflorido
Hailee Rioflorido - 6 dager siden
Her wearing socks outside shoes me singing sweet but a physco it the time I said the lyrics and sang this part your out of your mind
Mylissa Mondoux
Mylissa Mondoux - 7 dager siden
What is she wearing that's annaprpiate
Mylissa Mondoux
Mylissa Mondoux - 7 dager siden
Did he really I am laughing
emutation Aurangabad
emutation Aurangabad - 7 dager siden
i hate them all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mackariusz Jackie
Mackariusz Jackie - 7 dager siden
Da topic was like ayy yo what the fu***
Lilac Inkyrose
Lilac Inkyrose - 7 dager siden
Kassie says deodorant is not edible
Terry eats sucker
Kassie leh gasp
Anime wolfie
Anime wolfie - 7 dager siden
*just look at the thumbnail and cry every one*
Aurelio Ojeda
Aurelio Ojeda - 7 dager siden
The Ya Bruh Show !!
The Ya Bruh Show !! - 8 dager siden
What the heck was she wearing lol (no offense)
Jolayne Reichstein
Jolayne Reichstein - 8 dager siden
I like your eyes can I go on a date night with you I’m 19 years old
Brittney W
Brittney W - 8 dager siden
So..... No one is goin to talk about how she walked?! She literally did the bakugou walk!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Aztec God
Aztec God - 8 dager siden
'weve all used suckers before'

Nah I haven't
Lily . Rxo
Lily . Rxo - 8 dager siden
I mean if u had bad smelling feet the sock ting I would work
De game Familie
De game Familie - 8 dager siden
Plee jongere end klik sandy 3tymz
zahraa abdulelah
zahraa abdulelah - 8 dager siden
Videos I love you so much
zahraa abdulelah
zahraa abdulelah - 8 dager siden
I love you so so much
Sara Falline
Sara Falline - 8 dager siden
why did terry slam your face kassie
Amanda Baldwin
Amanda Baldwin - 8 dager siden
Like how u sound like a dieing lady in the video and an angel on cam 😇 ur awsome xd
Amanda Baldwin
Amanda Baldwin - 8 dager siden
Most are not hacks there non working DIYS
Makayla Faucette
Makayla Faucette - 8 dager siden
that is discustin.
Unicorn girl
Unicorn girl - 8 dager siden
If you think the troom troom life hakes are bad, watch the pranks, there ridiculous
Kathleen Williams
Kathleen Williams - 8 dager siden
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