6 Sneaky HACKS to Make You A Better Liar

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We love a good hack to sneak candy that works great! Not really. Lmk what types of hacks you want me to test next!
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gembertdriving - 7 timer siden
Hahah Terry is wearing red undis
My animals
My animals - 12 timer siden
That zip tie trick is actually what you are supposed to do if you get kidnapped and have a zip tie on your hand
Susan Cronin
Susan Cronin - Dag siden
Chloe Jean
Chloe Jean - Dag siden
Taylor Harpster
Taylor Harpster - Dag siden
No we shed hair every second
Yt_ItzJohn - Dag siden
I’m a chicken 🐓

I’m the 🐔
Julienne Kate Otto
Julienne Kate Otto - Dag siden
Glooms hand keeps burning help her before its going to explode🖑💣
kittycat riley
kittycat riley - 2 dager siden
These people trying to sneak candy are like my brother lol
Danch The Dog Lover
Danch The Dog Lover - 2 dager siden
And he See's the coke in a loaf but doesn't care
Danch The Dog Lover
Danch The Dog Lover - 2 dager siden
I'm surprised that no one is talking about how the kids hide candy but the dumb dad is hiding weiners in a loaf lol
Angilina Yt
Angilina Yt - 2 dager siden
Mary Grande
Mary Grande - 2 dager siden
ItzSkelly - 2 dager siden
Destiny Joachim
Destiny Joachim - 2 dager siden
Destiny Joachim
Destiny Joachim - 2 dager siden
Destiny Joachim
Destiny Joachim - 2 dager siden
Cassandra Pirtle
Cassandra Pirtle - 2 dager siden
I shed one hair day
fernandobf50 - 3 dager siden
What’s your real name
Parnika Dubey
Parnika Dubey - 3 dager siden
Terry is the cutest..
Nicholas Matthews
Nicholas Matthews - 3 dager siden
My dad yells at me through the warnersville at my at at all of my sisters and also me then he always apologizes like to
MarshmallowBunny - 3 dager siden
I’m suppose to be reading so I like how u put the words at the bottom
rpmoorecos - 4 dager siden
“If your young and your parents are giving you money-
My HaNdS aRe On FiRe!”
Kassie 2020
Chloe Nuneviller
Chloe Nuneviller - 4 dager siden
They check your purse in Canada? Not in the USA
nasma najeeb
nasma najeeb - 4 dager siden
I can eat during class or when ever I want
Cristiana L
Cristiana L - 5 dager siden
Jelly lover 123
Jelly lover 123 - 5 dager siden
Do you
Jelly lover 123
Jelly lover 123 - 5 dager siden
I know Chad
Kailee Jayson
Kailee Jayson - 5 dager siden
NO one
Me*puts on my sisters hamper to hide*I'm a tank
MY sister:kailee get out of my hamper
Lágústa L og Á
Lágústa L og Á - 5 dager siden
Me to
Selena girl
Selena girl - 5 dager siden
the mysterious channel
the mysterious channel - 5 dager siden
Hi gioom
Nora Nathan
Nora Nathan - 6 dager siden
I would have just reached into the ship bag with my hands like that
It didn’t look that hard
Pat Brannigan
Pat Brannigan - 6 dager siden
This is how many time she
said in a loaf
kareen gacha
kareen gacha - 6 dager siden
I am young and my parents are divorced and I always cry
Tallulah Tamman
Tallulah Tamman - 6 dager siden
actuly u shed 150 hairs a day
Sara's Crafts
Sara's Crafts - 6 dager siden
She has that painting of S.O.S that Azzy made in dumb hacks on her shelf! Nice👍🥰
Foxy Causes
Foxy Causes - 6 dager siden
6:29 you can see that he's standing up because of his flannel
Bethany Huziej
Bethany Huziej - 6 dager siden
I've got starburst at home there in . High cu bard in . Jar
Milagros Melena
Milagros Melena - 6 dager siden
How she said alright get out
Mahmoud Bika
Mahmoud Bika - 6 dager siden
Super-Potter Gaming
Super-Potter Gaming - 7 dager siden
Why not just eat the doughnuts at home? 😂
xXPearlXx *Flower*
xXPearlXx *Flower* - 7 dager siden
I hate my life
Donna Walsh
Donna Walsh - 7 dager siden
i am aloud to eat candy
valeria imani
valeria imani - 7 dager siden
Terry is the best fiancé ever. Waiting for the wedding
Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly - 7 dager siden
KS - 02DA 896228 Queenston Drive PS
o yay im a kid
Ashlyn Lemonade
Ashlyn Lemonade - 8 dager siden
I see the SOS from the life hack video with Azzy
Emily Schilmoeller
Emily Schilmoeller - 9 dager siden
I was playing BitLife and me and my friend (in the game)I watched your video ✌🏻
Gucci Crocs
Gucci Crocs - 9 dager siden
6:50 still reminiscing about the video where kassie shipped herself in a box
Noobly Woo
Noobly Woo - 9 dager siden
U see it's fake when 6:29 bottom right u see that blue thing ya they cut the bag lol :/
Anna Shanneil
Anna Shanneil - 10 dager siden
أم ياسر
أم ياسر - 10 dager siden
Why they don't ask there parent's for choclate
J GIRL - 11 dager siden
LOL I use proplan dog food for my dog
Sarah Perry Fleet
Sarah Perry Fleet - 11 dager siden
Still nobody:
Video Kassie's watching : *powder on kids face*
jason22 mahir
jason22 mahir - 11 dager siden
Terry is the best if you agree like
jason22 mahir
jason22 mahir - 11 dager siden
How strong is your assistant that man with beard that man with beard is the best friend you can had
Alisha Umme
Alisha Umme - 12 dager siden
Amoung us teach you how to lie
Jhazrielle Dawn Gequillana
Jhazrielle Dawn Gequillana - 12 dager siden
Can u plz make the volume high
AN gro gaming
AN gro gaming - 12 dager siden
i love your nails hehe
Online Unicorn gammer
Online Unicorn gammer - 13 dager siden
How many times Kassie said coke in a Loaf
spicesugar skittlessmarties
spicesugar skittlessmarties - 13 dager siden
100 hairs a day
о нет
о нет - 13 dager siden
Okay, but the last one is actually very useful if something.... Bad happens
ايه ايه
ايه ايه - 13 dager siden
you are so excited
antonia arriola
antonia arriola - 14 dager siden
Did anyone notice that when they opened the peas they were SOAPY!
「Midnight Yume 」
「Midnight Yume 」 - 14 dager siden
Try me i,ll fit in the hamper i think i m 7 :p
Emily Burkholder
Emily Burkholder - 15 dager siden
I love your channel
Lisa Hatchett
Lisa Hatchett - 15 dager siden
Aite time you can put play Imani Oceano
paola barajas
paola barajas - 15 dager siden
How do you do in life hacks I’m not a liar like hacks for me but you do and I know somebody’s life section 123 go 123 go and get a life pack of I love to shop like I’m gonna keep going like that right now give me like you do go in the back
Chloe - 16 dager siden
I came here so I could lie for among us 😃💧
GodzillaGaming 2006
GodzillaGaming 2006 - 16 dager siden
Who else is happy that kassies
GodzillaGaming 2006
GodzillaGaming 2006 - 16 dager siden
Intro is back
Amna Amin
Amna Amin - 16 dager siden
bert francisco
bert francisco - 16 dager siden
I Love gloom your the best you and terry
Putri Mimi
Putri Mimi - 16 dager siden
Happy Happy
Happy Happy - 16 dager siden
I hate the demon horn dislike
Josephine Rappe
Josephine Rappe - 16 dager siden
The thing is can have candy in school
bunny Queen snif
bunny Queen snif - 17 dager siden
Instead of putting 2 Skittles in a balloon ......

bunny Queen snif
bunny Queen snif - 17 dager siden
bunny Queen snif
bunny Queen snif - 17 dager siden
bunny Queen snif
bunny Queen snif - 17 dager siden
Leong Waipeng
Leong Waipeng - 17 dager siden
We use the knife for arts, but if I bring it for no purposes then it's not aloud, or my teacher just help us cut the card box, I don't normally use the knife, idk what knife that is, I- 😂😂😂😂
Heather White
Heather White - 17 dager siden
In love her vids
Snow Ray
Snow Ray - 17 dager siden
i tried all of these and im grounded for a year, kids never ever try these hacks.because they won't work
Donald Gregg
Donald Gregg - 18 dager siden
Violet - 18 dager siden
Trinity Ross
Trinity Ross - 18 dager siden
I got to know for later???????!!!!
hotcocomikasa - 18 dager siden
8:38 that is genuinely so disgusting pls NEVER EVER EVER DO THIS ew
Idk Dj is scary
Idk Dj is scary - 18 dager siden
Are they gonna marry in a year
Heidi Starkey
Heidi Starkey - 19 dager siden
Thought you had chocolate hand
Lin_GamingStudios - 19 dager siden
Did anyone notice that her necklace was Arabic
Lyla Mamun
Lyla Mamun - 19 dager siden
Sneaking candy into class 2020: *turns camera off*
Malaysia Phillips
Malaysia Phillips - 20 dager siden
The new one ☝️ has been to my favorite thing in my 😂😅
Life with me Abby
Life with me Abby - 20 dager siden
Ok so the dad gives his kids money for HEALTHY FOOD . Huuuuhhhhh I'm sorry what was even the reason
Brandon Carlson
Brandon Carlson - 20 dager siden
😘 u
Egirl Max
Egirl Max - 21 dag siden
I have a vending machine in my school and we are allowed to eat in class. If It is from the vending machine
Samantha Henry
Samantha Henry - 21 dag siden
gloom; what and why
me;what and why what
iilucxyii - 21 dag siden
happy day im gLoOm
Poopi Poops
Poopi Poops - 21 dag siden
Skittles look weird in Canada
Bella Dowd
Bella Dowd - 22 dager siden
2:25 weird dusty powered stuff
Kassie: He he he

Me: Kassie did a no no! :) LOL
Shelsea Sanchez
Shelsea Sanchez - 22 dager siden
It's just the label of dog food not the bottle
PG - 03TS 860585 Churchville PS
how many times a Cassie say golf in a little Coca-Cola
Ellie Sinvani
Ellie Sinvani - 23 dager siden
Hailey Huie
Hailey Huie - 23 dager siden
I watch the sky show before but I don’t know the name of it the first show
Sarah Renshaw
Sarah Renshaw - 23 dager siden
I hate among us
Jimmythepro Fortniter
Jimmythepro Fortniter - 23 dager siden
I have an idea to sneak food into school if you like tape gum put tape on it stick it under your desk when your teacher is not looking at you Get a piece I did it in second grade for the whole day