🔴Among Us Proximity Mod but I won't shut up

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Had some technical glitches with the Mod and had to play regular Among Us for a bit, but Proximity Chat Games start at 0:23:43
Mod Creators:
Tr4cer - twitter.com/roobscoob1
Sombrio - twitter.com/sombraSoft
Sub - twitter.com/SubZeroExtabyte
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).
Runtime: 1:36:12


Keita Fridenberga
Keita Fridenberga - 12 timer siden
You shud do real-life among us
Aidan Fenton
Aidan Fenton - 22 timer siden
Gumi at 51:07 I can’t too cute
And the little “I love you “ I just ahhggggg
Jolie Mensah
Jolie Mensah - Dag siden
Where is Lauren
Carly H.
Carly H. - Dag siden
Kaydee Fisher
Kaydee Fisher - Dag siden
Alyssa Sanderson
Alyssa Sanderson - Dag siden
i watch these videos 24/7 and never get bored when Kassie is not imposter i try to guess who it is i honestly love her and her vids so so so much
Kat Drawz Warrior Cats
Kat Drawz Warrior Cats - 2 dager siden
I felt so bad for Gumi when they talked over her, her voice is extremely adorable!
Aislyn Rausch
Aislyn Rausch - 2 dager siden
yea i saw the timer go to 1000
Kinley Alford Clara
Kinley Alford Clara - 2 dager siden
ShowThyme: neer neer I’m a race car
Miss cow Hi
Miss cow Hi - 2 dager siden
I love when gumi plays
Blah Blah
Blah Blah - 2 dager siden
I could watch this all day
Emma Andersen
Emma Andersen - 3 dager siden
Gumi’s voice sounds so innocent it’s not even fair
LOL Player
LOL Player - 4 dager siden
• Ayazukai •
• Ayazukai • - 4 dager siden
When I heard the high pitch voice , I thought it was wolfychu for a sec
Bailey Sharp
Bailey Sharp - 4 dager siden
Hannah McCann
Hannah McCann - 4 dager siden
Who else thinks gloom should do playing among us with fans
Lucy Fox
Lucy Fox - 6 dager siden
I'm a very holy person, ok? 😁🙏👍🍁✨🕯👼 On camera. 😎👺😈💩💅🍺🌈🎉
Alexis-mae Grieve
Alexis-mae Grieve - 6 dager siden
I love your streams
Jessica Garrett
Jessica Garrett - 6 dager siden
Hi I'm just 6 I'm about to be 7 i love you .
Reo Reeves!
Reo Reeves! - 6 dager siden
Bert B
Bert B - 7 dager siden
You should invite Carthage wherePlay
Just Kayla
Just Kayla - 7 dager siden
Ok so uh I was just chillin and saw the organizer. I REMEMBER LITERALLY WATCHING THE PALS AND SUB EVERYDAY
Sarah Tate
Sarah Tate - 7 dager siden
1:10:00 definitely bring your kids to work day
ZacheryZaxorFan Cabella
ZacheryZaxorFan Cabella - 8 dager siden
59:56 did no one else notice that Kassima left and we had to be entertained by her friends
Olivia Hammond
Olivia Hammond - 8 dager siden
awwwwww shubble and ze are sooo cutee :>>>
Olivia Hammond
Olivia Hammond - 8 dager siden
if neither one is in a relationship, i ship
Sarah Fouchal
Sarah Fouchal - 8 dager siden
Gloom whi have have a YouTube channel can I join
margarita _lazy
margarita _lazy - 9 dager siden
Can you pls do a butterfly soup again pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
Katie Pickette
Katie Pickette - 10 dager siden
Dear, Uwu girl. I hate your voice and you’re so annoying 😊
Gucci Crocs
Gucci Crocs - 10 dager siden
everyone: conspiring against thyme
chilled: oh thyme you gotta mute proximity chat

the wholesomeness and sportsmanship of this group 😌
Rebecca Ma
Rebecca Ma - 11 dager siden
Can anybody send the link to the unlisted live stream?
Savytan - 11 dager siden
This group is so fun and chaotic, I enjoyed every bits of it.
Estelle Postiglioni
Estelle Postiglioni - 11 dager siden
how do u get thisss
neko - 12 dager siden
41:29 💀
Yuriana Torres
Yuriana Torres - 12 dager siden
So more episode vids like if you agree
G-MAN Playz
G-MAN Playz - 12 dager siden
Does anyone know Thomas's channel
Audrey Rosenberg Gmail
Audrey Rosenberg Gmail - 12 dager siden
if y'all pause at exactly 36:45 u can see that GUMI and kara were walking up like two steps away after THOMAS killed kassie
Mia Living a Sweet Life
Mia Living a Sweet Life - 12 dager siden
Yianna.???? It’s mia
Amie Bell
Amie Bell - 12 dager siden
can you link the game you are playing down below next stream plss
Jalleine Baron Isonza
Jalleine Baron Isonza - 12 dager siden
GUMI'S voice is so cute i like it HAHAHAHA
Brace.face_d Period
Brace.face_d Period - 12 dager siden
How do you do proximity mod
Jordis Rheaume
Jordis Rheaume - 12 dager siden
Libby Super
Libby Super - 12 dager siden
I really wish the volume of the other players and Gloom's volume were the same level. It's annoying to have to turn the volume up to hear others in the meetings and then down again when she starts talking. And then sometimes during play she screams and it's just soooo loud
A V - 12 dager siden
When is there going to be a new ghost hunters video
Jaidyn & Friends
Jaidyn & Friends - 12 dager siden
Is thomas the thomas from ryguyrocky daycare from the beginnging
Saron Mesfin
Saron Mesfin - 12 dager siden
So are we just going to ignore that she did not make the cussing censored ;-; No hate tho
Mooshi GamerXD
Mooshi GamerXD - 13 dager siden
Gloom, and everyone else who stops to read this!!! I’m just saying if u play the 2nd map the Mira HQ if you pay attention to who scans, the sensors and just monitor where people are and ask the right questions, you got yourself an automatic win! I’m becoming big brain! Ive been getting the imposters most the time now that I’ve done these things, try it for yourself, tell me if it works!
Audrey Rosenberg Gmail
Audrey Rosenberg Gmail - 13 dager siden
16:08 um what
The Fair Feline
The Fair Feline - 13 dager siden
9:03 You would sabatoge comms in a normal game because its the hardest to fix, while its broken you cant call an emergency meeting.
ScftieBluu - 13 dager siden
Someone said “YES! I GOT IMPOSTER”
Alyssa Sanderson
Alyssa Sanderson - Dag siden
i heard i was like did no one hear that
Mystical Zonks
Mystical Zonks - 13 dager siden
This is my favourite group of among us players lol
Dan Dan
Dan Dan - 13 dager siden
myanimated my story
myanimated my story - 13 dager siden
Hi I'm new sub
Francoise Mcarthur
Francoise Mcarthur - 14 dager siden
Thyme: Kartha Gewart, Kartha Gewart show me a sign!
Kassie (Kartha): *insert unidentified noise here*
Thyme: S H E S H O W E D U S A S I G N !
Mrs. Puppy
Mrs. Puppy - 14 dager siden
sapphire moonlight
sapphire moonlight - 14 dager siden
In among us my name is moonlight
Kirk canque
Kirk canque - 14 dager siden
Game starts at 0:23:43
ruby sharoyn
ruby sharoyn - 14 dager siden
i love the appreciation of bly manor
Zaima Rahman
Zaima Rahman - 14 dager siden
Gamer Elina
Gamer Elina - 14 dager siden
I saw you in a among us game earlier
He entered and said
He entered and said - 14 dager siden
I want the normal among us back every Youtuber i know has proximity mod,and I'm getting bored of it,but it's gonna turn out like I'm selfish
Ps: I'm really not the biggest fan of proximity mod
Katylyn Williams
Katylyn Williams - 14 dager siden
Wait what live went bad I don’t remember
Claudia G
Claudia G - 15 dager siden
I felt so bad for gloom when people thought she was an imposter and just left her alone.. to starve..
Star Moon
Star Moon - 15 dager siden
Gumi just like hi gloom ily
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar - 15 dager siden
What the f 745k watching 😱😱
gamer girls
gamer girls - 15 dager siden
Please do among us with azzy
Stefani Low
Stefani Low - 15 dager siden
Aww gloom and jvckk have a sweet friendship
Emma Drew
Emma Drew - 15 dager siden
Gloom: adMIN
NavyPxps - 15 dager siden
Me:Oh yes amoung us!!
*notices no Lauren or Scott*
Me:👁👄👁 My little team of peoples gone :( REEEE
Lautaro Lisler
Lautaro Lisler - 15 dager siden
1:13:00 lol he was so nervous
Sofia cantu
Sofia cantu - 16 dager siden
U where playing with me 😇😇😇😊😊
ZeroIsALonelyNumber - 16 dager siden
"i'm so dead."
ZeroIsALonelyNumber - 16 dager siden
"if we get some lemons and some hot air we could..."
Candy1467 Unicorn
Candy1467 Unicorn - 16 dager siden
ZeroIsALonelyNumber - 16 dager siden
Thomas: I walk in- see a body- a fresh body-
Gumi: *nnno
xo.shadee _
xo.shadee _ - 16 dager siden
i was just playing amoung us with you and you said subscribe let’s play again
Kylie Lyons
Kylie Lyons - 16 dager siden
Ok but did anyone notice that at 31:54 someone said "nice........ imposter"
Olivia Silva
Olivia Silva - 16 dager siden
Are you playing among us right now
Addison Potts
Addison Potts - 16 dager siden
🤩your awesome kassie I wish you would do shout outs tho I'm subed and liked
ricardo Ramirez
ricardo Ramirez - 16 dager siden
Can you join my umung us game
Zoe Reider
Zoe Reider - 16 dager siden
Kassie: I won't shut up
Also Kassie in meeting: ........................................ Mhm......................... OK........................
OKOTH _14 - 16 dager siden
You should team with a youtuber named dani he made a 3D version
Sumaya Saleh
Sumaya Saleh - 16 dager siden
gloom remember playing sally face like four years ago :( XD
Neal L Millar
Neal L Millar - 16 dager siden
Hi gloom this is legit my 1st time typing on key board soooooooo xd
Kira Rose
Kira Rose - 16 dager siden
I was playing among us as Levi and both gloom and Lauren were there I don’t know if it was real but I said I would comment on a video and gloom said they would try to find my comment hopefully it’s real because it would be my dream come true so hopefully they find this comment
Corey D
Corey D - 16 dager siden
Hey this is not the live stream with the puppy I think she deleted it it was a black puppy 😭😢
Jimi Kennedy
Jimi Kennedy - 16 dager siden
Why does chilled’s voice sounds like a narrative
Alexis Tittle
Alexis Tittle - 17 dager siden
when life gives you Kara
its gloom...
Gabriela Morales
Gabriela Morales - 17 dager siden
Can you mute pls
Alexandra McCullough
Alexandra McCullough - 17 dager siden
Ice falls, Snow storms
Ice falls, Snow storms - 16 dager siden
Josephine Deuel
Josephine Deuel - 17 dager siden
Chilled was literally the funniest and cutest player 😂
Josephine Deuel
Josephine Deuel - 17 dager siden
S i A m P
Olivia Kutcher
Olivia Kutcher - 17 dager siden
You rather best
Zoie Peart
Zoie Peart - 17 dager siden
when is smajor and sykunno :(
Jose Jaen
Jose Jaen - 17 dager siden
🐹right now
Sydney K
Sydney K - 17 dager siden
luka animates yeah
luka animates yeah - 17 dager siden
Gloom : yay buga buga
Scott : its Gloom
JaGi TV Gaming
JaGi TV Gaming - 17 dager siden
Hi gloom! Did you play Among Us today?
I think you where in my lobby. Is that possible? 😂
Kaleigh Feldsted
Kaleigh Feldsted - 17 dager siden
hey gloom I have a question for you but I don't have any social media anyways my question: how did you come up with the YouTube name gloom. Also if you could check out m channel I'm just starting YouTube with my friends. Also keep up the great work I love your content every day it makes me feel better. Thank you so much for all you do
Charlie Bb
Charlie Bb - 17 dager siden
Y’all wanna eat Chica
Charlie Bb
Charlie Bb - 17 dager siden