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Valkyrae and I decided to mix some friends together today and this lobby is the result! @Valkyrae, @Dangthatsalongname, @Disguised Toast, @Corpse Husband, @jacksepticeye , ShowThyme, @Pokimane, @DanTDM , @Sykkuno
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Runtime: 2:57:30


Kristina Beddaoui
Kristina Beddaoui - 24 minutter siden
Gloom: I just need to go to the toilet
Terry: 💃🏼🕺🏼
Abigail Hogan
Abigail Hogan - 4 timer siden
The game where toast and Kassie were imposter was so weird, what happened!
Dewan Raja
Dewan Raja - 4 timer siden
Yu Me Ki
Yu Me Ki - 10 timer siden
is it just me or poki is just immensely annoying
Freya deWinter
Freya deWinter - 14 timer siden
im watching this like, a month after it was posted, and im not used to not seeing the new updates
Riley_ Grant_
Riley_ Grant_ - Dag siden
Wow 1st round and Corspe and Sykkuno were both killed around the same round first. If that doesnt say true love then idk what it. (Yes I am a Corpse, Sykkuno shipper)
Simply Fallyn
Simply Fallyn - Dag siden
I feel like you’re not posting among us enough so I go and watch her like four hour streams so I can keep myself busy throughout the day because you’re among us videos make me happy
Riley Voner
Riley Voner - Dag siden
Sean was quite quiet in this one
Zack Brown
Zack Brown - Dag siden
akther husssin
akther husssin - Dag siden
you could have sabotage coms
Addi’s Adventures
Addi’s Adventures - Dag siden
I was watching corpse before this, and when I saw corpse was in the title in my mind I legit went, oh shoot, Cassie is gonna die a sad death...
Jennifer Ramirez
Jennifer Ramirez - Dag siden
Did anyone else notice that gloom couldve accused dan because before lights cut off he entered reactor then lights go up and rae is dead in reactor.
Sammie Immell - THV Student
Sammie Immell - THV Student - 2 dager siden
More among us
XxMoonlightXx - 2 dager siden
jacksepticeye is da best youtuber
Madison M
Madison M - 2 dager siden
I played with Valkyrae once!
Dawn Sims
Dawn Sims - 3 dager siden
Anyone else feel bad that whenever Corpse would talk during a meet, you can barely hear him because of how deep his voice is??
eva pappas
eva pappas - 3 dager siden
Where was Lauren??
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
Hey I hate you videos ewwwww
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
Number one YouTube
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
How old are you
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
Hi I'm 9
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
Juliana & Giana Carranza
Juliana & Giana Carranza - 3 dager siden
wait did she just say a bad word i love her but i am just 10 years old
Olivia the Slimer
Olivia the Slimer - 4 dager siden
Sykkuno was soooo cute when he said he was cuddling a snowman 💓💓💓
Genesis Santana
Genesis Santana - 4 dager siden
Sykkuno didn’t see you the first round he was on camera
sister co!% pily&mara
sister co!% pily&mara - 4 dager siden
You guys should have an all girls among us game.
like have Lizzie, Poki, Rae, Lauren, Stacy, Tiff, Kara, Kassie, Azzy, and Aph in a lobby.
and Scott
and alot of other people
That...would be an insane game-
Divisionix_29 - 4 dager siden
sourced podcast
sourced podcast - 5 dager siden
You guys should have an all girls among us game.
like have Lizzie, Poki, Rae, Lauren, Stacy, Tiff, Kara, Kassie, Azzy, and Aph in a lobby.
and Scott
and alot of other people
That...would be an insane game-
MEGAN BLACK - 5 dager siden
not trying to be rude but it is siiiii kkouno not sekouno
Pilar Granado
Pilar Granado - 5 dager siden
Benxie - 5 dager siden
Toast voice be like: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Corpse: aaaaa
Tòxįć Hõp
Tòxįć Hõp - 6 dager siden
Sounds like a hamster was making love to her key board -Gloom 2020 🖐🤣
Kim Bell Williams
Kim Bell Williams - 6 dager siden
Me when I get killed: ahh oooh that scares me of corse it’s then wow oh oof
Kassie when she get killed: ooh * silence *
Colleen Mackulin
Colleen Mackulin - 7 dager siden
I want to meet u in rill life its my dream or even calling u iam your 1 fan can u plzz call me cas we can't meet in rill life cas covid 19
Aoi Vibez
Aoi Vibez - 7 dager siden
you can tell that gloom loves corpses voice 😂
Diane Reid
Diane Reid - 7 dager siden
When you have friends to play with: giving proof for accusations, being honest...
Online playing: everybody yelling and calling each other sus
Janzen Girls
Janzen Girls - 7 dager siden
Gloom lauren and say are the best
Bri G
Bri G - 7 dager siden
5:48 6:38
Jayda Reynolds
Jayda Reynolds - 7 dager siden
Corpses voice ughhh 😩
luwen hu
luwen hu - 7 dager siden
.    。     •  ゚  。
  .     。   。 .  
.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •
 ゚  Gloom was not An Impostor.  。 .
 .     。
. . . .
  .   .     .  .  ゚  。   .
zaneta kaniputri
zaneta kaniputri - 7 dager siden
Jessica Bukkuntod
Jessica Bukkuntod - 7 dager siden
13:00 matchs the among us song ............ I found a body beside the reactor some body killed orange aka showthyme
takwaki james
takwaki james - 7 dager siden
small doggo
small doggo - 7 dager siden
Idea from @Anna Martin.
    。     •  ゚  。
  .     。   。 .  
.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •
 ゚  Gloom was ejected...  。 .
 .     。
. . . .
  .   .     .  .  ゚  。   .
Alexis Stanigar
Alexis Stanigar - 8 dager siden
you should have the krew play with them
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez - 8 dager siden
this was on my birthday
Brynnroseflame - 8 dager siden
I love how everyone all of a sudden gets smart when Kassie is the imp😂
Igmarelise Luciana
Igmarelise Luciana - 8 dager siden
lisa bell stewart
lisa bell stewart - 8 dager siden
I just smacked my head when I heard Hherb....
Olivia Ford
Olivia Ford - 8 dager siden
Hey Gloom, I am Olive who you just played among us with. I was the person who said that you being in my game was the highlight of my life.
Tamaki Kaminari
Tamaki Kaminari - 8 dager siden
While watching this, I got bored and started drawing corpse.......
SKYBLAZE (Night) - 8 dager siden
Hi guys, welcome
Ainsley Woodward
Ainsley Woodward - 8 dager siden
*Me, skipping every round where Kassie is a crewmate*
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda - 8 dager siden
The True Memers
The True Memers - 8 dager siden
well done my comrad im proud of u
Illumanaty123 - 8 dager siden
Hi gloom I m new I love your video
Illumanaty123 - 8 dager siden
I m new
Jaz Molina
Jaz Molina - 9 dager siden
Gloom looks so happy with her friends🥺🥺
Sasha Byrd
Sasha Byrd - 9 dager siden
Zaedyn Moore
Zaedyn Moore - 9 dager siden
gloom btw i did take your name to get you more subers and also you are cute
Idk Either
Idk Either - 9 dager siden
i swear i forget that dan is even there because he's so quiet
sans odd you know
sans odd you know - 9 dager siden
Among us =/
Lizzie Posh
Lizzie Posh - 9 dager siden
I like when Sykkuno was like, “Actually that story is true I just left out the part where I was the one hopping out of the vent.” Lol I’m dead
Courtney VanDenHoek
Courtney VanDenHoek - 9 dager siden
Ok I'm sorry but I pointed this out at 15:08 when gloom giggles and she smiles and also giggles Terry I'm sorry I pointed this out
Bertha Cox
Bertha Cox - 9 dager siden
Sykkuno: “Oh great to gloom”...”I mean great to meet you gloom” that was so nice😂
Rena Qing
Rena Qing - 9 dager siden
Josie Edwards
Josie Edwards - 9 dager siden
That is so sad. Gloom wanted to be the imposter for sooo many rounds. And when she gets imposter she gets caught killing and voted off first
Šåđiĕ_ 84
Šåđiĕ_ 84 - 9 dager siden

Rae makes weird toggle sound:

kassie/gloom: why does that sound like a hamster is trying to make love with her keyboard
Domiano Golian
Domiano Golian - 9 dager siden
Josie Edwards
Josie Edwards - 9 dager siden
Brownies_auf_horses_ Brownies_auf_horses_
I love among us
Melinda Chickering
Melinda Chickering - 10 dager siden
im playing among us while im watching
Beth Krystofiak
Beth Krystofiak - 10 dager siden
Beth Krystofiak
Beth Krystofiak - 10 dager siden
CHEF SNOOPY - 10 dager siden
Only the people who watched the whole stream can like 😌
Lauren D Schammel
Lauren D Schammel - 10 dager siden
Can we all just talk about the “SuPPperRrrR cHatTtTtT”
Skye Shatley
Skye Shatley - 10 dager siden
can we all agree that gloom is SO FRICKIN SMART
Helan Giravi
Helan Giravi - 10 dager siden
Nova Stark
Nova Stark - 10 dager siden
so is no one gonna talk about how Kassie first time cursed ..or well it was me seeing her curse the first time
Franny worldxo
Franny worldxo - 10 dager siden
I don't know who that kara girl is but I know her from that other among us live stream
She was dead but she still kept on talking about "you guys are dumb"
I think she forgot to mute herself 🤣
Uhh, yea I don't like her, but if you do I'm sorry
Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg - 10 dager siden
When gloom was caught murdering corpse, my head immediately played “oh no... oh no... oh no no no no no”
SICKMETER - 8 dager siden
Hey celestia what about um....FIRE
Love Dobson
Love Dobson - 10 dager siden
Cady Giusti
Cady Giusti - 10 dager siden
I like the lobby/group you're playing with! Prob because Sykkuno and Corpse are in it... But the other lobbies/group are cool too!!
•Furryfoxes• - 11 dager siden
You need to listen to corpses songs.
Kewtie - 11 dager siden
Kassie explaining that she invited Jack for chaos.
Me: Oh. Don't worry Sykkuno's got that covered.
Rrejo18 - 11 dager siden
Toast: me and spedicey are clear
Michael Francis
Michael Francis - 11 dager siden
ok so i have watched 5 of glooms streams now and every time she is imposter first game of the stream. Weird luck
May - 11 dager siden
um Gloom one time can i please be in you game??
Commander Arsenal
Commander Arsenal - 11 dager siden
luvvly - 12 dager siden
30:06 someone name a meme for that face haha 😂
Antoinette Sexton
Antoinette Sexton - 12 dager siden
Scott: jumps out of a vent...

Sykkono: doesn’t notice because he’s to busy cuddling a snowman

Edit: thank you so much for all the likes, I have never gotten this many☺️
Vinnie Ridlen
Vinnie Ridlen - 12 dager siden
You guys should have an all girls among us game.
like have Lizzie, Poki, Rae, Lauren, Stacy, Tiff, Kara, Kassie, Azzy, and Aph in a lobby.
and Scott
and alot of other people
That...would be an insane game-
Vazquez Vazquez
Vazquez Vazquez - 12 dager siden
Scott should go from "Smajor" to "Susmajor"

Edit: 5 minutes after I posted that, Rae said it in the vid.. So uhm... Credit to her ig lol
Family Elmes
Family Elmes - 12 dager siden
You should have a lobby with Azzy, Kara, Poki, Scott, Lauren and Lizzie
Kiara Lovato
Kiara Lovato - 12 dager siden
Is this live right now
Elise Lohne Næss
Elise Lohne Næss - 12 dager siden
Did you know that among us! Was mAde In 2018!?!?!?
Da Banana
Da Banana - 12 dager siden
Am I the only one that realized she was the only girl at 55:50
GodOfPink - 12 dager siden
I love ur vids Gloom and you joined my among us game before
Millie Howie
Millie Howie - 12 dager siden
Herb!!!!!!!! Not erb
Destiny Arthur
Destiny Arthur - 12 dager siden
I hope you do great!😇
Kaisa Sokolova
Kaisa Sokolova - 12 dager siden
Dont worry Gloom, were here for you