🔴Among Us with LaurenzSide, DanTDM, Smajor, FGTeev, CaptainSparklez, Kara, ThinkNoodles, ThnxCya

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This is going to be a tough lobby to win as impostor in, but we gonna try! Playing with: @LaurenzSide, @DanTDM, @FGTeeV , @Dangthatsalongname, @CaptainSparklez, @Corpse Husband, @TheOrionSound, @Thinknoodles, @iBallisticSquid, @ThnxCya, @Kara Corvus
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MAURA BRIGHT - 2 timer siden
Me: *realizing who it is*
Also me: *realizes that no one cares and there is nothing I can do*
Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson - 11 timer siden
Yay! Think got to live more then the first round!!! But he killed Gloom... Win-Win?
That Alien
That Alien - 14 timer siden
Absolutely nobody:
Scott: you fell into her knife that’s your fault
Gloom: yIKeS-
Scarlett Yellowing
Scarlett Yellowing - 19 timer siden
Kassie when corpse was near her: das suspicious...dats weird..
Bts_is _My_Life
Bts_is _My_Life - 20 timer siden
Didn’t you see the vent open in medbay on like 50 minutes and kara I think left medbay I haven’t watched stream I am just watching I am to late
Bts_is _My_Life
Bts_is _My_Life - 20 timer siden
I think it’s sparkly since I was wrong
Cherish Vea03
Cherish Vea03 - 22 timer siden
gloom’s laugh is so freakin cuteee
Sacdiyo Abdi
Sacdiyo Abdi - Dag siden
hmm intresting
A'lia Diamond
A'lia Diamond - Dag siden
love your video big fan
Jenny Waddell
Jenny Waddell - Dag siden
This lobby: that’s sus
Xx kaliwave Xx
Xx kaliwave Xx - Dag siden
Catherine Murdock
Catherine Murdock - Dag siden
Anytime someone runs past her:
Gloom: Ewwww, get away from me you freak..! *screams frantically*
Ninoska MCCormick
Ninoska MCCormick - Dag siden
Autymn Parker
Autymn Parker - Dag siden
Is no one gonna talk about fgteev being here? 🤣
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell - Dag siden
Ah yes, Among Us, the game that helps you learn to lie
Uki Waters
Uki Waters - Dag siden
I do enjoy watching Gloom play this game, and I may be wrong since I only started really watching her vids about Among Us, but... Sometimes the way she speaks to her friends is a little rude. No hate, but... I feel bad for Think. She's yelling that he won't stop talking. As someone who has heard that a lot and have been told that people don't care about what I have to say, it hurts. Let him speak. Don't yell over him saying he talks to much. Truly, no hate. I just don't want someone feeling like their voice can't be heard.
Undyne The Undying
Undyne The Undying - Dag siden
49:59 **Vent opens**
Me : **thinking gloom will check cams to see who went out of that vent from med**
Cara Bear
Cara Bear - 2 dager siden
When Kassie says “Kara!” I think my mom is calling for me XD
Matty Lantz
Matty Lantz - 2 dager siden
You and azzyland are the best YouTubers EVER
Nora INMAN - 2 dager siden
my sister played among us with you
Zoey Edwards
Zoey Edwards - 2 dager siden
I love how I pass time when I'm a ghost in a game I watch this video
Nori the Cat
Nori the Cat - 2 dager siden
*Hot dog*
Zunairah Plays
Zunairah Plays - 2 dager siden
Among us began boring
Tyy lenol
Tyy lenol - 2 dager siden
I realized whenever Scott loses as imposter he always says “There is very little I could do” or something like that
Mirela Dulce Prudente
Mirela Dulce Prudente - 2 dager siden
Mirela Dulce Prudente
Mirela Dulce Prudente - 2 dager siden
XxTurtle_SquadXx Lol
XxTurtle_SquadXx Lol - 2 dager siden
Fr tho Fg jokes bad
Adhya Pandit
Adhya Pandit - 3 dager siden
I like how gloom makes a Hamilton reference when she says “we gotta go gotta get the job done” which is a line from the song, Yorktown
Taim Musleh
Taim Musleh - 3 dager siden
is this ne of these videos that never end or am i just fliing unpashunt
valeria adames
valeria adames - 3 dager siden
Michael Land
Michael Land - 3 dager siden
Your 3 goals on among us: don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious
Kristina Lerario
Kristina Lerario - 3 dager siden
I love you so much
Kristina Lerario
Kristina Lerario - 3 dager siden
Kristina Lerario
Kristina Lerario - 3 dager siden
Kristina Lerario
Kristina Lerario - 3 dager siden
Kristina Lerario
Kristina Lerario - 3 dager siden
Kristina Lerario
Kristina Lerario - 3 dager siden
Your mean and your the
Willo he
Willo he - 3 dager siden
I love you gloom😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abigail Hogan
Abigail Hogan - 4 dager siden
Kassie if she is sus of someone "ah get away from me u freak!"
Abigail Hogan
Abigail Hogan - 4 dager siden
I just reapizedbive already made tow other comments on this video
Abigail Hogan
Abigail Hogan - 4 dager siden
Kassie: the bar didnt go up
Me: the bar is literally going up! How can u not see that?
Abigail Hogan
Abigail Hogan - 4 dager siden
I love the thumbnails for these videos
Jackline Happy
Jackline Happy - 4 dager siden
Scott: *breaths*
Everyone else: DaS sUs

Gloom: *kills someon in front of everyone*
Everyone else: gLoOm iS sAfE
Abigail Hogan
Abigail Hogan - 4 dager siden
Why did glooms camera randomly turn black
Elizabeth Varela
Elizabeth Varela - 4 dager siden
Dan tdm why tho why you look like that
Jose Maciel
Jose Maciel - 4 dager siden
What's the code
SKYBLAZE (Night) - 4 dager siden
Go gloom:), can I do live steam with you sometime gloom?
Abeer R
Abeer R - 4 dager siden
I like how kassie is just laughing while duddy with a weird voice saying QUIET and then think noodles just says in a worried voice saying IM SORRYY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SAnai Fripps
SAnai Fripps - 4 dager siden
SAnai Fripps
SAnai Fripps - 4 dager siden
Tiffany Wiggins
Tiffany Wiggins - 4 dager siden
Galaxy gotcha Galaxy girl
Galaxy gotcha Galaxy girl - 4 dager siden
Can I join
Karla De La Torre
Karla De La Torre - 4 dager siden
Yiu know yiu can’t vent
cars_aremyfav2 on roblox
cars_aremyfav2 on roblox - 4 dager siden
i saw fgteev first so i went to this
Isaiah MacLean
Isaiah MacLean - 5 dager siden
im a poatato
lps twixx
lps twixx - 5 dager siden
At 50 mins I saw vent open in med and jordan came out and I was like noooooo
Olivia Kren
Olivia Kren - 5 dager siden
Azzy in her videos: and don’t forget to be nice together!
Cassie in her videos: Ew get away from me u freak!
blueberry strawberry gacha life
* me trying to count how many times gloom was imposter *
*me again ive only been imposter 5 times gloom being 1000 times
me:wooowww and hhoww
Nandita Sikka
Nandita Sikka - 5 dager siden
hey guys! im sorry and i really dont hate gloom. infact shes one of my fav utubers. but her streams are declining in quality she has the map open whenever anything intresting happens. so its just us me staring at the blank map trying to figure ouy wht just happened. Also im sure other people feel this way. her streams can be more intresting. i hope she sees this and takes it as constructive critisim. next she never kills and just hopes the other person will.
Whitney Rogers
Whitney Rogers - 5 dager siden
dude fgtv is my fav
Salma Bdeir
Salma Bdeir - 5 dager siden
i subscrribed i love your vidos with azzzy
Soul thief Ginger ya
Soul thief Ginger ya - 5 dager siden
Round 39 minutes she said bottom reactor even though it's a o2
King Leopold
King Leopold - 5 dager siden
I clicked on this video and I saw it was 3 hours so I was like so guess I’ll be staying up till 5:00 in the morning
Mckenna Sonie
Mckenna Sonie - 5 dager siden
Why not fgteev or thinknoolles talking
Ainsley Woodward
Ainsley Woodward - 5 dager siden
12:07- Gloom: "We gotta go, we gotta get the job done!"
Me: oh my gosh. *HAMILTON REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Kara V
Kara V - 6 dager siden
Emily Sams
Emily Sams - 6 dager siden
i love your videos gloom
Becki Capps
Becki Capps - 6 dager siden
I never get imposter and @Flora And @NATALEE wow amazing job
Locket Wells
Locket Wells - 6 dager siden
Locket Wells
Locket Wells - 6 dager siden
╰┆....┆ ─┌....┆
Diane Lewis
Diane Lewis - 6 dager siden
I love u videos so much I have been whaching senc I was 4
Jalen Hayes
Jalen Hayes - 7 dager siden
Joslyne Figueroa
Joslyne Figueroa - 7 dager siden
gloom is always inposter
fellen angle vampire devil
fellen angle vampire devil - 7 dager siden
I love your videos
A.K - 7 dager siden
10:00 y did gloom even start talking when Scott wasn’t talking to her
Blue Angel13
Blue Angel13 - 7 dager siden
that cupquake's "hello?" was so cute and precious
Lillys awsome chanel
Lillys awsome chanel - 7 dager siden
Its usually convenient detective Kara and Evidence scanner Scott
Adele Collura
Adele Collura - 7 dager siden
I love all the Hamilton comments
fgtvee london
fgtvee london - 7 dager siden
Jayleen Villalobos
Jayleen Villalobos - 7 dager siden
It’s Aubrie
It’s Aubrie - 7 dager siden
Have you ever self reported
Bertha Cox
Bertha Cox - 7 dager siden
Ah yes, Among Us, the game that helps you learn to lie
rosie - 7 dager siden
friendly reminder that idgaf about your 10 year streak, you still lost the game.
Mariah Hamilton
Mariah Hamilton - 7 dager siden
me:im iposter me gis knowing i f*** up
Britney Lee Gerena Roldan
Britney Lee Gerena Roldan - 7 dager siden
“Eww don’t, gEt AwAy FrOm Me YoU fReAk”
JustALittlePixel - 7 dager siden
I feel like gloom can be rlly judge-mental sometimes. Like if I watched her live and realized she thinks I talked a lot or I am a terrible liar I’d probably feel humiliated. Don’t bother arguing with me in the comments, I really don’t care if you think differently.
ruth the person
ruth the person - 7 dager siden
who else didn't expect fgteev to be in this?
LilE CLUTCH - 8 dager siden
Emery Stober
Emery Stober - 8 dager siden
At 38:57 watch the vent in cams it opens!! And she did not see it
Kikicrafts - 8 dager siden
Casey,Lauren and scot are the 3 amigos
Camryn Beard
Camryn Beard - 8 dager siden
When you were in cams with Scott and you said get away from me you freak to squiddy and you were just walking out of cams a vent opened in med bay
Jazmin Phy
Jazmin Phy - 8 dager siden
Gloom don't worry about 1v7 I 1v8 because my imposter friend left and I won
Malaya Trinidad
Malaya Trinidad - 8 dager siden
1:06 thxcya thing was on the sabotage button so i thought the eyes were the sabotages eyes
shaunasia brown
shaunasia brown - 8 dager siden
Did anybody notice that the sabotage button kind a look like it had googly eyes
Morph Life
Morph Life - 8 dager siden
Lauren D Schammel
Lauren D Schammel - 8 dager siden
I love how everyone targeted think at the beginning until he had to go and then jvckk came in AND used the same colour as think and is now getting targeted- if ur ever playing among us with friends then probably don’t use lime XD it’s cursed
Cj Jackson
Cj Jackson - 8 dager siden
Cecilia Beck
Cecilia Beck - 8 dager siden
mm 🐌⏬ ✡️🦉 🧘‍♂️↘️ ↩️ 💲.
Robert Key
Robert Key - 8 dager siden
She said no was was on cams but if you saw the camera was glowing red so someone was on cams
Yamir Tapia
Yamir Tapia - 8 dager siden
Yamir Tapia
Yamir Tapia - 8 dager siden
Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson - 9 dager siden
Hey sssniperwolf!!
Simply Fallyn
Simply Fallyn - 9 dager siden
::•*• *•* ~~~|~|~=•••••\\||||
••••••Gloom Was Not The Imposter•••••••
Simply Fallyn
Simply Fallyn - 9 dager siden
*when your 1 month to late* 💔😖
aubrey deaton
aubrey deaton - 9 dager siden
I love gloom and this game
*I would put a emoji but IDK how to on a chromebook
Typhoom - 9 dager siden
I had a dream uhm it was kinda weird there was this new game, and uh your online my sisters onlone friend came round and Shot me with the wrong bullet xD
Demet Eren
Demet Eren - 9 dager siden
Ltaustin66 - 9 dager siden
ngl kara is annoying