Candy Evolution Throughout History | 1960 to 2020

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We've done 1890 to 1950, this is the time in history when the marketing of candy really starts to gear up. The flavours get better. Candy becomes toys and/or an experience. Let's taste test!
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The iijxwles
The iijxwles - Time siden
My fave candies r jolly ranchers. It’s an addiction
iiFriends foreverii
iiFriends foreverii - Time siden
I might sound dumb but whats black current? They banned it in my country
More with Misa
More with Misa - 2 timer siden
"not a lot of stuff happened in 2020"
the kids studying about out in the future: MY PRESENTATION IS 96 SLIDES LONGGGGG
the A twins
the A twins - 3 timer siden
Did you know now that the triple power push pop
Britain's Great Bakes
Britain's Great Bakes - 5 timer siden
Leave a like if you call them Rockets.
Leave a comment if you call them Smarties! ☺️
Zoey Thornton
Zoey Thornton - 7 timer siden
Just eatin zots cuz why not
Nevaeh Howerton
Nevaeh Howerton - 8 timer siden
2:50 that candy is delicous i still eat in when im at my gramdmas house
LENORA TEBBEN - 9 timer siden
This is how to say a word
Carmel (caarmal)
Kim Garland
Kim Garland - 10 timer siden
I love jelly tots
rhynn lol
rhynn lol - 10 timer siden
I'm so happy that she quoted Sk8er Boy! That's still one of my favorite songs! :)
Eliza Jakins
Eliza Jakins - 13 timer siden
I had jelly tots and I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH and I was born in 2010
Live For Gaming Girls
Live For Gaming Girls - 14 timer siden
Years of evolution and technology...
And then we have Kassie.
Olivia Holyfield
Olivia Holyfield - 15 timer siden
I think you should do evolution thorough the decades with drinks
Like if you agree
Gelu Vasile Matei
Gelu Vasile Matei - 15 timer siden
Game beat iz toacxeex0
Esmari Alberts
Esmari Alberts - 17 timer siden
Hi in sa or South Africa we have delicious jelly tots
:P - 17 timer siden
Tho- i was alive since the 2010s
ღ M̲a̲n̲g̲ø̲L̲o̲v̲e̲s̲K̲r̲e̲w̲ ღ
Half of these I didn't know exist-
Ayiesha Ross Castro
Ayiesha Ross Castro - 19 timer siden
What is your favorite candy mine is PUSH POP i buy it on seven 11
Ayiesha Ross Castro
Ayiesha Ross Castro - 19 timer siden
Moira Hagerty
Moira Hagerty - 19 timer siden
I remember all of the “bad kids” carrying around the candy spray and that candy gel and everyone wanting the candy lol
Alyka Alyka
Alyka Alyka - 20 timer siden
2012 bro😶
Bella Jones
Bella Jones - 21 time siden
Me and my dad still eat bottle caps
Killer Wolf
Killer Wolf - 21 time siden
I was born in 2010 and I loveeee the song skater boy like if you agree
Vera Riddle
Vera Riddle - 22 timer siden
My cousin had the gummy sugars for her baby shower👶
Zuzu_and_Zeze - 22 timer siden
Gloom has so much cavities after this video lol
Jolie Mensah
Jolie Mensah - 23 timer siden
Your outfits are historical in accurate sorry to break the news to you
SUGAR BUDDY - 23 timer siden
El bubble..

*You have a million other names...*
Brittany Hills
Brittany Hills - Dag siden
We landed on the moon
Brittany Hills
Brittany Hills - Dag siden
# funny # FUNNY
Christine Janiuk
Christine Janiuk - Dag siden
I want to try all of the candy I have treid some I love cry babies but to me they make my eye water and I couldn't feel my mouth
Ivy Thibodeau
Ivy Thibodeau - Dag siden
No 2011😭
I want 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samantha Munoz
Samantha Munoz - Dag siden
😁😆😀 hi 🍭 🍬
Ivy Thibodeau
Ivy Thibodeau - Dag siden
Cry baby gum it's great
Lucy and Lilly Yildiz-Karatas
My mom had the friking most same Krop top thing what she was wearing in 1970 candy and the pants in blue Wth how btw not now in 2020 but in the later years wen my mom was junger wth 😁😆😅😂😨😱
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson - Dag siden
i love bottel caps!!!!!
Victoria Zixin
Victoria Zixin - Dag siden
But I got jelly tots in 2020
Tim D.
Tim D. - Dag siden
Sophie Suger
Sophie Suger - Dag siden
can you an evatution of toys, Clothes, Jobs, things kids did for fun -wink- tik tok - wink-
iyla remrey
iyla remrey - Dag siden
I love ring popS
Try hard pala Xxki
Try hard pala Xxki - Dag siden
Jigen - Dag siden
The dentist gave u suckers?
kassie;yeah what r they thinking
KittenCats 2000
KittenCats 2000 - Dag siden
A little paper never hurt anybody. Cassie 2020 said this and you know what I said?
Cuddle Kernels
Cuddle Kernels - Dag siden
Someone sprayed the candy spray in my eyes....
Grace Spurlock
Grace Spurlock - Dag siden
please please please please make more of thees videos please please
Yuan Gasmeña
Yuan Gasmeña - Dag siden
The dog is born 2010
I'm born in 2010😮😮😮😮
Taine Budd
Taine Budd - Dag siden
4:06 well today’s your lucky day cuz they still sell jelly tots in South Africa. They are a different brand but who cares.
Lauren Elise
Lauren Elise - Dag siden
can you play pretend pregnanant
Lilly Bear
Lilly Bear - Dag siden
19:28 right lol
꧁StrawBerryMilk꧂ - Dag siden
My grandma would get me these gobstoppers because I told her once I liked em now

All I ate is gobstoppers when I visited her
vanesablossom - Dag siden
we have all of does candy
Maheen Naeem
Maheen Naeem - Dag siden
What is nerds ?
When I ate the whole ring pop I got sore throat who can relate
Mina Arshad
Mina Arshad - Dag siden
where did you buy these from
CookiePlays Roblox
CookiePlays Roblox - Dag siden
2010 BABY!!!!
Kacy Waites
Kacy Waites - Dag siden
jennieb19801 - Dag siden
I think at my old piano teacher ( I stopped going there) give me bottle caps and I loved the rootbeer ones
Cute Content
Cute Content - Dag siden
Is it bad i eat now and laters all the time
page maxwell
page maxwell - Dag siden
I love you ❤️
Agent Calamari Friday
Agent Calamari Friday - 2 dager siden
Its bland food used to be. like, back then, some black pepper would've been super "spicy". But now, as a 10 year old, I have put like a tablespoon of siracha sauce in my ramen or dipp stuff in halapeno sauce and be like, "wow this is sorta medium spciy!
eshan stewart
eshan stewart - 2 dager siden
Why do you have the same name and your first dog keeps getting switched out of names
Amirah Mcdonaldnash
Amirah Mcdonaldnash - 2 dager siden
Well I ate paper on candy before it tasted like the candy and the wrapper
Amirah Mcdonaldnash
Amirah Mcdonaldnash - 2 dager siden
Wat wat there no after taste it just yummy so haha
min yoongi yas
min yoongi yas - 2 dager siden
My mum was in the 80's
min yoongi yas
min yoongi yas - 2 dager siden
I met a 95 year old
Grishma Poudel
Grishma Poudel - 2 dager siden
If you want a push pop come to all in one super market
Maddy R
Maddy R - 2 dager siden
Grace Coffee
Grace Coffee - 2 dager siden
Have you ever heard of the beehive hair do it’s in the urban legend
Brianna Kaufman-Brigham
Brianna Kaufman-Brigham - 2 dager siden
I love powder candy
ModestTerror341- Funny Videos & More
you deserve 1,000,000,000 subscribers
Leeland Munroe
Leeland Munroe - 2 dager siden
Honestly I just take the cap off the sour spray then drink it
Cubical Gaming
Cubical Gaming - 2 dager siden
24:22 help help she’s not wearing a mask help!!!
Avery Gibbs
Avery Gibbs - 2 dager siden
wHo LikE BaNanANA
Lillian Collins
Lillian Collins - 2 dager siden
El Bubble
Ava Holyome
Ava Holyome - 2 dager siden
As a girl that lives in the UK British candy it top tier
Olivia Gonzales
Olivia Gonzales - 2 dager siden
Leave a like if you like bottle caps
Danielle Wager
Danielle Wager - 2 dager siden
Am I the only one who still eats candy from the 80s
Danielle Wager
Danielle Wager - 2 dager siden
I also wanted to type 90s but whatever we all make mistakes right?
Daniela Arguera
Daniela Arguera - 2 dager siden
My aunt has the sower bubble gum and i tried one and i liked them
Jovilė Vogulytė
Jovilė Vogulytė - 2 dager siden
The second candy- is legit colored as the: 🇱🇹 Lithuanian flag
Lisa Duku
Lisa Duku - 2 dager siden
Cassie: aaaaaaAaaaAaaay
Me: cassie u had too much candy for the day
BOGDAN DOBOSZ - 2 dager siden
Once my daughter ate some candy money and then a man came up and said is your daughter eating money
kit kat khloe
kit kat khloe - 2 dager siden
I like new cotten candy push pop
Regina Cortez
Regina Cortez - 2 dager siden
I have that candy
Amy Mae
Amy Mae - 2 dager siden
Gloom: *Just ate a ring pop*
Also Gloom 20 minutes later (bc she had to get changed off camera): *Eats nerds rope* “Ewwww that is soooo disgusting!” “Too sweet”
29a bowman
29a bowman - 2 dager siden
the lolly pop sticks taste like soap
yoisi brito
yoisi brito - 2 dager siden
I was bron 2010
Super cool cats and dogs 30
Super cool cats and dogs 30 - 2 dager siden
Imagine mixing up funny money with real money
Maia Adam
Maia Adam - 2 dager siden
i Love jelly tots
Danch The Dog Lover
Danch The Dog Lover - 2 dager siden
Or whatever there called
Danch The Dog Lover
Danch The Dog Lover - 2 dager siden
Btw what about baby bottle pops if your showing slush puppies
Lexie Eklund
Lexie Eklund - 2 dager siden
I'm a Gen-Z kid but I just LOOOOOOVVEEE those candy apple suckers. I have a soft spot for artificial green apple.🤭
marutti p.
marutti p. - 2 dager siden
were did you get all of these??
Sukaina Vazir
Sukaina Vazir - 2 dager siden
Never got to eat in two thousand ten cause thats when I was born lol
Amber Nicole Reid
Amber Nicole Reid - 2 dager siden
KASSIE: Ewwwwwww.
As she’s putting more in her mouth
Tristan Govender
Tristan Govender - 2 dager siden
4:07 they have jelly tots in South Africa
Eric C
Eric C - 2 dager siden
Caramel apple pops are my favorite candy
Wee Huge
Wee Huge - 2 dager siden
I am going to type as much hearts as I feel jelly tots deserve
Wee Huge
Wee Huge - 2 dager siden
Sorry about this 😂😂😂
sara soussi
sara soussi - 2 dager siden
I was born in the 2013
Weirdest Person
Weirdest Person - 2 dager siden
I live in England so jelly tots are every where
Candace Clark
Candace Clark - 2 dager siden
I love sour!!
Xeanthel Faye Ulit
Xeanthel Faye Ulit - 2 dager siden
Kassie: If you didn't try tater tots? You gotta
Me: I don't live in Canada or America and I don't know if it has it here in the Philippines
angel owens
angel owens - 2 dager siden
Bottle caps are gross 🤢 🤮
TigerStr1pes PlayZ
TigerStr1pes PlayZ - 2 dager siden
Jelly tots are like T H E B E S T ! 🤩