Candy Evolution Throughout History

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I found a candy website that sells candy throughout the decades so we're starting in the 1800s at 1890 then working out way up to 1950. Next week I want to do 1960-2020 so let me know what you think! The evolution of candy and the marketing is pretty interesting!
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AquaIce 016
AquaIce 016 - 25 minutter siden
Kassie *taking the spicy candy out of the box*: "I mean we've all had these, right?"
Me, who does not like spicy foods: "No"
Bergen Stensland
Bergen Stensland - Time siden
who else is from the U.S?
AquaIce 016
AquaIce 016 - Time siden
Sarfraz Ali
Sarfraz Ali - Time siden
Who ealst thinks where gloom get the candy 🍬🍭🍭🍬
Sarfraz Ali
Sarfraz Ali - Time siden
Me when I eat something delicious (9:31)
Abigail Nocheherly
Abigail Nocheherly - 2 timer siden
Oooh, a sugar daddy..... HAHA I GOT U A SUGAR DADDY
Me: wat do u mean im only nine, whats a sugar daddy why do ppl say its so innappropiet? (idk how to spell oops)
Racheal Terman
Racheal Terman - 4 timer siden
I literally had one of those giant pixie sticks at the festival I went to and I’m probably going toHave them again but I should have two more left because when there was a piñata I got two more because I didn’t want to be that greedy because there was so much but now I don’t know where they went but whatever I have a cavity anyways and I’m happy I’m going to the dentist soon even though I don’t really like the dentist
Navshan Kaur
Navshan Kaur - 8 timer siden
I loved all candies becuase I'm a kid ;)
Ayres_ Bender
Ayres_ Bender - 17 timer siden
Sassafras is actually what makes root bear so you’re basically just eating the same exact flavor XD
That Random Girl
That Random Girl - 22 timer siden
No artificial flavors? Then what did you put in here you idiots!
Lilah Abdullah
Lilah Abdullah - 22 timer siden
Some of those just look gross but I like rock candy
Lolidoggy :3
Lolidoggy :3 - Dag siden
I remember when I was little I ate the gold mine gum while watching movies on the couch and LOVED IT!
Deborah Santeramo
Deborah Santeramo - Dag siden
I am the girls daughter and I live in Canada innisfil
Deborah Santeramo
Deborah Santeramo - Dag siden
I love love love thrills they are one of my favorite gum
Epiphany Woolford Parnell
What happened to Charlie Chaplin?!😱😨😰🤢🤮
Sarah Wilhite
Sarah Wilhite - Dag siden
The wax sticks, in America, we have like wax bottles which are the same as wax sticks but I do not know if Canada 🇨🇦 has wax bottles
Patricia Montoya
Patricia Montoya - Dag siden
I'm from the us
Alexandria Harvath
Alexandria Harvath - Dag siden
Lol my dog name is Goober
peter ang
peter ang - Dag siden
You forgot the Ribena pastilles Since 1938
lol girl 2000
lol girl 2000 - Dag siden
Today's December 1st at least I think it is maybe it's tomorrow I don't know but every Christmas my mom text my starking because Santa doesn't have can't pack the stocking with exactly what I want oh my mommy it puts pain in my stocking every single year Star Wars Disney princess Pez it's very sour buy I feel like it because of the dispenser besides it's yummy
That Random Girl
That Random Girl - Dag siden
K it tastes like a car -Kartha 2020
Nevaehh Mares
Nevaehh Mares - Dag siden
Anyone else at 11:37 wasn’t paying attention to what she said but more of the boy
That Random Girl
That Random Girl - Dag siden
I miss kartha. She hasn’t made a video in a while
Venna Cavill
Venna Cavill - Dag siden
Kassy: candy hearts for lovers give them to your lover
Terry: takes one because she doesn’t give him one
superfoxy gachagamer
superfoxy gachagamer - Dag siden
Ooh if you like vanilla you will like the banana flavor of the moon pies
London Brown
London Brown - Dag siden
Sassafras candy
How does it taste? 1910s people: Delicious
Today: *A car.*
Autumn - Dag siden
The Dolly mix I have grown up with them but some of them I hate
Drew Skocny
Drew Skocny - Dag siden
i love fun dip
Jen Ruby
Jen Ruby - Dag siden
The last Neko in life of where we are we'll I am because I live in summer or not cause the person decided to retire that owns the company I have the last echo pk my favorite is the young cloves so I think you're gonna like it my mom hates IT the brown 1 with my mom hates and so do I it's disgusting
Maggie Forrest
Maggie Forrest - Dag siden
Hi gloom I am in Alberta Canada and I was wondering what part you went to?
Johanna Nestor
Johanna Nestor - 2 dager siden
For the 1900s your outfit I would for real wear out lol
Jasmin Fitzgerald
Jasmin Fitzgerald - 2 dager siden
I was eating the 8 one while watching!
(Sorry for bad grammar English is not my first language!)
matt thompson
matt thompson - 2 dager siden
And I don’t know how to feel about artificial banana
Jaralyn Peralta
Jaralyn Peralta - 2 dager siden
“There’s a pilgrim on a iPhone”

Me: WOW. My parents said that they were alive when the iPhone came out. I didn’t know that they were this old!
Segamal12 Mal
Segamal12 Mal - 2 dager siden
When she keeps saying "When I was a kid" I think about how much fun her younger self would be becuase who dosnt like suger?
Abihatariq 12345
Abihatariq 12345 - 2 dager siden
The that is how much sugar she has in her stomach
Ellie Ho
Ellie Ho - 2 dager siden
No one:
Kartha: ooh that tickles my fancy
grimreaper 1
grimreaper 1 - 2 dager siden
You ate sope lol
Its_ Amara
Its_ Amara - 2 dager siden
Is that a grandson pillows in the back?
aka QWEEN - 2 dager siden
The sassafras
aka QWEEN - 2 dager siden
Can cause liver failure and heart failure
ANN JANET VELASCO - 2 dager siden
Girl hi BUT you look disarm
Liliana McMullen
Liliana McMullen - 2 dager siden
Ooo the gold nuggets ive had those before and then was when I was 6 and 9 :D!
Kenzie - 2 dager siden
Waiiiiiiiiit Candy chock if u right something on the ground than u eat it um isnt it collecting dust and dirt from the ground and ur just eating it thats like licking the ground
Camellia Sims
Camellia Sims - 2 dager siden
Ahhh!Ahhh!It looked like made out with streak.Me.👁👄👁What!🍵
Gracelyn Brame
Gracelyn Brame - 2 dager siden
The moon pies you should put it in the microwave they are the beat
Mink Angela
Mink Angela - 2 dager siden
I love rock candy! My favorite flavor is cotton candy!
Neli KenKen
Neli KenKen - 2 dager siden
Kartha is literally like my mom looking at the back of every box of food to see if anything can harm me
Tricia Fourman
Tricia Fourman - 2 dager siden
When did M&Ms get invented hmmm
Jasmine Aguilar
Jasmine Aguilar - 2 dager siden
You forgot about the motts gummy’s from 1842
Katie Lowe
Katie Lowe - 2 dager siden
it tastes like an car...
Els' World
Els' World - 2 dager siden
Who else wants candy right now?!
Kaylea Suratt
Kaylea Suratt - 2 dager siden
Gloom: some things never change
Me : So Im HoldInG oN tIgHt To yOu ~
Savannah Upah
Savannah Upah - 2 dager siden
Me knowing every candy from 1920 and up makes me feel old even though I'm not that old
Psycho Penguin
Psycho Penguin - 2 dager siden
A walnut whip was my grandads favourite snack so every Christmas we leave one on his grave
Sambuu Soronz
Sambuu Soronz - 2 dager siden
Amberlyn Benson
Amberlyn Benson - 3 dager siden
some things never change ok anna and I love gloom but I thought it was funny and go watch gloom sally face it is the bomb dot come
trashcan cHiCkEn
trashcan cHiCkEn - 3 dager siden
I saw the Necco candy at the store yesterday 😳
Liana Akopyan
Liana Akopyan - 3 dager siden
This is how many times Kassie said “I’ love this as a kid.”
rae handsel
rae handsel - 3 dager siden
Did you hear how she siad "I'm not gonna be stucken on this sugar daddy all day"
Jaelin Reynolds
Jaelin Reynolds - 3 dager siden
The misses something bar we call them nuddy buddy in the us
Francesca Italiano
Francesca Italiano - 3 dager siden
I love Candy but i ate o Lot of It And i got Sick And i have 8 yers old😷😆
Rachel Seliga
Rachel Seliga - 3 dager siden
The little sucky things rolling waxy things we still have them but mine I just like use my fingers and just grab the wax off but mine are shaped as bottles and what are they at but they had a place somewhere by my gymnastics
princess hyde paul
princess hyde paul - 3 dager siden
The chocolate moon pie is still selling in my area i tasted the chocolate and it was delicious
TopVids101 - 3 dager siden
bro i have tried every single piece of candy you had up there and i loved it all except the sugar daddy's and the pop eye sticks
pichu lover
pichu lover - 3 dager siden
I think the wax would be edobol
Nevaeh Dowdy
Nevaeh Dowdy - 3 dager siden
I liv in the usa
Erin Caesar
Erin Caesar - 3 dager siden
I love rock candy mostly the pink ones
Hannah Ganrielle Villegas
Hannah Ganrielle Villegas - 3 dager siden
That mole she is wearing on her cheek the whole video is just bothering me so much haha
Rebeca Mekewen
Rebeca Mekewen - 3 dager siden
The root beer ones are really nasty I have tried it and Mario’s has better ones
Rebeca Mekewen
Rebeca Mekewen - 3 dager siden
Not kidding the Mario’s one are bomb
Annabelle Reed
Annabelle Reed - 3 dager siden
how is a pretzel candy
Ava Holyome
Ava Holyome - 3 dager siden
Thrills is a prank gum kass
Sophia Blizzard
Sophia Blizzard - 3 dager siden
John Lambe
John Lambe - 4 dager siden
Wait wait wait.................liquid koolae?
John Lambe
John Lambe - 4 dager siden
Oops I meant koolade
Mera Meharun
Mera Meharun - 4 dager siden
Hi Gloom I have been a fan for a long time sense I was 6 years old
Gacha 14 doglover
Gacha 14 doglover - 4 dager siden
I'm from the UK and I LOVE Dolly Mix and the Taverners are the original wine gums and I hate both of them and ooooo walnut whips 💞
Glich Flame
Glich Flame - 4 dager siden
If you did not know the "peanut filled pretsuls" are still around
LPS girly girls I love dogs
LPS girly girls I love dogs - 4 dager siden
Ulgen Bezen
Ulgen Bezen - 4 dager siden
I have one question....
How the heck don you know what an old cartastes like
Xeanthel Faye Ulit
Xeanthel Faye Ulit - 4 dager siden
Sugar Daddy.... SUGAR DADDY! WHY!
Mabel Lum
Mabel Lum - 4 dager siden
Mabel Lum
Mabel Lum - 4 dager siden
Mabel Lum
Mabel Lum - 4 dager siden
Sandryn Lyton
Sandryn Lyton - 4 dager siden
Have you ever heard of the song called Gooby Goober
Sandryn Lyton
Sandryn Lyton - 4 dager siden
Each time I eat too much sugar I get a sugar rush
AymanTheAestheticUnicorn YT
AymanTheAestheticUnicorn YT - 4 dager siden
how do you not like love hearts???????
Logan Conlon
Logan Conlon - 4 dager siden
kaisse 2020
Clara Afton
Clara Afton - 4 dager siden
Kartha aka gloom : theres liquid kool aid me:isn’t kool Aid already liquid-?
Jae Jae ‘s Closet
Jae Jae ‘s Closet - 4 dager siden
Kartha: What happens when you mix, graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows

Me: S’mo-


Me POV: hello darkness my old friend
Computer Dubs
Computer Dubs - 4 dager siden
You killed an enderman

{Natarii-Sama} - 4 dager siden
SUgar daddies are my fav (THE CANDYYY PEOPLEEE)
gacha lizzy
gacha lizzy - 4 dager siden
Remember when you could eat a almost eat a whole bag gummie bears and a cup of chocolate milk
99 store
99 store - 4 dager siden
3:23 a meme was born
Emma Torrey
Emma Torrey - 4 dager siden
is it a bad thing that I LOVE shuger daddys
XXDino FurryXX
XXDino FurryXX - 4 dager siden
Neccos are my favorite candy!
Rose Gold
Rose Gold - 4 dager siden
And the wafers
Rose Gold
Rose Gold - 4 dager siden
I remember the Popey candy and the snowballs
Rose Gold
Rose Gold - 4 dager siden
I use to have gold nugget gum but then I forgot about it until now
Genny Butler
Genny Butler - 4 dager siden
Kassie: I'm going to get locked up for indecent exposure
Me: It's happening again!
Crystal Richmond
Crystal Richmond - 4 dager siden
I still eat Necco wafer candy today. I like that candy. And so does my now 7 yr old daughter.
Genny Butler
Genny Butler - 4 dager siden
Terry:your whole mouth is green