I didn't mean to RUIN my big party

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I am a good girl who tried being bad for one night, and in doing so, I ruined prom and multiple peoples lives. Someone has been watching me the whole time, and I'm about to find out what they've been planning and how I can take control of the mistakes I've made. Welcome to Episode's Prom Night, Part 1.
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Runtime: 37:30


Sara Stojcevic
Sara Stojcevic - 23 timer siden
Oooohhh i love bad guys😎😎😎😏😏😏
Sara Stojcevic
Sara Stojcevic - 23 timer siden
Oooohhh i love bad guys😎😎😎😏😏😏
Zaria Nesbitt
Zaria Nesbitt - Dag siden
Continue it plzzz
Illanah Terry
Illanah Terry - Dag siden
My last name is Terry
Asher Reilly
Asher Reilly - 2 dager siden
Silkkycloudz •
Silkkycloudz • - 4 dager siden
For some reason this reminds me of insatiable on Netflix 😂
8 Bananas
8 Bananas - 4 dager siden
yeah its awesome!
Luma Hammad
Luma Hammad - 4 dager siden
are you on a game i want to no it
Eric Leonard
Eric Leonard - 5 dager siden
I want to play this game
What’s it called
Norah Schultheis
Norah Schultheis - 5 dager siden
girl your hair is sooo cute!
GIRL GAMER - 6 dager siden
What's game is this?
Emma Gottschammer
Emma Gottschammer - 6 dager siden
Lol I love how the “glow up” was just her getting contacts
Miss Lovely
Miss Lovely - 7 dager siden
Lolllll !!! 33:7 when he was pucking made me DEAD LOLL
•{Gacha Burry}•
•{Gacha Burry}• - 7 dager siden
Me: sees that gloom has 1112 gems
Me again: wait wha-
I only have 10 TTvTT
Anna Marshall
Anna Marshall - 7 dager siden
whats this game called i rly want to play it? i dont know wear to download\find it for my pc.
Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo - 7 dager siden
Please do more
Peyton Luce
Peyton Luce - 7 dager siden
is your real name gloom
STVJayson_jag - 8 dager siden
What is the game
Shoug Alshaikh
Shoug Alshaikh - 9 dager siden
Pls pls pls play roblox
christine bacangoy
christine bacangoy - 10 dager siden
I love you gloom
Nataliya Reyes
Nataliya Reyes - 10 dager siden
so much gossup
ashlee clifford
ashlee clifford - 11 dager siden
Who has episode??
kpop jasmine
kpop jasmine - 10 dager siden
ashlee clifford
ashlee clifford - 11 dager siden
I do
hernandez rugamas
hernandez rugamas - 11 dager siden
Gloom:you can never get over your first crush

Some random person: I have
Wolf gamer Molinaro
Wolf gamer Molinaro - 12 dager siden
What episode is this called?
kpop jasmine
kpop jasmine - 10 dager siden
"prom night"
LANKYFAM ;3 ;3 - 12 dager siden
i touch Episond and i thouh the porm night it tolly fun
Carter Stephens
Carter Stephens - 12 dager siden
her charter looks like Charli D
Kezang Yangchen
Kezang Yangchen - 13 dager siden
U should play love island, the game it's really fun
Addison Negron
Addison Negron - 13 dager siden
Esso Odile
Esso Odile - 14 dager siden
Like if Gloom is always beautiful.
Esso Odile
Esso Odile - 14 dager siden
The other video her name was Gloooom.
Dam Snack Bar
Dam Snack Bar - 14 dager siden
When she talked about Frank why did I immeadeatly think: FRANK ZHANG
jassidy camron
jassidy camron - 16 dager siden
A glow up?!
Aubrey Wagner
Aubrey Wagner - 18 dager siden
What’s the game?
•I T Z B L O O M•
•I T Z B L O O M• - 19 dager siden
Dun dun duuuun
Xxallywolfie Xx
Xxallywolfie Xx - 19 dager siden
Plz post more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaitlin Riekert
Kaitlin Riekert - 20 dager siden
Whats the games name
Autumn - 20 dager siden
Gloom's subtitles: You GEN an oppertunity
Sa!ah - 20 dager siden
Kassie: I dont wanna make any enemies
Also Kassie: punches two people, trips the sprinkler system, ruins Frank's moment twice, and causes evey bit of drama ever
Mila Vogeler
Mila Vogeler - 20 dager siden
Oh shi* I have to go to prom and were my rosey dark red dress to PROM!! haha tootels
Mila Vogeler
Mila Vogeler - 20 dager siden
Ok gloom your luck so when I got asked out I were this long long yellow dress with dayseys on it with a black belt arouned it so were that and you will win like me your luck I am telling you ugh
Mila Vogeler
Mila Vogeler - 20 dager siden
I get askked from prom evreytime and this is how much 70 times. And I am rich to I have a pool in my house which I am in right now
Lou Lou
Lou Lou - 20 dager siden
Gloom revenge is sweet but you're sweeter
Mila Bekdache
Mila Bekdache - 21 dag siden
I’ve played this game and Christina is the most annoying girl ever 😑
Lexie_playz_rxblox - 22 dager siden
What is this called?
Brandi Kozlowski
Brandi Kozlowski - 22 dager siden
“I’m not gonna be kylie for this night”💀💀
Nino Makhashvili
Nino Makhashvili - 22 dager siden
I like videos like that please take videos like that 😶💖💖💖💕♥️❤️🙃
Arnelle Niyirera
Arnelle Niyirera - 23 dager siden
:3 okay this is weird and cool
madhuri thapa
madhuri thapa - 23 dager siden
Wow you can't even say nerd
Stefano Rumi
Stefano Rumi - 24 dager siden
I was nearing crying
Stefano Rumi
Stefano Rumi - 24 dager siden
Before the character seems as my math teacher
Lauren Whyte
Lauren Whyte - 24 dager siden
What is your name
Kaliah Moore
Kaliah Moore - 24 dager siden
im obsessed with these videos!!!!!😂😅😎🙄😶😑😐🤨
FreyaBun溧溧 - 24 dager siden
Gloom what this game name
Newa blooms
Newa blooms - 24 dager siden
The first 3 lines of the into was like she was reciting my life.....😐😐
Naylah Gamer 65
Naylah Gamer 65 - 24 dager siden
What is the name for the game
Kaylees Santiago
Kaylees Santiago - 24 dager siden
What is the game called I really wanna play it
Shreya Srinivasan
Shreya Srinivasan - 26 dager siden
Can we take a moment to appreciate how UNREAL her talent to switch between different characters is? Also, I couldn't stop thinking about how hot Gloom looked while playing Victor. Call me whipped for her cause I am.
Sa!ah - 26 dager siden
Kassie asking Terry about kissing her or childhood best friend, im dead
I'm so lonely
Spoorthi Sindhu
Spoorthi Sindhu - 26 dager siden
Please continue it
Aleeza Ijaz
Aleeza Ijaz - 26 dager siden
CASSIE I got that game and I got married to will
Carloyn King
Carloyn King - 26 dager siden
I love your videos
Lucianne Martins
Lucianne Martins - 26 dager siden
When she says i ditched my childhood best friend for this!! I die of laughter ahhahahahaha😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😋😂😋😂😋
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat - 27 dager siden
Gloom: *p00p!!* Everybody else: *Farts!!* Me: HAHAHAA
Naira Khan
Naira Khan - 27 dager siden
It's bad
Naira Khan
Naira Khan - 27 dager siden
It's bad
Jury rose alt account
Jury rose alt account - 27 dager siden
Makayla Lopez
Makayla Lopez - 28 dager siden
This almost made me late for school yesterday lol
Boey H.
Boey H. - 29 dager siden
Me: Is it mom?
John Silveria
John Silveria - Måned siden
What is this game called
AISHA GHAI - Måned siden
Who is a fan before 2020??
Joe Dunne
Joe Dunne - Måned siden
ceap doing it
Puberty: *hEyyy hOw yA’ll dOinggg*
Yanbing Chen
Yanbing Chen - Måned siden
Why is your name Hi Sister
Yanbing Chen
Yanbing Chen - Måned siden
Pretty 😘🥰
Makaila Michael
Makaila Michael - Måned siden
Pls continue :( 🥺🥺🥺
Inaara Hirji
Inaara Hirji - Måned siden
Does anyone know what the name of this story is???
Jasmine Junior
Jasmine Junior - Måned siden
What is this
Rosalind Price
Rosalind Price - Måned siden
my name is rosie!
Darkphoenix982 - Måned siden
whats the game called that there playing
Carson Battista
Carson Battista - Måned siden
Tori Vega who😃
Carson Battista
Carson Battista - Måned siden
I’m sorry they look literally EXACTLY alike
Alisa Roberson
Alisa Roberson - Måned siden
ccr120678 - Måned siden
Its scary how hot you are gloom lol and the glasses are to much
trailblazer boi
trailblazer boi - Måned siden
What is the game called?
Kyle Winfrey
Kyle Winfrey - Måned siden
But! You gen an opportunity
But! You GEN an opportunity
But! You *GEN* an opportunity
Yazmin Sanchez
Yazmin Sanchez - Måned siden
starlight Sirois
starlight Sirois - Måned siden
What is this game called!
rcscreations - Måned siden
it is 3 am right now and i am still watching this
Trudy Ragsdale
Trudy Ragsdale - Måned siden
gLoOm BoOm!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Natalie Flanagan
Natalie Flanagan - Måned siden
Is your real name Gloom its a amazing name
rawr rosie
rawr rosie - Måned siden
Me who is constipated😖
Tailer Farrington
Tailer Farrington - Måned siden
Love this gurlllll
Jada Thomas
Jada Thomas - Måned siden
How can you get episode on a computer
Rixxzze - Måned siden

Henri Lily
Henri Lily - Måned siden
saying basic to someone who thinks their number one is very insulting 😂
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones - Måned siden
hi gloom i love you
Laurens flower garden
Laurens flower garden - Måned siden
Blooms character looked like tori Vega from victorious
Kanak M
Kanak M - Måned siden
Victor I have to go to the park
Morgan Park
Morgan Park - Måned siden
Gloom: He scares me! WHY IS HIS CHEST SO HAIRY?
Me: Literally dying
Ruth Frazer
Ruth Frazer - Måned siden
i love your videos
Roblox Lady Plays
Roblox Lady Plays - Måned siden
Love this app I is it too
Can’t stop watching