I finally confess love to my friends brother

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A rich girl took me in and I love her hot brother even though he has made me pretty mad. I'm taking control of my life and seeing if he can be a part of it. Welcome to Episode's Crossing the Line, part 5, END finale.
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Runtime: 15:55


Edilawit Nigatu
Edilawit Nigatu - 4 timer siden
Me to 😘😘😘
Lilly’s Crafts
Lilly’s Crafts - 17 timer siden
I love you ❤️
what game is this
The baby squad
The baby squad - 2 dager siden
Did anyone notice that poopy and gloom in the begging are wearing the same shirt
Joie Yang
Joie Yang - 2 dager siden
*turns poppy into papi* *
Joie Yang
Joie Yang - 2 dager siden
Not a single soul:
Captions: *turns poppy into papi”
elizabeth morales
elizabeth morales - 2 dager siden
Why so many bad words
eviegodess 1123
eviegodess 1123 - 2 dager siden
Does anybody notice that the last episode at the end when Gloom went to see Bentley she was wearing a different outfit then at the beginning of this episode when she came back to her room from Bentley's room?
pringle kid
pringle kid - 3 dager siden
poppy and gloom aree kiiiilling it in the yellow crop tops
dance Lutz
dance Lutz - 4 dager siden
Can u plz make more of this series of just these ones I miss them
Alayiah w Williams
Alayiah w Williams - 4 dager siden
I love your video ❤️😊🤩
The Legendary Trio
The Legendary Trio - 5 dager siden
I love your impressions and voices for the people in this, love the story, PLEASE do more of them!!!
livly is sweet
livly is sweet - 5 dager siden
Yayyy part,2
Jessica Hudson
Jessica Hudson - 6 dager siden
No it is over and u avisley new he would propos
Ally Cat
Ally Cat - 6 dager siden
Kassy : tarry I need gems
Tarry : oh you need more of my money to hang out with fake boys ??
Me: oh no busted
Emma Lou
Emma Lou - 6 dager siden
Ok this is part 3👍🏻
Emma Lou
Emma Lou - 6 dager siden
Is this part 3?
Delaney Charette
Delaney Charette - 6 dager siden
Lovely Lumos
Lovely Lumos - 6 dager siden
I love Layla’s voice so iconic
CHANDRASEKARAN A - 7 dager siden
Peachy Purple
Peachy Purple - 7 dager siden
I love how invested Kassie is in this story 😂
It’s just me Jenna
It’s just me Jenna - 7 dager siden
LOL poppy is my cats name
Mindy Oppriecht
Mindy Oppriecht - 7 dager siden
Did anyone see how at the end layle where’s the same shirt that glooooooom did at the start? XD just wondering!
Like or comment if so!
Lesly Sanchez
Lesly Sanchez - 7 dager siden
Did Bentley and Gloom ever had their first kiss???
Stephen Mabon
Stephen Mabon - 7 dager siden
airia 51 speaking airia 51 there are ailiings in here please save us
Kamryn Schlabach
Kamryn Schlabach - 8 dager siden
why does layla look so much like bella thorne
get ito it
get ito it - 8 dager siden
I'm so thirsty for Layla and Margo ughhh why are they just fiction :(
chanel's world
chanel's world - 8 dager siden
did u know my name is Chanel in real life hahaha!
Weepy Weeps
Weepy Weeps - 8 dager siden
What episode is this
Catherine Armstrong
Catherine Armstrong - 8 dager siden
Dude she’s like sixteen he’s 28
teddybearREEEXD - 8 dager siden
gloom be like at the beach freezing
Sindisiwe Zikhali
Sindisiwe Zikhali - 9 dager siden
Oh no how did this happen his ex can't just show up
Lilly Bergman
Lilly Bergman - 9 dager siden
Layla Hartfield
Layla Hartfield - 9 dager siden
Glooooooooooooooooom you half to be my friend my name is LAYLA
Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo - 9 dager siden
Please do more
Maddison Toomey
Maddison Toomey - 9 dager siden
Stella Gerding
Stella Gerding - 9 dager siden
I am a kid and this is wered but i love wiching you.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez - 10 dager siden
Im so like so like like😢 soo like I LOVE HIM😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lucy Stanton
Lucy Stanton - 10 dager siden
See ya tomorrow in CLaAAAAaaAaAaassS
Tessa Kalm
Tessa Kalm - 11 dager siden
I am so sad I loved these😟😞😭
Ava Rollene
Ava Rollene - 11 dager siden
I wish there was a Second one
Hailey Howell
Hailey Howell - 11 dager siden
I would literally LOVE to be your friend gloom, out of 21 ears of my life i finally found a favorite youtuber who is a mixture of funny, sweet, and WEIRD. You are my favorite youtuber ever. :)
Austeen Dick Montano
Austeen Dick Montano - 12 dager siden
What's this gameeeee
Trevor Pietrzykowski
Trevor Pietrzykowski - 13 dager siden
I like how she called the girl with freckles cute...i have freckles
Gracie Aragon
Gracie Aragon - 13 dager siden
I love you you are my favorite
Peyton DiFiore
Peyton DiFiore - 13 dager siden
I love how she doesn’t curse! 🥺
Kindra Burch
Kindra Burch - 13 dager siden
I 💗 this
S Ber
S Ber - 13 dager siden
I feel so sad with your bf gloom,he has to spend all that' money 🤑😭
Snickers Razor blade limited edition
Also me:...wait.....they haven’t eaten in days!
Elayna Velazquez
Elayna Velazquez - 14 dager siden
Y’all saw the smile on poppy when she said “ girl bye”
Elayna Velazquez
Elayna Velazquez - 14 dager siden
Gloom : naaaaa naaaaaa naaaaaaa
Me : YAS QUEEN u got it Gloom.

Edit was because I didn’t capitalize the g in Gloom
Curt Hibbert
Curt Hibbert - 14 dager siden
Please can you do more glooom
Ziani's World
Ziani's World - 15 dager siden
Crystal Hurlburt
Crystal Hurlburt - 15 dager siden
poppy is rude
Nicola the crazy roblox girl
Nicola the crazy roblox girl - 16 dager siden
What is that game called?
Paul Watson Watson
Paul Watson Watson - 16 dager siden
Just get married already
Olivia Enyart
Olivia Enyart - 17 dager siden
Karley Walker
Karley Walker - 18 dager siden
does anyone know what this game is called??
Cheaw Fern Ong
Cheaw Fern Ong - 18 dager siden
What is that game called, I think you have fun playing it and making videos.
Thunderclanplaysroblox - 19 dager siden
Whats the name of the game
Andrew K
Andrew K - 5 dager siden
peachcolaa_ - 19 dager siden
Do y’all not get it? They share there money, he works and she gets money from Yt. She may not have a credit card, but they share their savings. Terry isn’t paying with HIS money, but THEIR money
Rachel Eicher
Rachel Eicher - 20 dager siden
They should make actual episodes like this
Siba Soropogui
Siba Soropogui - 20 dager siden
Young bentley he in depression mode
Beltch beltch bletch beltch
Bentley: she filled my mind up with ideas
cinthia cabrera
cinthia cabrera - 20 dager siden
Is that episode crossing the line
Stephanie O'Neill
Stephanie O'Neill - 20 dager siden
Who else tonight that the boy that saved her life from a car at the very start was Bentley?
•I T Z B L O O M•
•I T Z B L O O M• - 21 dag siden
Don't we love Laylas accent YOUR TALENTED GLOOOOOOOOM
Natasha Arias
Natasha Arias - 21 dag siden
Let’s compare my name to her name Layla and Leyla like bro
Adonai Duarte
Adonai Duarte - 21 dag siden
;-;this is funny
Sydney Morris
Sydney Morris - 21 dag siden
Just an idea, (and your probably not going to see this) but you could do this story again, like from the beginning but choose the things that wouldn't be your first choice. If that makes sense.
Jolt_ Peyters
Jolt_ Peyters - 21 dag siden
Go check out Jolt_void
Always Avery
Always Avery - 21 dag siden
Did u get down to business wonka wonka waaaaaaaaw waaaaaaaaw🤣
•Akari Chan•
•Akari Chan• - 23 dager siden
Shut up,and let me talk
-Gloom 2020
Itz_Yuri _TwT
Itz_Yuri _TwT - 23 dager siden
Why did this make me squeel so much?!
Maddie forever Twin
Maddie forever Twin - 23 dager siden
What is this one called
Catelyn n
Catelyn n - 24 dager siden
Gloom:*makes these videos*
Me:watching them like there Novelas and so into them 😅

Edit: I love how gloom is so into three she literally makes voices for each and every one of them and she's so into them I can't even explain 😅😅❤
Mz your best friend Zacarias M
Lol she has the same shirt as popy in first
Amanda Manzano
Amanda Manzano - 24 dager siden
How do you film this? Like the game part, isn’t this a mobile game???
Katherine Fuhs
Katherine Fuhs - 24 dager siden
So cute
Sweety ever green
Sweety ever green - 25 dager siden
Gloom What is name of the game ?
Rebecca Richardson
Rebecca Richardson - 25 dager siden
me : * finds a mix someone made *
also me : why the frick is there a vid called i was trapped underwater for 3 day and the tinder gold digger experiment???
Kenya Vazquez
Kenya Vazquez - 25 dager siden
Ewwwww glooom!
Jenna Hellige
Jenna Hellige - 25 dager siden
I just wish you made Layla’s voice normal because my name is Layla...
Lakaya Evans
Lakaya Evans - 25 dager siden
Can you play imvu
- DragonGansta -
- DragonGansta - - 26 dager siden
Gloom should make the sound affects, and get payed gems lol
Maggie Cleaver
Maggie Cleaver - 26 dager siden
What’s this story called??
BubblegumAngel c:
BubblegumAngel c: - 26 dager siden
👠 👠
Alexis Winterroth
Alexis Winterroth - 26 dager siden
My name is Layla but my sis is named alexis we share the tablet but it shows her name
Tyra Tackett
Tyra Tackett - 27 dager siden
What’s this game called?
Brandi Kozlowski
Brandi Kozlowski - 27 dager siden
@Stephen Yeager Gaming
@Snapback Gaming
@Uncle Derek Gaming
čhxrrybún ‘
čhxrrybún ‘ - 27 dager siden
Moral of the story: don’t let people control u 😌😇
sim2986 - 27 dager siden
Lilyanna Rose
Lilyanna Rose - 27 dager siden
Whoever likes this poops there pants
Kirsty Grant
Kirsty Grant - 27 dager siden
I want to play it
Kirsty Grant
Kirsty Grant - 27 dager siden
What game is that
Vickeisha Gulston
Vickeisha Gulston - 27 dager siden
Can you read my babysitting
Andreea Mihailescu
Andreea Mihailescu - 27 dager siden
What game are you playing??
Tammy Cotton
Tammy Cotton - 28 dager siden
I’m not even watching the vid I’m just reading the comments 😂😂😂
Marisa Fontenette
Marisa Fontenette - 28 dager siden
I’m sad because I liked this one
Victoria Vargas
Victoria Vargas - 28 dager siden
Ariel Tovar
Ariel Tovar - 28 dager siden
Hi baby