I got a FULL BODY Wax to Impress my Crush

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In order for my life to not fall into complete insanity, I need to play Cupid and get these two together. That means a wax and an insane proposal. Hope it works out! This is Episode's Prom Night, Part 2
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eviegodess 1123
eviegodess 1123 - 8 timer siden
Ga͓̽c͓̽h͓̽a͓̽ X ђ๏гг๏г
It wont let me log in w google :(
Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop - Dag siden
Sunshine햇빛 - 3 dager siden
Cringe just like cringe-
Maggie Liu
Maggie Liu - 3 dager siden
Katie Prater
Katie Prater - 4 dager siden
rick wal
rick wal - 6 dager siden
I like this video
Mr Outlaw
Mr Outlaw - 6 dager siden
Some times i wonder...

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Mr Outlaw
Mr Outlaw - 6 dager siden
Ha got u
Ahtziry Birruete
Ahtziry Birruete - 7 dager siden
Part two plz
Siri Qualley
Siri Qualley - 9 dager siden
where is the first vid that she talked about in the beginning
lauren f
lauren f - 9 dager siden
Its me shriyaa
Its me shriyaa - 10 dager siden
Can somebody tell me the stories name?
Joanna Campos
Joanna Campos - 10 dager siden
Umm he not in his unieronpants
Shelby Curlo
Shelby Curlo - 11 dager siden
Tyler is a real person
Natalie Villegas
Natalie Villegas - 11 dager siden
i love your videos
Peyton Hampton
Peyton Hampton - 11 dager siden
Can we be friends where are The same same but different person I really love your videos I’ve been watching you for the past years no ever since you ever started making YouTube videos!!!!!!
Samara Wyn Mulvaney
Samara Wyn Mulvaney - 13 dager siden
Me watching at 18:13 : what do u think gloom should I do it? Gloom:YES SO I DONT END UP IN JAIL WITH THIS DUDE IN HIS UNDERWARE AND ME IN A NURSE OUTFIT . Me: lol XD
06wolfie90 - 13 dager siden
I love the song lol
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana - 15 dager siden
U dating online boys again? Gloom be like, ya. But not one. TWO
Najlaa Rkie
Najlaa Rkie - 16 dager siden
Daphne Balli
Daphne Balli - 16 dager siden
the person she text is diga vu
-Milky_ Way-
-Milky_ Way- - 18 dager siden
A WHOLE lot of drama in ep I play it all the time lol
Abygail Moore
Abygail Moore - 18 dager siden
Miah mioni Vlogs
Miah mioni Vlogs - 18 dager siden
I am 7 and I play episode every day
Farzaanah Chetty
Farzaanah Chetty - 19 dager siden
How does she have soooooo much diamonds
Jahlayjah Mark
Jahlayjah Mark - 19 dager siden
You should play among us it a fun game
bunny80 YT
bunny80 YT - 19 dager siden
Alexandria Tori Balanay
Alexandria Tori Balanay - 20 dager siden
Kawaii Slimes
Kawaii Slimes - 21 dag siden
Stephen Stephen
Stephen Stephen - 21 dag siden
My name is Christeena
bhoomi singh
bhoomi singh - 21 dag siden
Is there a part 3
Holly Gradwell
Holly Gradwell - 21 dag siden
So cool I love it 😍😍😍
Avery Gibbs
Avery Gibbs - 21 dag siden
Esau White
Esau White - 21 dag siden
That’s so funny when dhe was singing that song of the voice
Bianca Pecson
Bianca Pecson - 23 dager siden
I cant find the part 3
Meg Losch
Meg Losch - 23 dager siden
Waffles_Noodles - 23 dager siden
"Genie in the smart phone"
Esme Gould
Esme Gould - 24 dager siden
So Frank is nerd with abs
Like in movie where the nerd has perfectly sculpted abs
Chloe Novosel
Chloe Novosel - 24 dager siden
This is literally the definition of SlOpPpy SeConDs
Nisa Nieves-Torres
Nisa Nieves-Torres - 24 dager siden
That song that frank wrote
Karuna Chauhan
Karuna Chauhan - 25 dager siden
Which game is this tell me plz plz plz kassie sis
reag the best
reag the best - 25 dager siden
if she likes vampire movies show her twilight
Hans Kristian Fjærvoll
Hans Kristian Fjærvoll - 26 dager siden
My name is Kristina
AISHA GHAI - 26 dager siden
When Americans always pronounce your name wrong -_-
griselda serna
griselda serna - 26 dager siden
Yanbing Chen
Yanbing Chen - 26 dager siden
4A34王倩芝 - 26 dager siden
A i sh a reminds me of my online best friend that unfriended me because of her dad ( i think mine is ally)
KINLEY SEXTON - 26 dager siden
I Love you’re video’s so much 💖💖💖
Samantha Culver
Samantha Culver - 27 dager siden
U so pretty
Marcus West
Marcus West - 27 dager siden
What is the game called
Myah Jones
Myah Jones - 27 dager siden
Is this Called Episodes
Hxney Queen
Hxney Queen - 27 dager siden
POV: ur getting bullied then u say the best insult in the world
Jury rose alt account
Jury rose alt account - 27 dager siden
Brandi Kozlowski
Brandi Kozlowski - 27 dager siden
The biggest roast of 2020: “YA BASIC”
Kattis Larsson
Kattis Larsson - 28 dager siden
10 pm
Xx gacha_ wolfz xX
Xx gacha_ wolfz xX - 28 dager siden
no one
no one ever
literally no one
kassie: you know what...
kaisse: YA BASIC
That Girl Kaylah Rose
That Girl Kaylah Rose - 28 dager siden
You should do like a part one and two because it’s kind of confusing to find out which one is which
Ash Diaz
Ash Diaz - 29 dager siden
What’s the song that you sing lol I love it
oneika williams
oneika williams - 29 dager siden
You were made to be a Youtuber 💞💓🧡
animeizzy_ ninetails
animeizzy_ ninetails - 29 dager siden
the happy mistake thing with bob ross was my fav
Mini donut
Mini donut - 29 dager siden
Plz do more of these
Akaette Pitts
Akaette Pitts - 29 dager siden
Hi my name is Dylan and I’m 6
Akaette Pitts
Akaette Pitts - 29 dager siden
Hi my name is Dylan
Akaette Pitts
Akaette Pitts - 29 dager siden
Hi my name is Dylan
Akaette Pitts
Akaette Pitts - 29 dager siden
hi my name is Dylan and I’m a kid 🧒
Tracy Doyle
Tracy Doyle - Måned siden
Frank Mulet
Frank Mulet - Måned siden
This video is so interesting: )
iiPinkKawaiiUnicorn _RBLX
iiPinkKawaiiUnicorn _RBLX - Måned siden
What game is this??
Alaa Cool
Alaa Cool - Måned siden
Her Voice for boys is

everything to me
Brandi Kozlowski
Brandi Kozlowski - Måned siden
The voices she makes is hilarious 😂 I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time 🤪
Layla the pineapple
Layla the pineapple - Måned siden
Ana Bananas
Ana Bananas - Måned siden
Is it just me who noticed that when the ppl where singing a song that someone was on the roof then like 6 seconds later was on the ground?
Alexander Mitchell
Alexander Mitchell - Måned siden
"Our faces smelled like expensive play-doh" - Kassie, 2020
The Kind smile
The Kind smile - Måned siden
Hana Dahy
Hana Dahy - Måned siden
I want a story in episode of Halloween is there?
John S. Smith
John S. Smith - Måned siden
Zozonjackjack - Måned siden
Why....,just why...?..............
Natalie King
Natalie King - Måned siden
What’s is That ganpme called
renecavs - Måned siden
u kinda look like kylie jenner
Topaz - Måned siden
1 like on glooms video equals 1 prayer for Frank XD
October Plays
October Plays - Måned siden
17:18 When I look in the mirror and grab a rubber band but end up hurting myself
Ndeye Jobe
Ndeye Jobe - Måned siden
𝕐𝕒 𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕚𝕔 𝕩𝕕𝕕𝕕 💗🌱🌠🌿
Deepan Mahalingam
Deepan Mahalingam - Måned siden
Gloom deserves an oscar song singing thinga-majigi award for best comedian and best singer
wofie_ gachagaming
wofie_ gachagaming - Måned siden
yA bAsIc bOi!
Josefina Rosario
Josefina Rosario - Måned siden
Hi your awsome
Buckley G a001905
Buckley G a001905 - Måned siden
Hi gloom me love chu vids!
Jane Barnes
Jane Barnes - Måned siden
I love all the voices she does for every character
Elisa Jaramillo
Elisa Jaramillo - Måned siden
what appis that
GZ gaming Channel
GZ gaming Channel - Måned siden
What is this game called please someone answer
jd don't play
jd don't play - Måned siden
Which story is this
Shawnka Goode
Shawnka Goode - Måned siden
My kid is going to be a zombie dancer
Mary Pennington
Mary Pennington - Måned siden
Comment if you watched this video

Haha gotcha
Caithlin Grainger
Caithlin Grainger - Måned siden
This is just mean girls
Roblox Lady Plays
Roblox Lady Plays - Måned siden
Yay so amazing
Eva Goodman
Eva Goodman - Måned siden
Glooms the best she laways makes me laugh
Ela Anderson
Ela Anderson - Måned siden
what is this game called?
hqyle - Måned siden
SHILPA GATTANI - Måned siden
I love your hair
Deana MacNeil
Deana MacNeil - Måned siden
And I'm still thinking of what Terry is thinking when he hears Gloom.
Thegamergirlsxox - Måned siden
Should I be watching this