I had the tiniest pizza party with my dog

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My favourite form of edible food art as of late is tiny miniature food made with tiny utensils. Twinkie just got back from the vet and is improving every day, so I wanted to make him something to celebrate!
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Daisy S
Daisy S - 32 minutter siden
he literal just INHALED that food like-
he be breathing eat
Izabella Mora
Izabella Mora - Time siden
Man Timmy ate that salad like a CHAMP
Adèle Collins
Adèle Collins - 2 timer siden
Her dog is soooo cute
Jennifer keen
Jennifer keen - 3 timer siden
I loved that soon much please do it again.!!
Random Hooman
Random Hooman - 3 timer siden
You should do this for his birthday but a little more thing
Idk just a thought
Leow Jasmine
Leow Jasmine - 4 timer siden
I ❤️ it!!:)
Leow Jasmine
Leow Jasmine - 4 timer siden
So small and cute!!!
Tintswalo boshoff
Tintswalo boshoff - 4 timer siden
Gloom is addictive to tik tok now wonder she is adopted oppss
Idk What to Do With Life -w-
maybe you can make more tiny food for your dog in his birthday
Vox Gav
Vox Gav - 7 timer siden
I’m like obsessed with Gloom. She’s awesome!
Christine Sy
Christine Sy - 8 timer siden
00:02 Timmy o'toll who comes up with these names?
Everyone else - kassie I mean 00:00
Emmalyn MacKenzie
Emmalyn MacKenzie - 9 timer siden
I love the Kartha Vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Azzyland Fanclub
Azzyland Fanclub - 9 timer siden
hey kassie, i made a fan club for azzy:)
Emmalyn MacKenzie
Emmalyn MacKenzie - 9 timer siden
Lïl•Wønder - 9 timer siden
Gloom is basically just making serving sizes here :)
Emmalyn MacKenzie
Emmalyn MacKenzie - 9 timer siden
I love how her names always Kartha but Twinkies is always something random.
Cringy channel
Cringy channel - 9 timer siden
The only rolling pen she has is the little one
Saturns Halo
Saturns Halo - 9 timer siden
Someone tell me why I keep watching this over and over again 😂😂
Aimee Kovacs
Aimee Kovacs - 11 timer siden
I couldnt stop laughing after he ate the food Especially the salad
Natcha Dare
Natcha Dare - 11 timer siden
I love this video
CheakyChobbly - 12 timer siden
Someone needs to count how many times tiny is said
CheakyChobbly - 12 timer siden
⚠️ Headphone warning ⚠️
Paris Huynh
Paris Huynh - 13 timer siden
...I have never ever seen a dog inhale a salad like it’s the best food in the world
꧁nezukochan꧂ ꧁kamado꧂
I heard that if u say a youtubers name 3 times they pin u

Peachy Pleoo
Peachy Pleoo - 13 timer siden
I heard you say p I z z a and it drinks me to I WANT PIZZA P I Z Z A with all those kids singing
Kiwi Kween
Kiwi Kween - 13 timer siden
8:26 .
Jason Del Duca
Jason Del Duca - 14 timer siden
What happened to his eyes your dog's eyes they look way why did them before and they look way blue before his eyes looked brown
Random Bunch
Random Bunch - 14 timer siden
Keep up the great work! 😁
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor - 14 timer siden
Bless his heart, he's sooo cutee
sunflower rose
sunflower rose - 14 timer siden
SHUOT ME OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letizia Colombi
Letizia Colombi - 14 timer siden
Cassie I love your hair
Hailey-Jay Booyse
Hailey-Jay Booyse - 15 timer siden
Me: *trying to stay quiet cause it's 9:30 Pm*
*Timmy eating the little salad in a split second*
Me: *immediately starts laughing really loud*
Pandy Girl
Pandy Girl - 15 timer siden
Kira The dogo
Kira The dogo - 16 timer siden
I rlly want to bake now
Kensie Ford
Kensie Ford - 16 timer siden
I have the tiny cooking set
Paul Vann
Paul Vann - 17 timer siden
do more tiny fooooods
•Ïťż_Şøfirøfi!• - 17 timer siden
*Kartha Gewart has so many dogs that look the same.*
Lauren Eche
Lauren Eche - 17 timer siden
Gloom your awesome 😎😁
Aless G
Aless G - 18 timer siden
Is anyone going to talk about why gloom’s name is always the same and the dog’s name changes
Tanay Watson
Tanay Watson - 19 timer siden
Who thinks Kartha should make mini donuts?
Isabelle Townsend
Isabelle Townsend - 19 timer siden