I messed up a Reality Show with the WORST answers possible

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You wanted Episode, here it is. I’m answering questions in the worst ways possible in an attempt to sabotage the show. Who wants to date me?!
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Runtime: 20:25


bored potato
bored potato - Time siden
Im not normally a gloom fan.
But now I am.
Denise Baker
Denise Baker - 3 timer siden
Really girl
Juliet Magat
Juliet Magat - 18 timer siden
So if you get pregnant you have to take care of the baby and dont go date everyone else beacuase you allready have a husband
Do not flirt to everyone on age 11 warning!!!!!!!!!
Mia Timpdon
Mia Timpdon - Dag siden
I like your hair, but not your eyes (in episode) sorry, Kassie
Zoe Jooste
Zoe Jooste - Dag siden
i would choose asher
Itz_flipperHERE U
Itz_flipperHERE U - Dag siden
i've played it has a little bit of nasty tings :I
dlindas sandacos
dlindas sandacos - Dag siden
Wut is ur real name
Taheisha Levy
Taheisha Levy - Dag siden
I read love on fire before it is nice
Nicole DaKitty
Nicole DaKitty - 2 dager siden
I have played that show! Its an app called "episode" and there is love on fire and other i played thwt
EDEN SHERPA - 2 dager siden
cassie looks like Moana
WildFløwer - 2 dager siden
U-um cats growl?
Jules Becker
Jules Becker - 2 dager siden
Also the Asher guy looked so much like Chris Hemsworth 😂😂😂
Jules Becker
Jules Becker - 2 dager siden
Before it even started I was ready for “TERRYYYYYYY I NEEEEEEED GEMMMMSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” Lol
Rubby Koul
Rubby Koul - 2 dager siden
I'm reading this story currently
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson - 2 dager siden
Lol this is hilarious 😂 my bro is sleeping right next to me and I’m REALLLY trying not to laugh to loud😂😂anyone watching in 2020???
Miku Gacha!
Miku Gacha! - 2 dager siden
Ever since I looked at Vlad, I knew he kinda looked like Markiplier
Sara Lupien
Sara Lupien - 3 dager siden
I have the same game
Rudy vs Tota
Rudy vs Tota - 3 dager siden
Pøtãtø Çrëãm
Pøtãtø Çrëãm - 3 dager siden
I love "love on fire"
Kitchentablegrafx 1980
Kitchentablegrafx 1980 - 3 dager siden
Hi person
Hi person - 3 dager siden
I remember doing this one, I cried through half of it
Callie Mays
Callie Mays - 3 dager siden
Gloom: I can’t lose

ME: well that must be nice
XxunknownxX - 3 dager siden
I played episode love on fire
moon - 4 dager siden
her WORST answers possible is what i always choose due no-gems-eria
NOOR GL2013NO01393
NOOR GL2013NO01393 - 4 dager siden
Game name
głütęñ îćè črēäm mãkėrš
I remember playing this story as a joke- i ended up marrying Lucy.
Charvi Roy the Princess
Charvi Roy the Princess - 4 dager siden
I played it and it is amazing
twirlii elsii
twirlii elsii - 4 dager siden
10:59 I think kassie had a malfunction 😂😂
Anime_edits_by_Kalia __
Anime_edits_by_Kalia __ - 4 dager siden
Sofia silva
Sofia silva - 4 dager siden
This is Episode????
Ethan Rahal
Ethan Rahal - 5 dager siden
Ok im ready for the hot fire
The Starfire
The Starfire - 5 dager siden
She wanted to lose but...🤣😂
That was such a weird game!!
Ava Badstubner
Ava Badstubner - 5 dager siden
I did this before
Carli DeCarlo
Carli DeCarlo - 5 dager siden
i was playing this game love on fire then saw she posted the same one xD
Fandom Addict
Fandom Addict - 5 dager siden
okay but this video be like: Kassie, meet Cassie.
The Magician
The Magician - 6 dager siden
I played this and I chose Asher he was amazing
Fandom Addict
Fandom Addict - 6 dager siden
Xx_itz_simpy_shrimp_xX - 6 dager siden
Dude: *kisses her*
butterflies - 6 dager siden
U should be an actdress
Grace B
Grace B - 6 dager siden
I am
Grace B
Grace B - 6 dager siden
Are you in 2020
Patrick Southerland
Patrick Southerland - 6 dager siden
I’m dead she picked all the tong answer 😂
Myah Grant
Myah Grant - 6 dager siden
I played this game before
•Itz_Nøva• - 6 dager siden
*My favorite part of the whole video*
Carmen Florentino
Carmen Florentino - 6 dager siden
Mária Németh
Mária Németh - 7 dager siden
I LOVE this game!
Salvo Ruscoole
Salvo Ruscoole - 7 dager siden
That’s 2
kurapika • •
kurapika • • - 7 dager siden
This just proves that you can still carry on with these types of games even though you can't buy diamonds. Lol.
Camilla_ Hanah
Camilla_ Hanah - 7 dager siden
my pridiction is chris is my type when i played that game hehe........
ERICA MEADE - 7 dager siden
I played this game before and I am just eight
nayana sunkad
nayana sunkad - 8 dager siden
Ariana Grande 😍
Manthia Kotze
Manthia Kotze - 8 dager siden
My names Chloe :0
Meh_ Is a rat
Meh_ Is a rat - 8 dager siden
*you would get better outcomes with the swim suit with Ashley she gives you them for free*
FunTimeWithFriends - 8 dager siden
I am only 11...
unicronlover cristy
unicronlover cristy - 8 dager siden
I played this game before
Fortnite Bro
Fortnite Bro - 9 dager siden
Your so funny
Eve Hill
Eve Hill - 9 dager siden
Those eye bags tho XD
Carolina Jefferson
Carolina Jefferson - 9 dager siden
i really love the way she speaks
Shadow link
Shadow link - 9 dager siden
11:02 I accidentally paused at this part😂
Kalyanie Johnson
Kalyanie Johnson - 9 dager siden
What the game call
Marcela Noronha
Marcela Noronha - 9 dager siden
I’m from chicago
jessenia toledo
jessenia toledo - 10 dager siden
I played this before
Itzjust-ice - 10 dager siden
You should play Choices and read “Queen B”
Soluna Cardona
Soluna Cardona - 10 dager siden
Love on fire is amazing.
QuinnLondon ゚・
QuinnLondon ゚・ - 11 dager siden
Scene at the bar with Chris:
I dreamt a dream tonight
And so did I
And what was yours?
That dreamers often lie
QuinnLondon ゚・
QuinnLondon ゚・ - 11 dager siden
Love On Fire is pansexual heaven. Cassie is definitely my favorite. So beautiful!
QuinnLondon ゚・
QuinnLondon ゚・ - 11 dager siden
Do you know how much I’d watch something like this where all the people have to be as polite as possible!
QuinnLondon ゚・
QuinnLondon ゚・ - 11 dager siden
It’s such a southern move to just yell ‘y’all!’ whenever you’re uncomfortable.
Jamie morgan
Jamie morgan - 11 dager siden
I play episode
Elsawolf 200
Elsawolf 200 - 11 dager siden
How hot? how hot? How hot? I ain’t know!🥵🥵🥵🥵
Whitt Nicholson
Whitt Nicholson - 11 dager siden

Jay to yyyyyyyyyyu
Matilda Hatton
Matilda Hatton - 11 dager siden
10:54 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Charlotte Noelle
Charlotte Noelle - 11 dager siden
You are for sure someone i would love to hang out with, You literally have the goofiest personality ever.
Cayla Osawamick
Cayla Osawamick - 11 dager siden
Gloom: WoOF WoOF
My dog: woof
My goofBall brother: Mahmama I am a WOLF ROAR
Me: bish wolfs don't go ROAR
Naomi Cox
Naomi Cox - 11 dager siden
Retweet girl how old are you I am 29
Janae Shavers
Janae Shavers - 12 dager siden
Kassie it is with a C not a K
Kaylee Mathies
Kaylee Mathies - 13 dager siden
I did love on fire it’s so fun
Parth Lad
Parth Lad - 13 dager siden
your weiard face was funny🤣
Patrice Baksh
Patrice Baksh - 13 dager siden
I played this game before and it was one roller coaster ride. Lot's of drama especially when you have to choose between one of two people you love.
Peyton Sylvester-Hope
Peyton Sylvester-Hope - 13 dager siden
u crazy gurl
Wolfy Playz
Wolfy Playz - 13 dager siden
I did the love on fire one! It’s amazinnnng!
Gloria Sangma
Gloria Sangma - 14 dager siden
I played that game it was boring
Beauty Life With Niki
Beauty Life With Niki - 14 dager siden
Hey I played love on fire on Episode it’s so fun! I finished it
Ashley Burghdoff
Ashley Burghdoff - 14 dager siden
video: has a girl named Ashley
me: Wait what? my name's Ashley.
like if u've ever had that happen to u
Elayna Velazquez
Elayna Velazquez - 14 dager siden
I picked Henri
SIRACEY 10 - 14 dager siden
Jonathan Oppenheim
Jonathan Oppenheim - 15 dager siden
Get to the bottom!

Not close!

much closer!

Last one !

You made it!
Jonathan Oppenheim
Jonathan Oppenheim - 15 dager siden
It’s easy I know!🙈
Leah Espana
Leah Espana - 15 dager siden
bruh this is not a reality-nah its more like a embarassing reality🤣🤣
Aesthetic Cute
Aesthetic Cute - 16 dager siden
Mary Bawihtlung
Mary Bawihtlung - 16 dager siden
I use to play eposode too and i love it
Dino Light
Dino Light - 16 dager siden
I finished this story by getting married to Dale

Btw Ashley is the best love coach ever
Dino Light
Dino Light - 12 dager siden
It’s awesome fun
Wybie - 16 dager siden
ahahaha same
Mia Garcia
Mia Garcia - 16 dager siden
Khalil Ahmed
Khalil Ahmed - 17 dager siden
Gloom why your being so mean bro
JAYMEE HAMS - 17 dager siden
what is this called!!!!!!
Lindsey Mollyhorn
Lindsey Mollyhorn - 18 dager siden
This is the first video i watched from you and your hilarious 🤣 so i subscribed and that was 4 months ago
Roshani Yadav
Roshani Yadav - 18 dager siden
You Know o o You Know e e You know O O. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gacha Lacie
Gacha Lacie - 18 dager siden
Melissa Price
Melissa Price - 18 dager siden
What is this game called?
Enlivening Ginivah
Enlivening Ginivah - 18 dager siden
I was having a cheeseburger but I couldn't after the toe part 🤢
Eva's Clubhouse
Eva's Clubhouse - 18 dager siden
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm the beginning of the video is a cringe
Ethan Campoamor
Ethan Campoamor - 18 dager siden
So funny