I said “yes” to all peer pressure and this happened

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It’s a typical Episode but Nora @noraverse is here and she’s thirsty for popularity and a good time.
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Runtime: 34:47


Daniella Whitely
Daniella Whitely - 21 minutt siden
I love how they improvise
Jordyn Binkley
Jordyn Binkley - 6 timer siden
Why does Parker look like he has lipstick on?
Luna Mocivnik
Luna Mocivnik - 7 timer siden
My name is LUNA 😌😂
Simran - 9 timer siden
Which story??
Charli DaCookieUwU
Charli DaCookieUwU - 14 timer siden
Bella: "Come on girls. Our clothes are going out of style standing next to this trash."
XxSad VibesxX
XxSad VibesxX - 15 timer siden
alt title: 34 minutes of Nora being a great wingwoman.
Ioana Horvath
Ioana Horvath - 16 timer siden
If there's only voice on what we read...
Divya B's
Divya B's - 17 timer siden
Which book it is
Wyatt Litke
Wyatt Litke - 17 timer siden
It looks like they are making out when they hug
Anexis Muniz
Anexis Muniz - 21 time siden
vinny_drops - 22 timer siden
ok/ now your making me want to play episodes-
Avacodo Avacodo
Avacodo Avacodo - 23 timer siden
Mean girl: thinks she’s really pretty
Normal girl: way prettier than mean girl
Alina Hasani
Alina Hasani - Dag siden
whats the name of this episode?
Kamryn Schlabach
Kamryn Schlabach - Dag siden
was anyone else confused how parker looks like he does with two super pale parents?
Don't know how I got here but I kind of enjoyed watching them do dialogues in various ways and voices. The story is cliche, though. Not their fault.
Richard Placius
Richard Placius - Dag siden
"Butler run away"
-gloom 2020
Meenu Kaushik
Meenu Kaushik - Dag siden
Episode my fav reading app............... Loved the vdo
Jennifer Torrey
Jennifer Torrey - Dag siden
haha this was made 1 day before my bday
Gshjsnng Ksjhsj
Gshjsnng Ksjhsj - Dag siden
I played that game lol hahahha
Daigan Bledsoe
Daigan Bledsoe - Dag siden
Is this a game if so what is it called
areyou - Dag siden
I *actually* love Gloom, no drama
Gemma Gleeson
Gemma Gleeson - Dag siden
I love the way they say all the noises 😜 ☘️🙏
You Loser
You Loser - Dag siden
Bella got a Karen haircut (2:27)
Familys Tablet
Familys Tablet - 2 dager siden
Did he trap you???
Valentini Filippi
Valentini Filippi - 2 dager siden
I played this the app is called episode it took me 3 days to finish it but today I did and its called "Why me!" And the ending is bootiful😍
iimochiii - 2 dager siden
who else just keep tapping until the romantic stuff lol
Purple Kitten
Purple Kitten - 2 dager siden
What about Azzy she’s ur bestie :(
Nhu Tra
Nhu Tra - 2 dager siden
A la verga.
Nayana Amatya
Nayana Amatya - 2 dager siden
Kanak Kukreja
Kanak Kukreja - 2 dager siden
Which game is this
That's Reasonable!
That's Reasonable! - 2 dager siden
Nora somehow gives me Azzy vibes...
kylee wehrmann
kylee wehrmann - 2 dager siden
I love this game I play it all the time🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Silent Sunset
Silent Sunset - 3 dager siden
What about Azzy 😂
RyRyRuby Kitty
RyRyRuby Kitty - 3 dager siden
I love it when she is like Linda hold my calls dog sit butler run away there I know where to go and this is at 13:26
Bella George
Bella George - 3 dager siden
it makes me so sad when i see my name in bully stories i have blond hair and blue eyes :(
Ashley Camacho
Ashley Camacho - 3 dager siden
this is how many times she burped
Abigail Contreras
Abigail Contreras - 3 dager siden
Von Sakamoto
Von Sakamoto - 3 dager siden
Is there a part 2 in this episode?? I really like this story with gloom qnd nora
竹戈戈一Khimberlie _san•
Thumbnail: come to the basement :)
Me: ...

Also me: SANGWOO?!?
min yoongi yas
min yoongi yas - 3 dager siden
min yoongi yas
min yoongi yas - 3 dager siden
My last name
min yoongi yas
min yoongi yas - 3 dager siden
Marilyn Cookgyfd
Marilyn Cookgyfd - 3 dager siden
penny: do things wrong break rules! 🤣 big help lol random comment prob get like 2 likes
Maria sanchez
Maria sanchez - 3 dager siden
make moreeee
somethings fishhy
somethings fishhy - 3 dager siden
I play before episode
Jules Becker
Jules Becker - 3 dager siden
“Ahh! It’s my babyyyyy!” I don’t know why but that killed me lol 😂😂
TAHJRAE BROWN - 3 dager siden
Love your videos ❤️💖
ben lad
ben lad - 4 dager siden
They litteraly acted like characters from the game haha 😂 so funny, there not in the game are they hmm... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
J hope's last Sprite
J hope's last Sprite - 4 dager siden
Gloom: My bestie
Nora: Hiiii
Azzie: *Silent sobbing*
꧁ ᴀsᴛxʀɪsᴍ꧂
꧁ ᴀsᴛxʀɪsᴍ꧂ - 4 dager siden
That intro was just-

Queen Barbie
Queen Barbie - 4 dager siden
Dose any one know what this game is called
The Precious Droll
The Precious Droll - 4 dager siden
What game is this?
Terresa Spring
Terresa Spring - 4 dager siden
When they hug it looks like there kissing
Becca Shyne
Becca Shyne - 3 dager siden
ikr XD
Fun Life With Aubrey!
Fun Life With Aubrey! - 3 dager siden
Bruh same🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
Lydia Gilbert
Lydia Gilbert - 3 dager siden
periot i can never tell if there hugging or kissing
Emeli Avila
Emeli Avila - 4 dager siden
Wait what’s this called the story
Starlett Bruce
Starlett Bruce - 4 dager siden
I was really bored enough to watch that whole thing
Esi i Blek Gaming
Esi i Blek Gaming - 5 dager siden
I thoth your Besty was Azzy
Elyssa Cruz
Elyssa Cruz - 5 dager siden
Gloom I Love you
Carol Taz
Carol Taz - 5 dager siden
My friends called penny
Bri P
Bri P - 5 dager siden
Amelialepotato - 5 dager siden
U make my day whenever im sad/bored i watch ur videos 🥰
Sophia Pierre
Sophia Pierre - 5 dager siden
what is this game called?!
Rainbow Flops
Rainbow Flops - 5 dager siden
Ohhhhhh! I played this in Episode!
5Ns - 5 dager siden
Bella is a karen
Yagmur Demirci
Yagmur Demirci - 5 dager siden
I played this game
Ipshita B.M
Ipshita B.M - 5 dager siden
I love this game...episode
Jiya Bisht
Jiya Bisht - 5 dager siden
This is episode , And I have played this story 😂😂
Marley Quinn
Marley Quinn - 5 dager siden
Lolo - 5 dager siden
Which story is this?
Golden Name
Golden Name - 5 dager siden
My idol lol
Ivelisse Correa
Ivelisse Correa - 6 dager siden
Girl you going all out
mmm. donuts.
mmm. donuts. - 6 dager siden
lol whenever the girls hugged it looked more like they were smooching.
• Teddi •
• Teddi • - 6 dager siden
Tatiana Tarasidou
Tatiana Tarasidou - 6 dager siden
Is it just me or does Parker look like a brother to Luna
Anne Marshall
Anne Marshall - 6 dager siden
So so legendary
So so legendary - 6 dager siden
I love it
not the bayang
not the bayang - 6 dager siden
31:24 lmaoaoaoao
Мария - 6 dager siden
This is basically ,,Kaichou wa maid sama" a little bit changed
diya 95
diya 95 - 6 dager siden
That voice over so realistic it was bomb
Nefize Sulemani
Nefize Sulemani - 6 dager siden
What is this app
Micayah Francis
Micayah Francis - 6 dager siden
temitayo morohundiya
temitayo morohundiya - 6 dager siden
You are my everything my life and my name on that works I'll be in the area tomorrow so we will get back with this
Ruby Love
Ruby Love - 6 dager siden
Me: *Loser*
Mum: *yeets me at friend- oh wait*
Leah Richardson
Leah Richardson - 6 dager siden
Dm sabre Norris on Instagram bc she is a HHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fan of urs and azzy
Twinkie- san
Twinkie- san - 6 dager siden
NEWS FLASH he's out of gas for the car
Khloe Pedersen
Khloe Pedersen - 6 dager siden
you: saying parker lockwood
My tvd brain "tyler lockwoof."
Tara Tarkelsen
Tara Tarkelsen - 6 dager siden
CarameLiChi Owo
CarameLiChi Owo - 6 dager siden
Gloom: Just voicing every character's
Nora: Just voicing the best friend and teacher
Me: O~O
Ilhxniix - 6 dager siden
I Finna watched all of it without skipping lol girl I love you ❤️
Kylie Cardona
Kylie Cardona - 7 dager siden
Bat Girl
Bat Girl - 7 dager siden
when tony and luna were walking to their houses luna said" IF fine"
element creed
element creed - 7 dager siden
We all need a friend like *penny* 😂😂
THAT GIRL JAY - 7 dager siden
Revi Evans
Revi Evans - 7 dager siden
I would date the poor man!!
JASON AARON - 7 dager siden
Gaming with Tij
Gaming with Tij - 7 dager siden
I thought Azzy is your best freind
Rana mahmood
Rana mahmood - 7 dager siden
I have done that story
Emma Van de klundert
Emma Van de klundert - 7 dager siden
What’s the name of the story
Oluwaseun Bamgboye
Oluwaseun Bamgboye - 7 dager siden
i would actually crawl in a sewer and die than dance with bella the self-centered snob
Nadine Oliphant
Nadine Oliphant - 7 dager siden
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hi l love you so much
Gudipudi Rishitha
Gudipudi Rishitha - 7 dager siden
anyone who goes through the comments when your network is poor and the video is loading🔃 🤨😅
my name s luna
Olesya Khoroshenko
Olesya Khoroshenko - 7 dager siden
I read this on episode
Dxrrian - 7 dager siden
gloom is a queen istg
(im a small ytber would be cool if you would check me out;))