I survived a plane crash with a boy I hate

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I’m a spoiled rich girl trying to go on a business trip with my assistant. Fate had other plans. Welcome to Episode’s Trapped (part 1).
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Runtime: 10:20


Mona Phillips
Mona Phillips - Dag siden
My name is riley
Betty Kampororo
Betty Kampororo - 11 dager siden
Is there pt 2
Maddie Mostoller
Maddie Mostoller - 11 dager siden
Jenniplite IDK
Jenniplite IDK - 13 dager siden
She DEFINITELY said Emma Watson haha
Hritika Dutta
Hritika Dutta - 13 dager siden
This story was chaotic 💀
Joyce Wright
Joyce Wright - 23 dager siden
Did she find wilson
Gaming with Maddi sing
Gaming with Maddi sing - 24 dager siden
Imagine being stuck with a person you hate
Brandi Kozlowski
Brandi Kozlowski - 28 dager siden
Happy Halloween!
Ari - 29 dager siden
This is so true
A lot of girls really are mean to the guys they like
norris nuts fan
norris nuts fan - Måned siden
Who boticed that megan and gloom are like matching the same clothes and hair color.
Amina-Sahro Abdirahman
Amina-Sahro Abdirahman - Måned siden
# i love it hahah
Sukanya Baruah
Sukanya Baruah - Måned siden
Where is the next part of this ?? This story seems interesting 😊!
Not Me
Not Me - Måned siden
I choked on my pizza
Abaseen Khyber
Abaseen Khyber - Måned siden
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris - Måned siden
Riley _gacha5
Riley _gacha5 - Måned siden
iexistonthisplanetsohello Hi
I thought her red cut was her waking up and finding she was on her period
Yvonne Kumarie
Yvonne Kumarie - Måned siden
Can you please make a part 2 ....plsss
Shurooq Nawaz Khan
Shurooq Nawaz Khan - Måned siden
what game is this???!!!
Wanga Masupa
Wanga Masupa - Måned siden
Did u do a part 2 plz do one if u didn't
Lily Pily
Lily Pily - Måned siden
Emma Watson 🤣🤣
RoseGold Gamer
RoseGold Gamer - Måned siden
i really want Kassie to continue that episode
SIERRA LOGHRY - Måned siden
Mek mor plez!!!!!!
Lydia Beasley
Lydia Beasley - 2 måneder siden
It’s chandlers island 🏝
Ayaan Qalane
Ayaan Qalane - 2 måneder siden
please make part two plaeseeeeeeeeeee
RAE Of Sunshine
RAE Of Sunshine - 2 måneder siden
i wanna see more please !!!!!!
mohammed khaled
mohammed khaled - 2 måneder siden
Whats the name of this story
gamer girl forever
gamer girl forever - 2 måneder siden
Aww man and I liked that story
mohammed khaled
mohammed khaled - 2 måneder siden
Whats the name of this story
BaronNate - 2 måneder siden
Hi Kas, long time fan, I know this is an older vid, but if you see this, ever considered voice acting video games? You have great pitch and cadence and would do a great job I think. Maybe look into it. I think you could be famous that way and be a huge name in the industry. You are talented and very pretty. Your voice acting is pretty on point! Try it.
issuree ayushi
issuree ayushi - 2 måneder siden
Today is saturday
Thomas Cabinets Custom Kitchen
Thomas Cabinets Custom Kitchen - 2 måneder siden
This is exactly why I don’t like to go on planes
Thomas Cabinets Custom Kitchen
Thomas Cabinets Custom Kitchen - 2 måneder siden
Leave a like if you too
Remedios Coen
Remedios Coen - 2 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure we all laughed when gloom smacked the heck outta the camera
Ridhima Patil
Ridhima Patil - 2 måneder siden
When are u gonna finish this episode
MissMabelLouise - 2 måneder siden
WE NEED A PART TWO like this so she can see
mohammed khaled
mohammed khaled - 2 måneder siden
Whats the name of thia story
Danielle Gerdtz
Danielle Gerdtz - 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who think's they are in love
squinchiezy - 2 måneder siden
Is no one gonna talk about how she does the voices perfect like it actually looks like their voice😂
PRAGYA SHARMA - 2 måneder siden
7:06 i can't just can't stop my laugh
Ruby Kelly
Ruby Kelly - 2 måneder siden
Janne Janssen
Janne Janssen - 2 måneder siden
I looove this story, you should definitely keep going!💖
Khaziah Damola
Khaziah Damola - 2 måneder siden
why don,t you continue this story
Anaïs - 2 måneder siden
Finish itttt pleaseeeee
Emily moon
Emily moon - 2 måneder siden
Please keep doing this one
*Star Gacha*
*Star Gacha* - 2 måneder siden
My life in a nutshell
Eleanor Findlay
Eleanor Findlay - 2 måneder siden
when gloom slaped the guy my face😂🤣
Eleanor Findlay
Eleanor Findlay - 2 måneder siden
you should do more episode
joy fright
joy fright - 3 måneder siden
8:20 did she just say emma watson??
The hermione girl from harry potter???
• K Ã I L Ü Ã •
• K Ã I L Ü Ã • - 3 måneder siden
2:40 anyone else notice Wilson in the back??
kiki go gacha
kiki go gacha - 3 måneder siden
I really enjoyed this one
Loricorn101 - 3 måneder siden
Do the girl in a boy band story it’s THE TIPS I LOVE IT
Fredericks Robert
Fredericks Robert - 3 måneder siden
Nooo don’t end it
gia varma
gia varma - 3 måneder siden
Do a part two... A long video
gia varma
gia varma - 2 måneder siden
@It's Amahle yup...😂
It's Amahle
It's Amahle - 2 måneder siden
Very very very very very very very long
Cloudy Roses
Cloudy Roses - 3 måneder siden
Lydia mukuria
Lydia mukuria - 3 måneder siden
I can't leave with uot youuuuuuuu ahahahaahahahahah
Joostice Edwards
Joostice Edwards - 3 måneder siden
When she said cast away I was thinking the same thing 🤣
Colleen Varquez
Colleen Varquez - 3 måneder siden
Ooh The Cloud Bread!
Ffyona Cunningham
Ffyona Cunningham - 3 måneder siden
I have a question for you you haven’t done a part 2
Candy1493 - 3 måneder siden
PleAsE do Chain Reaction
Troublemakertime 2.0
Troublemakertime 2.0 - 3 måneder siden
I really wanna see the rest of this story!!
Alyssa K
Alyssa K - 3 måneder siden
Please continue!!
Red_rxses -rose-
Red_rxses -rose- - 3 måneder siden
I was reading the limelight version of this 🤣
•Lilac Wølf•
•Lilac Wølf• - 3 måneder siden
Her: you know that feeling when your life is falling apart, like it’s just destroyed in seconds.
Me in quarantine: giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl you have nooooooooo idea!
【cøsmøs】 - 3 måneder siden
Emma Watson....hm, sounds familiar
Lailah Luberice
Lailah Luberice - 3 måneder siden
The slap tho 😂😂😂😂😂 7:05
Queen Bea
Queen Bea - 3 måneder siden
Hussain Shah
Hussain Shah - 3 måneder siden
Gloom u the best and BESTEST YOUTUBER u are number
1. U are funny
2. U are awsome
3. Best vloger ever
Victoria Hi
Victoria Hi - 3 måneder siden
0:09 yep that’s my life
heytherebabe - 3 måneder siden
Chelsea Geronimo
Chelsea Geronimo - 3 måneder siden
Ya gotta resume dis alright
Rxse Msp
Rxse Msp - 3 måneder siden
Who else cringes at this episode character version since limelight came out-
Belle Collins
Belle Collins - 3 måneder siden
i love this story the best out of all of the storys
Rencius_ BatMeow
Rencius_ BatMeow - 3 måneder siden
8:22 did she just called her emma watson? xD
Dazzler xoxo
Dazzler xoxo - 3 måneder siden
Can you please react to the kiss list
Irene Smit
Irene Smit - 3 måneder siden
Please continue this one!!!
Rista Neupane
Rista Neupane - 3 måneder siden
Can anyone tell me what app is this
CharLiee_ tsk
CharLiee_ tsk - 3 måneder siden
When it comes to Kassie, When she does a voice over in episode, she takes it so seriously lol AHHAHAHAHAH
Kara Freemantle-Kewley
Kara Freemantle-Kewley - 3 måneder siden
Emma Watson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? WHAT!?
Blossoming Twins
Blossoming Twins - 3 måneder siden
PLS do another one
Olivia S
Olivia S - 3 måneder siden
Who else loves cassies nails
Anabelen Fernandez
Anabelen Fernandez - 3 måneder siden
Can you please finish this story
tina - 3 måneder siden
Eva - 3 måneder siden
Not hating but it would be respectful to the author if you mention her in the description. Her Instagram is @alusza.episode
Twenty One Liv
Twenty One Liv - Måned siden
In some stories the author either doesn’t say their insta OR they don’t want they’re episodes to be read on NOburn. That’s why she discontinued a lot of the stories.
Twenty One Liv
Twenty One Liv - Måned siden
@Anni With TØP FL
Eva - 3 måneder siden
@Anni With yeah but but not the author 🤷🏼‍♀️
Anni With
Anni With - 3 måneder siden
But she did mention the episode's title in the video description
Natallia - 3 måneder siden
Most beautiful sound ever :')
baasik boi
baasik boi - 3 måneder siden
you have this feeling of doom nah i say gloom no pun entended okay meybe.. XD
Laney Russell
Laney Russell - 3 måneder siden
I can’t wait for the next one!!!!
Maylie Eby
Maylie Eby - 3 måneder siden
you should do a second part!
WatermelonHibah 101
WatermelonHibah 101 - 3 måneder siden
Continue this story
Erin Hunter
Erin Hunter - 3 måneder siden
This story is the best one yet you have to continue !!
Jana Novella
Jana Novella - 3 måneder siden
more i need more
KETA KINGDOM - 3 måneder siden
Imagine Gloom pinning this comment?
fazbear And friends
fazbear And friends - 3 måneder siden
I'm literly going on a plane in 2 hours this is defiantly what I need 😌
Riley Cielak
Riley Cielak - 3 måneder siden
My name is Riley
Gacha Gaming
Gacha Gaming - 3 måneder siden
I like the beach one the best
Anna Camp
Anna Camp - 3 måneder siden
Two words: LOST vibes

lol literally my favorite show
Kai Reed
Kai Reed - 3 måneder siden
Reminds me of the 2005 show Lost
Alessandra G.
Alessandra G. - 3 måneder siden
Instead of dipstick “ya basic stiller”🤣
Dahlia Wulfsohn
Dahlia Wulfsohn - 3 måneder siden
for the police Kassie said Emma Watson instead of Emma Jackson
Tic tok Jia
Tic tok Jia - 3 måneder siden
I finished that one I really like it
Spoiler alert !!! They want to get married at the end
Stella Odame
Stella Odame - 3 måneder siden
I played this same game but the animations were different can you try to update it
Jocelyn Shafer RATATAT
Jocelyn Shafer RATATAT - 3 måneder siden
Member when u did that one with that girl named Jocelyn ummm that’s my name I hade a panickatack because I was playing that game
Kiyah-Louise Lopez
Kiyah-Louise Lopez - 3 måneder siden
Jayden RC Hurley
Jayden RC Hurley - 3 måneder siden
If I was Riley with the emo kid, I would’ve tried to drown him in the water, if somebody called me pinkie pie or pony, I would get really offended.