I Tested the Tik Tok Strawberry BUGS Hack with a Microscope

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I don't want to believe there are bugs in my strawberries, so I have a microscope and a dream.
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Scar lett
Scar lett - 14 minutter siden
I still love ur videos gloom but I think this may have ruined strawberries for me....
•Void Gacha•
•Void Gacha• - 48 minutter siden
What the name of the microscope your using
evielution skinner
evielution skinner - 3 timer siden
After seeing this video:
Friend: want some strawberrys?
Me: *runs to the nearest exit*
Phillip Waite
Phillip Waite - 6 timer siden
I'm off strawberrys. FOREVER.
Nereen Cagande
Nereen Cagande - 7 timer siden
😅😲😱😱. What
Nereen Cagande
Nereen Cagande - 7 timer siden
Sudheer Hundi
Sudheer Hundi - 9 timer siden
Why so much vinigar!!!!!😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
Chloe Ngo
Chloe Ngo - 11 timer siden

*Ok what's that little black thing up there?-*
Caitie With Daddy
Caitie With Daddy - 11 timer siden
ZThe first one I saw a worm Deer don’t eat that one
The Elle Bear vlogs
The Elle Bear vlogs - 15 timer siden
There was a black thing moveing
Lulu's lemon
Lulu's lemon - 15 timer siden
The first bug wasent a bug watet
Sai Shangker nair
Sai Shangker nair - 16 timer siden
I remember I ate a strawberry with out washing it at least I get protein
Amber Sessoms
Amber Sessoms - 21 time siden
Matthew Bevans
Matthew Bevans - 21 time siden
12:36 had me laughing for 30 mins
Antonio Santana
Antonio Santana - 22 timer siden
My eyes heart😳😳😳
Madi Linton
Madi Linton - 23 timer siden
It dont matter because there's thousands of microscopic worms on your skin
sajadul islam
sajadul islam - Dag siden
psychodicie - Dag siden
When I saw the huge bug ( movement) it ruined my appetite of eating strawberries
Honey Bears
Honey Bears - Dag siden
Im never eating strawberries again😻
gud boi
gud boi - Dag siden
Me sees bug in my strawberry
Me scared
Asking for help
No one awnser
Grabs RPG
Shoot RPG
War 3 has starts
Big barf Natsuki
Big barf Natsuki - Dag siden
9:53 if your looking for her reaction
Justino Ao
Justino Ao - Dag siden
Next time check a Apple
XxCloudySkiesxX- AniGrey
LOL yEaH sCiEnCe
Darcy C World
Darcy C World - Dag siden
Well I like protein
veronica natalia
veronica natalia - Dag siden
9:51 ahhhhh
Ilayali Valerie Ramirez Lara
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez - Dag siden
Starbugs image they relly had bugs and the docter said oh u just got a case of starbugs
I Don’t know
I Don’t know - Dag siden
Who cares if there’s bugs on/in my strawberry I don’t care
Ashley Vang
Ashley Vang - Dag siden
One time I ate a strawberry and my tummy hurted
Zubeyr Said-Ahmed
Zubeyr Said-Ahmed - Dag siden
Me: I love eating strawberries. me after watching the video: My life is a lie 🤮🤢🤮😵
Jasmin Fitzgerald
Jasmin Fitzgerald - 2 dager siden
The bowl of strawberry in my hands: 😈🪱
Suhas Chandra Naik
Suhas Chandra Naik - 2 dager siden
New videos
grace chabari
grace chabari - 2 dager siden
Even mingo same have mug inside seed that happened to me 4times in a day following I
Timneh African grey . jaruwan
I did it and I don’t eat strawberry’s
Van Janay
Van Janay - 2 dager siden
Shukrije Abazi
Shukrije Abazi - 2 dager siden
Im never gona eat strawbarry again
Lawrence Ferma
Lawrence Ferma - 2 dager siden
Charleia Tan
Charleia Tan - 2 dager siden
I am a girl
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips - 2 dager siden
I am not eating Strawberry no more ;-;
Sylvia Marie Navarette
Sylvia Marie Navarette - 2 dager siden
I like vinegar
The Elle Bear vlogs
The Elle Bear vlogs - 2 dager siden
Who is your boyfrend?
arrow team hello guys UwU
arrow team hello guys UwU - 2 dager siden
I saw that title and I was like nope!!!!!!!!!!!
Tangguh Kelana
Tangguh Kelana - 2 dager siden
They know it because the "big bug" is exposing itself and we are sus of it
Jose manuel Rodriguez gusman
Alexandra Rubalcava
Alexandra Rubalcava - 2 dager siden
There can be spiders to lol
Jamison Morris
Jamison Morris - 2 dager siden
Me before this video: can I have strawberries??? Aheh hehehe...
Me after this video: uhhh this is garbage
Avidila Sangtam
Avidila Sangtam - 2 dager siden
She is really pretty ❤️❤️
Keiwan Deviant
Keiwan Deviant - 2 dager siden
Are people really this surprised a living thing also has living things on it? It really isnt scary almost all cannot hurt you.
Evelyn Thompson
Evelyn Thompson - 2 dager siden
My dad loves strawberries so if I tell him this fact, it..... he'll.... it will destroy his taste in strawberries.
Ella and Friends
Ella and Friends - 2 dager siden
Kassie: if there were bugs I actually don’t thing I would care
Mr. red
Mr. red - 2 dager siden
Ew ew what is that i think it could be big old worm.
Grace Ortwerth
Grace Ortwerth - 2 dager siden
i think the ones on tiktok with the the BIG bugs are the strawberries that are freshly picked
Emilie - 3 dager siden
Me before:I LOVE stawperries!😋
Me after:........i-i im NEVER eating strawberries!
caden jordan
caden jordan - 3 dager siden
7:45 me looking at my bro mom yelling my name and me hearing the belt
Sama Waseem
Sama Waseem - 3 dager siden
Hi Gloom. I love you so so much
Jaime Trevino
Jaime Trevino - 3 dager siden
Bugs are used in make-up as well and a lot of people don't know that. Lol
Project Unity
Project Unity - 3 dager siden
Imagine what a fragile minded idiot you have to be to jump scared while looking at something in a microscope
CallmeVebian_stevannie bunnylover{9}
This is why i hate strawberry
Rex Milar
Rex Milar - 3 dager siden
Do the boy your talking is your boyfriend
Tasneem Gangat
Tasneem Gangat - 3 dager siden
I can’t eat grapes 🍇 because one day at school I was eating my grapes and then there was a bug 🐛 coming out of one of the grapes! I AM NOT JOKING
Dark_lily - 3 dager siden
I am now never gonna eat strawberries 😅😭
so omar
so omar - 3 dager siden
8:45 no it looks like soda to me
Glitch Trap
Glitch Trap - 3 dager siden
I love yo knife
Max Uy
Max Uy - 3 dager siden
Bowl no. Three is my friend at friend at fortnite.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Time Zer
Time Zer - 3 dager siden
Why did it take some many years for someone to find out this was happening to your strawberry’s
Macy Ligon
Macy Ligon - 3 dager siden
When she said something about dust mites the first things that came to mind were that stiffer commercial and that I am allergic to dust mite droppings and I haven’t been taking my medicine
Adriana Jimenez
Adriana Jimenez - 3 dager siden
Adriana Jimenez
Adriana Jimenez - 3 dager siden
Adriana Jimenez
Adriana Jimenez - 3 dager siden
Adriana Jimenez
Adriana Jimenez - 3 dager siden
Hope Grace
Hope Grace - 3 dager siden
She should play among us as kartha sometime
Amirah Mcdonaldnash
Amirah Mcdonaldnash - 3 dager siden
Are you kartha scream
Amirah Mcdonaldnash
Amirah Mcdonaldnash - 3 dager siden
Who is kartha scream
Lillian Collins
Lillian Collins - 4 dager siden
I hate strawberries and this made it worse
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl - 4 dager siden
This is why I don’t eat strawberry’s
LRO Ozzy
LRO Ozzy - 4 dager siden
Can you react to Shane playz (the not lobed Twin)
LRO Ozzy
LRO Ozzy - 4 dager siden
Phoebe Miller
Phoebe Miller - 4 dager siden
Me : goes to the store with my dad and sees the strawberries
Me: runs across the store graves bug spray and runs back and spray the strawberries
Wolves 809
Wolves 809 - 4 dager siden
I never liked strawberries anyways. I dont eat them alot. I'm never gonna eat one again now.
jt perez
jt perez - 4 dager siden
Ohh jeez- strawberry are my favorite fruit but i watched this 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
No Name
No Name - 4 dager siden
I love your videos
No Name
No Name - 4 dager siden
I love your videos pls make more and I like all of your videos and I like you
Zoe Beccaccio
Zoe Beccaccio - 4 dager siden
Fruit is my whole world and WOW my appetite is ruined! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
ADELE CHAVEZ - 4 dager siden
I know it have bugs in the strawberries✌️🐛🍓
Little scary
Hare Winter
Hare Winter - 4 dager siden
I love strawberries but im scared now o.o and i also hates bugs i saw them then i run :( i hope im gonna forget all of these :p
ET Gohome
ET Gohome - 4 dager siden
It’s a bowl of my tears of watching this vid
humaira akbaryar
humaira akbaryar - 4 dager siden
In the very salty bowl that huge bug scared me- I literally screamed
Aaliyah Pingaron
Aaliyah Pingaron - 4 dager siden
Me in 2017: *eats a lot of strawberries*
Me in 2020: *knows there's bugs in strawberries* O.o
itsellamccreallycoolkid - 4 dager siden
Well i hate strawberrys they tast yuck
Cyla MC
Cyla MC - 4 dager siden
Me: *Likes Strawberries*
Bugs in strawberries: WE CAN NOW END YOUR WHOLE LIFE
Me: *Washes strawberry for 7 hours*
Sister: Oof
Gemma Sutton
Gemma Sutton - 4 dager siden
I felt so itchy and a little paranoid with things around me during this video. Ah.
PupsCrafts&Gaming - 4 dager siden
Me: I'm never eating a strawberry again...
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme - 4 dager siden
More protein!
rimon anderious
rimon anderious - 4 dager siden
I am not eating strawberrys ever
Sharon Liao
Sharon Liao - 4 dager siden
Don't worry the bug that is on the strawberry you eat is safe they would have disintegrated in your stomach acid and they can't do anything to you because your so big they are probably more scared of you than you are scared of it
Sharon Liao
Sharon Liao - 4 dager siden
Your stomach acid cells are tinier and will get rid of the bugs
Carla Alodia
Carla Alodia - 4 dager siden
I eat strawberry and when i was in my granmas if i saw a fly and open my mouth it come inside me
Moriah Morgan
Moriah Morgan - 4 dager siden
Me:Eats an un-washed strawberry
Also Me:Remembers about this video
Me,again:Putting my tongue in the sink water ever 2 seconds.....
Talita Haywood
Talita Haywood - 4 dager siden
Know I don’t want to eat
Brianna Hartman
Brianna Hartman - 4 dager siden
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope no more strawberrys for me nope never again
Cupcakeqeen Crazy
Cupcakeqeen Crazy - 4 dager siden
Yeah I know there is bugs in them but I don’t care I will eat them without cleaning them