I Tried a FLUID ART Jelly Pour Cake🎨🍰

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I've been watching oddly satisfying cake compilations and wanted to try to make coloured acrylic paint textured agar agar to see if I could make a piece of edible art with it. Not bad for the first time!
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Runtime: 10:52


Gloom - 2 måneder siden
TWINKIE UPDATE: Twinkie was in with doctors for 4 days this week. He is back home safe with us now. He’s an old dog (16 years old) and was showing discomfort with his muzzle area so we decided to run numerous tests to get a diagnosis and make sure he is comfortable. Thank you all for the well wishes and support here on here, Twitter and Discord
Sueann Ashby
Sueann Ashby - 3 dager siden
Yyyyaaayyy he safe
Poki Pineapple
Poki Pineapple - 4 dager siden
@Itz Sandy YT and @Gacha Squad ... KARTHA GEWERT!
Marley Starr
Marley Starr - 23 dager siden
Hope he gets better ❤️😊
Sheryl Wright
Sheryl Wright - 27 dager siden
@Alexander Luhrs Wdym
Peep Queen
Peep Queen - Måned siden
YOUR 79 you look 20-30:)
Fall Rhino
Fall Rhino - 7 timer siden
sir francis shawarma will be ok
Izabella Hall
Izabella Hall - 21 time siden
what is cuserd
PupsCrafts&Gaming - 3 dager siden
It looks so cool!
Sueann Ashby
Sueann Ashby - 3 dager siden
I spent the whole time in the comment section
Sueann Ashby
Sueann Ashby - 3 dager siden
We're is twinki
Athena Brielle Villanos
Athena Brielle Villanos - 4 dager siden
Terry can you film her face
Sneha - 5 dager siden
Breadness 🍞 of the bread ? 😂
Sterling Homestay Penang
Sterling Homestay Penang - 8 dager siden
After that she is going the realise that she likes raw egg
Oluwasemilore Odekunle
Oluwasemilore Odekunle - 12 dager siden
When Kassie said '' Her colleague wasn't here'' I said '' WHO IS THIS FAKE???????!!!
Kimber Bramble
Kimber Bramble - 12 dager siden
Am I the only one that has almost an addiction to smelling vanilla
ItsMe - 13 dager siden
You are raw egg
Diane Murkowski
Diane Murkowski - 16 dager siden
I LOVE custard
Diane Murkowski
Diane Murkowski - 16 dager siden
Doesn't agar agar smell horrible :-)
Amelia Wlodarski
Amelia Wlodarski - 17 dager siden
OiKaWa’S fAvOuRiTe FoOd iS miLk BrEaD 🍞🥛
KAYLA ARNOLD - 18 dager siden
No way she 60... 🤔
s h i r o ツ
s h i r o ツ - 22 dager siden
Im just wondering where she got that intro song from lol
jaxen lippmann
jaxen lippmann - 23 dager siden
What's custard
Laurie Cochran
Laurie Cochran - 23 dager siden
Cool fluid jelly cake I love these videos on her channel
Marley Starr
Marley Starr - 23 dager siden
Kartha: there lots of BREAD in this
Lauren: bread? Gimme it!
Abi Soto
Abi Soto - 24 dager siden
Kartha: you know that thing you buy when you want to really healthy you use once and never again
Me: that was um... oddly specific Kartha have you maybe done it before
Kelly Burton
Kelly Burton - 26 dager siden
I could see your reflection on the table
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 27 dager siden
me still wondering why the bread needed to be in the jelly
Eduard Hagiu
Eduard Hagiu - 27 dager siden
her: did you pull out
me: yes her insides
A random place to be uwu
A random place to be uwu - 29 dager siden
at 9:48 I thought she was carrying the jello with his nails 😂😂😂
Keren Anthony
Keren Anthony - Måned siden
At first I thought she said Caking Luxuriously
devil draki
devil draki - Måned siden
Why did you not invite azzy over
Alisa Bingaling
Alisa Bingaling - Måned siden
I’m new to Gloom’s channel, could someone please give a brief synopsis of Kartha Gewart?
Grace Ban
Grace Ban - Måned siden
Ngl when I first started watching you videos I saw art in the background and I thought you were an artisttt
Aayana &toys
Aayana &toys - Måned siden
“Kartha is 79 but only looks like 69”
Me: you mean 29
Alfie Nilén
Alfie Nilén - Måned siden
Soooo, ummm where did you get the recepie from? asking for a friend
Izabella Quasha
Izabella Quasha - Måned siden
1:37 umm are you sure thats a teaspoon 😂
Kristen martin
Kristen martin - Måned siden
Kartha: "Here is the serving plate." Also Kartha: *doesn't eat on serving plate*
drawing time with sienna
drawing time with sienna - Måned siden
So I always wonder is your name kartha cassie or gloom?
Kitty1234 Ngaii
Kitty1234 Ngaii - Måned siden
Where is your doggie 🥱
Elaine Wang
Elaine Wang - Måned siden
"We're gonna turn her on"
"And make her do things"
"We're gonna liquify it, right?"
"I don't really know how to use this thing from behind but here we gooo!"
tHaT's WhAt ShE sAiD
Mr Man
Mr Man - Måned siden
Are you actually 79? I want to know your real age
Carrie Murphy
Carrie Murphy - Måned siden
Hi my name is Carrie and I wanted to ask what are the measurements for the f for the recipe because my daughter wants to make it
anne bolkestein
anne bolkestein - Måned siden
now i need that blender!!
Lena Clark
Lena Clark - Måned siden
Oh ok
Iona -
Iona - - Måned siden
Is this like panna cotta?
Marie antoinette
Marie antoinette - Måned siden
Anybody got the actual recipe to this cuz I’m low key trynna try it.💀
Yozu - Måned siden
Did anyone else smell vanilla as she was blending it?
NICOLE NELSON - Måned siden
recipe?? i wanna try making it :( but i don’t know how much of each thing :(((
Alicia Wademan
Alicia Wademan - Måned siden
The intro will never get old...
Lauren R
Lauren R - Måned siden
Hey kartha *cough* kassie *cough* love your vids
Selinamoiselle Arcilla
Selinamoiselle Arcilla - Måned siden
Kartha/Kassie: Hi im Kartha Gewert
Captions: Hi im Carthage
Me: What kind of caption is that!?!
Vera Barnett
Vera Barnett - Måned siden
Amira Hegab
Amira Hegab - Måned siden
Can you give a recipe😃🥰
Saffaa Mohamad
Saffaa Mohamad - Måned siden
i love this video do more like this
Joey Swenson14
Joey Swenson14 - Måned siden
Where do you get your shirts from I love them!!!
Jasper Gacha
Jasper Gacha - Måned siden
Hannah Fullerton
Hannah Fullerton - Måned siden
How old are you
Winter McElfresh
Winter McElfresh - Måned siden
*eats cupcake*
Sherlyn Quintana
Sherlyn Quintana - Måned siden
Why aren’t you making videos with azzy now
X _ 702 _ ᗴᖇᖇOᖇ _ 702 _ X
When you’re so professional you can’t remember the name of your own dog- wait... now you’re so professional you don’t even know where your dog is!!! (This is a joke I am aware she does know where her dog is it was just funny)
King David
King David - 2 måneder siden
Do you hate SSS sniperwolf.
Brooke Hall
Brooke Hall - 2 måneder siden
I hope twinkle is ok
Eliana L
Eliana L - 2 måneder siden
When you say evaporate instead of dissolve.😂🤣
Mr Draw
Mr Draw - 2 måneder siden
Kartha: Black bird singing in the dea-
Also Kartha: imma not end that song
Me: imma finish it
Also me: -d of night
Jamie Raynor
Jamie Raynor - 2 måneder siden
She's so cool and lucky
Nadia Mirza
Nadia Mirza - 2 måneder siden
one like is how many people like gloom
Gaming cat5184
Gaming cat5184 - 2 måneder siden
I used to/sometimes eat the agar-agar jelly,
Name of fuud:Agar-agar
Way to pounce:Agar agar
Nothing else (oof)
Ddog Weasly
Ddog Weasly - 2 måneder siden
3:44 It's not metal on metal it metal on iron
Linh Le
Linh Le - 2 måneder siden
Is Kartha Gewart *79* !!!!!!
Rhian Belo
Rhian Belo - 2 måneder siden
Try doing resin art !!
Frōßty flåm3ß
Frōßty flåm3ß - 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who's sad, because they wanted to make it, but she didn't give the measurements?😥
NoSleep - 2 måneder siden
I mean you could guess
Monica Bennett
Monica Bennett - 2 måneder siden
Ava Banaitis
Ava Banaitis - 2 måneder siden
Tastes like custard, looks like play-doo!
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma - 2 måneder siden
Hope Twinkie's okay!!! Lots of love to him from India!!!
Laren Ayad
Laren Ayad - 2 måneder siden
My mom would do that with her cake to make it a mix between chocolate and vanilla I love ❤️ her cake
(The design)
Alisha Chappell
Alisha Chappell - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else been replacing Martha Stewart with Kartha Gewart with everything one time I meant to say Martha Stewart and I said Kartha Gewart and everyone looked at me like I’m crazy
Chicken_nugget_girl -w-
Chicken_nugget_girl -w- - 2 måneder siden
Hi I’m fan and today I will be watching your videos loving them u making me happy and last but not least me giving u all my love and affection and never stopping
Shraddha Raj
Shraddha Raj - 2 måneder siden
You 79? You look 16…
Terrible Rappers
Terrible Rappers - 2 måneder siden
Did Kartha use a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon
Weeb Paradise
Weeb Paradise - 2 måneder siden
Who else thinks that Kartha Gewart could have her own channel? No just me? Ok..
Summer Puczek
Summer Puczek - 2 måneder siden
100 dollars
Luella Downs
Luella Downs - 2 måneder siden
Yep, let’s turn the blender on and make her do things 🤤🥴😳🤫
Mandi Radcliff
Mandi Radcliff - 2 måneder siden
your 79???
Sumaya Hollingsworth
Sumaya Hollingsworth - 2 måneder siden
Depressed Bi Mess
Depressed Bi Mess - 2 måneder siden
Me: *sees whisk and starts screaming*
Valente Romero
Valente Romero - 2 måneder siden
My name is eggs Benedict but I won't be working the breakfast shift🙃
Nightšmärëś Błøød
Nightšmärëś Błøød - 2 måneder siden
Actually your 29
EatDanceSleepRepeat 0
EatDanceSleepRepeat 0 - 2 måneder siden
Kartha: Making a cakey custardy jelly thing with a flower on it
Me: Can't even make toast
cailey muruvan Muruvan. c.m
cailey muruvan Muruvan. c.m - 2 måneder siden
Please do more painting videos! !
Baek Hyeon
Baek Hyeon - 2 måneder siden
it kinda looks like the flower in Tangled-
Yasmine Scharpf
Yasmine Scharpf - 2 måneder siden
condensed milk
evaporated milk
vanilla extract
powdered sugar
Claudia Munante
Claudia Munante - 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who searched up how old Martha Stuart was after the agar agar scene
Hasanat Miakhil
Hasanat Miakhil - 2 måneder siden
cool day gloom right aaaayyyyyyyyy yayyy
EdithCoberman 69
EdithCoberman 69 - 2 måneder siden
It’s midnight and now I’m hungry 😂
Izna khanna
Izna khanna - 2 måneder siden
Her spenders so much time doing this
Me: takes raspberry’s blends them in a blender
Takes blueberries blend them in a blender
Takes whipped cream puts the mashed fruit on the whipped cream and makes that design takes a pic and eats it
Živa - 2 måneder siden
Why didn't Terry film her face at the end like something was wrong? He just filmed her sweater but normaly she always does an outro talk and he films her face...
weird girl
weird girl - 2 måneder siden
I like the video but what the heck is the recipe? I need to know
Inge Malan
Inge Malan - 2 måneder siden
*when jelly drops from fork*meh:at the age of seven some jelly went to heaven because it fell down when it got picked up!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝😝
Agustina Cong
Agustina Cong - 2 måneder siden
Michelle Trosclair
Michelle Trosclair - 2 måneder siden
Ashley _ cookie queen
Ashley _ cookie queen - 2 måneder siden
I love custerd too
Bready is Free!
Bready is Free! - 2 måneder siden
Gloom: *BrEaDy MiLk*

You talkin’ about me ? :-0
Lucy Lim
Lucy Lim - 2 måneder siden
If kassie gets a cake shop or somthing she should call it gloomy kartha ,right
natalie campos
natalie campos - 2 måneder siden
I think this is just Flan 🍮😂😂