I tried Chalk and Oil Pastel Drawing / Cherry Blossom Forest

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I’ve never used pastels in my adult life and as per usual, Tik Tok hacks inspired me to give them a go. The struggle is real.
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Runtime: 10:16


Sasu Naru
Sasu Naru - 4 timer siden
My Favorite Part Is 0:31
Captain Maeham
Captain Maeham - 6 timer siden
Hello kartha! The harder you press with the pastels the more saturated it is! This was a amazing painting and I love your art!
Eliza Moore
Eliza Moore - 21 time siden
Who can totally relate to pet injury........
My dog was outside at night and he stuck his head under our fence and a dog cut his head skin open.......he had to get stitches and he looked like franken weinie.... he had to wear a cone for two months and it started the Saturday Covid started.....

P.S our lock down started on friday the thirteenth!!!
Phoebe Whalen
Phoebe Whalen - Dag siden
Could anyone else taste the pastel when you took a breath in...
RUSU MIRUNA - Dag siden
RUSU MIRUNA - Dag siden
Iris Ortiz
Iris Ortiz - 2 dager siden
Play roblox with Azzy
livinia miller
livinia miller - 2 dager siden
i would sagest to use a smaller pastel
Marjorie Gundran
Marjorie Gundran - 2 dager siden
I have tried that but I did not do the scraping part.
Lizzy Brown
Lizzy Brown - 3 dager siden
I'm just going to leave a quick tip they used a charcoal pencil it's a lot easier than a black oil pastel so just a little tip it'll make it a lot easier if you ever do this again😊
Lester Yee
Lester Yee - 3 dager siden
Nothing Feel's better even You~ oo~ A Little Message>:
Lester Yee
Lester Yee - 3 dager siden
I Got To say I am writing a song and using that but it is just for FUN
PupsCrafts&Gaming - 3 dager siden
It's so beautiful!
Radioactive Elephant
Radioactive Elephant - 4 dager siden
You gotta do more bento box videos. I LOVE watching those.
Bubblii ツ
Bubblii ツ - 6 dager siden
Yes, I agree Emergancy vets. . . ,


It was 800 dollars just for my Doodle to puke.
PHOEBE CRAWFORD - 7 dager siden
one day she is going to be a famous painter xD
Kayla Barnett
Kayla Barnett - 9 dager siden
i am 10 years old :((((((
Dance Forever
Dance Forever - 9 dager siden
Just put a black color pencil in warm water and then it’s like a Oil pastel
Teri Gooch
Teri Gooch - 10 dager siden
cherry blossoms was my grandmas favorite tree💖
Hazard PLUS
Hazard PLUS - 12 dager siden
Better than I could do it lol
Thê Híddën Głįtçh
Thê Híddën Głįtçh - 13 dager siden
Next time you use oil pastel to blend use tissue paper it works better on blending in together
Declan Daniels
Declan Daniels - 14 dager siden
bet then I could have ever don
sayl auto
sayl auto - 15 dager siden
i woud buy her painting
Big guy Pahadi
Big guy Pahadi - 17 dager siden
Ok ok
Simran Batra
Simran Batra - 19 dager siden
R.I.P oil pastel
David - 22 dager siden
I've made a lot of drawings with chalk and they're so pretty I wish I could show them to you and I love your videos
DrizzyAlex_wolfxx Wolfy
DrizzyAlex_wolfxx Wolfy - 23 dager siden
Ima get my sis paints so she becomes a artist uvu
Anita Brisco
Anita Brisco - 24 dager siden
Why do you change the dogs name every video
hb - 29 dager siden
I love it when you you have the dog face, the painting looks nice.
zoë - Måned siden
girl they make cheaper artist quality pastels lolol
Yural Klassen
Yural Klassen - Måned siden
WOW that is😘
Its Ivan
Its Ivan - Måned siden
Squirrel Friend
🐿 🤝
Emma Startek
Emma Startek - Måned siden
We’re do you get your art supplies
Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh - Måned siden
I Love it
The Funny One
The Funny One - Måned siden
It looks really pretty, I think you could have probably used a sharpie for the trees though.
EMMA GORMAN - 2 måneder siden
Lorax: i am the Lorax, i speak for the trees, if u don't save the amazon, ill break ur knees
NIKA TIME - 2 måneder siden
i like it
Ndunge Uuyuni
Ndunge Uuyuni - 2 måneder siden
Who else is watching this in Namibia🇳🇦
Rowan Murray
Rowan Murray - 2 måneder siden
Try using a paintbrush to blend
Rowan Murray
Rowan Murray - 2 måneder siden
I would so buy your art
ItzSunshineGacha - 2 måneder siden
i will!
The Onion Under The Soil Macdonald
Nurul Syuhada
Nurul Syuhada - 2 måneder siden
My heart are melting when gloom do the kawaii ahhhhh😂😂😂😂
Andy Echavez
Andy Echavez - 2 måneder siden
Please make some more video using pastel please
A.R. Mezger
A.R. Mezger - 2 måneder siden
I would give a tip but ... I'm dumb
James Gillis
James Gillis - 2 måneder siden
If TikTok talk to jump off a bridge would you because I would 😅
Penny Theo
Penny Theo - 2 måneder siden
0:30 aawwww so cute❤
J Mey
J Mey - 2 måneder siden
You should do bubble shaped like rain drops art
Brenna Swan
Brenna Swan - 2 måneder siden
Today I was watching youtube at 10 pm and I was bored of everything and then I was like, Hey Im gonna watch Kartha Gewart and then I was no longer bored
Jasmitha Soundar
Jasmitha Soundar - 2 måneder siden
In india a set of all colours oil pastes is 100 rupees . 74 rupees = 1 dollar so in india if u bye pastels it will only cost 1 dollar or few cents
tayl0650 tayl0650
tayl0650 tayl0650 - 2 måneder siden
Wow thats better then i could do
great job!
Jatinder Riar
Jatinder Riar - 3 måneder siden
Me shaving the pastel be like:
It's coming like mozzarella cheese D:
Lexie L
Lexie L - 3 måneder siden
pan colors kinda!
Rachelle's World of Sparkle
Rachelle's World of Sparkle - 3 måneder siden
I love it!!!!😋😋😋
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 3 måneder siden
"Beautiful, Stunning, Fantastic." Could be used to describe the color wheel or Gloo- oops Kartha Gewart herself.
Girlthatsdjj - 3 måneder siden
Is ur real name kartha? Gloom
Gita Ulaga
Gita Ulaga - 3 måneder siden
Video Idea: I tried to make a painting with lipstick
EddieTheTransBoi - 3 måneder siden
Guys, not to alarm you but I think Kartha is KASSIE!! I know it’s far fetched but, I have reasons to think this! They have the same voice, act the exact same, never seen together in the same room, live in the same house, both say “fingies”. Just a theory! Nice art *Kartha!*
Rebecca Richardson
Rebecca Richardson - 3 måneder siden
My sister’s cat named squirrel died
Brynn Blackwelder
Brynn Blackwelder - 3 måneder siden
Does anyone think that gloom knows that terry is cheating on her with kartha?
Yolanda Zheng
Yolanda Zheng - 3 måneder siden
9:00 what's wrong with 10 year olds
Dhanushree N
Dhanushree N - 3 måneder siden
Here in India we can get 50 pack of oil pastels for Rs.140 which is 2 dollars....by the way ILY kassie aka kartha.
holly noble
holly noble - 3 måneder siden
holly noble
holly noble - 3 måneder siden
When will she stop singing?!?!?!
Casey Lomax
Casey Lomax - 3 måneder siden
I wish that I can see you in parsen
Lina Steinbach
Lina Steinbach - 3 måneder siden
My fav animal is squirrels
Halle Collier
Halle Collier - 3 måneder siden
That is so pretty!
bently and Annie
bently and Annie - 3 måneder siden
Cartha needs her own channel
Hansika Pandey
Hansika Pandey - 3 måneder siden
if you used only oil pastels it would have been much better at least in my opinion
Nellypants25 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Nellypants25 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 4 måneder siden
Its a Foxy
Its a Foxy - 4 måneder siden
Kartha:its like a 10 year old did this
Me:..... Yea my art would be better than that (and yes i am 10)
Mabina - 4 måneder siden
HONEY!!! What do,you mean amateur you are
pro Bob ross
i_pug_sa ljn
i_pug_sa ljn - 4 måneder siden
All ten year olds unsubscribe
Maria Garaboa
Maria Garaboa - 4 måneder siden
What Kartha isn't wearing white
Lian S
Lian S - 4 måneder siden
Who else here says 'fingeez'? 😂
• Itz Rxse The Potatoe •
• Itz Rxse The Potatoe • - 4 måneder siden
Who else know that tiktok is gonna be shut down on the US?
Kara Quade
Kara Quade - 4 måneder siden
My hands would cramp after 1 second
Natalia Lainez
Natalia Lainez - 4 måneder siden
I wonder why she thinks she is bad at painting when i would hang all her paintings up in a museum
Peyton's Crazy World
Peyton's Crazy World - 4 måneder siden
Who else loves Kartha Gewart
leave a like if u dooo
Zhe Wei
Zhe Wei - 4 måneder siden
Ana Mijailović
Ana Mijailović - 4 måneder siden
you can sharpen an oil pastel so u can be little more precise
georgina gibbs
georgina gibbs - 4 måneder siden
Loved it really did. ❤️
Steph Lodge
Steph Lodge - 4 måneder siden
Love your art, you give me inspiration for my art.
Instead of looking on tick-tock do art with your heart
Reese Cronier
Reese Cronier - 4 måneder siden
If you need a thinner pastel you can shave the tip of the pastel
Brielle Rivera
Brielle Rivera - 4 måneder siden
You should do a give away for some paintings
Karina Huerta
Karina Huerta - 4 måneder siden
I hate it when they dont do the full intro but i still love too see gloom
Lorrie Bickings
Lorrie Bickings - 4 måneder siden
Love your art do more plz
Lorrie Bickings
Lorrie Bickings - 4 måneder siden
Alayna Gray
Alayna Gray - 4 måneder siden
0:55 why can kartha do math quicker than me
#DadJokesforLife - 4 måneder siden
Dislike this comment if you would buy Kassies- I mEaN kArThA’s art.

I would go broke if one was on sale. They are so bootiful 7^7
Rob Parry
Rob Parry - 4 måneder siden
i've done this before!
• Lulu •
• Lulu • - 4 måneder siden
People writing comments: *Writes Comment*
Other People: "somebodies" already wrote this 5 hours ago , etc.

Edit:I didn't mean to do this to offend anyone so I apologize 😔
EthanEderGamesXd - 4 måneder siden
I used oil pastels in third grade I’m going to forth now but I have to wait a year with all dis stupit CorOna😞🤢🤧
Elliebelly Cstrange3
Elliebelly Cstrange3 - 4 måneder siden
you know that u can use paper towels instead of ur fingers (no ofence
shane mcguirk
shane mcguirk - 4 måneder siden
I love your art vids
Lina Fekih
Lina Fekih - 4 måneder siden
You can also use the ear things to blend in the color
Lina Fekih
Lina Fekih - 4 måneder siden
Why you gotta have a cute little dog🐕🐕🐶🐶
Adriana Romero
Adriana Romero - 4 måneder siden
Gloom plz let me by your arts plz o plz
Shelby Riker
Shelby Riker - 4 måneder siden
Squirrel friend- food

Imelda Portillo
Imelda Portillo - 4 måneder siden
Gloom: this guy had a pencil Me:its a color pencil
Julia Gabrielle Dela Cruz
Julia Gabrielle Dela Cruz - 4 måneder siden

Adilene Rivera
Adilene Rivera - 4 måneder siden
I love it