I tried DIY Food Hacks for a GENIUS

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I’m putting these funny hacks for popular foods to the test. Some of them awful, some actually surprisingly helpful!
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).
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Live For Gaming Girls
Live For Gaming Girls - 20 timer siden
Kassie: like to keep my hands clean
Corona: am I a joke to you???
Ava Sophia Sario
Ava Sophia Sario - 21 time siden
Why did someone say I All Ways Eat My Chicken With My Hair Klips
Ava Sophia Sario
Ava Sophia Sario - 21 time siden
When she said I Got This Feeling it reminded me about the song I Got This Feeling and it turned into my 2nd favourite song and just so you know my favourite song is Stiches
sushi akari
sushi akari - 21 time siden
me to
Laura Vibiano
Laura Vibiano - Dag siden
These hacks are so dumb
Niya H
Niya H - Dag siden
I thought she was talking about nachos. Not Doritos.
Also I didn’t think that touching hot metal With metal would electrocute you.
Maya Portnoy
Maya Portnoy - 2 dager siden
Are you left handed!?
Zenab shashougs arts and crafts
Hack: *Uses chopsticks and a fan*
Me: Uhm there’s such thing as an electric mixer....
Sofia Flores
Sofia Flores - 2 dager siden
Cassie is eating her own dandruff-
Valeria Quevedo
Valeria Quevedo - 4 dager siden
Plastic on plates . The world is over heating because of YOU , what happened to save the turtles ! (┬┬﹏┬┬)༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ(⊙_⊙;)
Naomi Manoj
Naomi Manoj - 5 dager siden
why don't they just put the hair clip from the chicken on the chip bag-
2 ideots with a phone
2 ideots with a phone - 6 dager siden
Gloom your being canceled because uh... hmmm idk but it is a trend to cancel people for no reason
Arlo cornwall
Arlo cornwall - 6 dager siden
Why isn't gloom at 10millon yet she is sooooo cool
Raven Lee Irwin
Raven Lee Irwin - 7 dager siden
She's supposed to put it on then cut, I got so cringed out after watching her with doritos,
Who else👇👇👇
•Bubble_Glitches• - 9 dager siden
The 1 hack just use a fork or something ;-;
G. L.
G. L. - 9 dager siden
8:14 doggy :P
Ida Forsberg
Ida Forsberg - 10 dager siden
I love the: happy day I’m GloOm
Vivian Moore
Vivian Moore - 10 dager siden
I love your Videos so much
Mackenzi Groff
Mackenzi Groff - 10 dager siden
she keeps saying nachos they are doritos lol
Skyla Guyton
Skyla Guyton - 11 dager siden
I had soggy chips
Perfect ice plays
Perfect ice plays - 11 dager siden
Just get a blender XD lol
Hind Alhassan
Hind Alhassan - 11 dager siden
cassie: dont you love nachos

Sierra Fesler
Sierra Fesler - 11 dager siden
Daniel Games
Daniel Games - 12 dager siden
When Gloom watch the first clip
Gloom:So creative,so inspiring
Me:So unhygenic
Kalea Zherenity Loquias
Kalea Zherenity Loquias - 13 dager siden
Im a big fan of you
Kalea Zherenity Loquias
Kalea Zherenity Loquias - 13 dager siden
I really like that
Alisha M
Alisha M - 14 dager siden
I see a lot but not crafy panda 😕 !!!!
Цвети Контилски
Katherine Show 101
Katherine Show 101 - 15 dager siden
Your so gross gloom how you eat that saindwich did enyone teach out manners
Teegan Delappe
Teegan Delappe - 15 dager siden
Is it just me or she said tacos 🌮 and there Doritos
Jana Zahradnikova
Jana Zahradnikova - 15 dager siden
Kassi- Has everyone here had Nachos?
Me- No.
Kassie- Ok.
Me- Thanks for being accepting.
martinez vlog
martinez vlog - 15 dager siden
martinez vlog
martinez vlog - 15 dager siden
Willow Nicholson
Willow Nicholson - 16 dager siden
Do a video with azzyland
Willow Nicholson
Willow Nicholson - 16 dager siden
Nachos are doritos im uncomfortable
Hannah Lopez
Hannah Lopez - 16 dager siden
Gloom: it’s so ridiculous I have to try it
Me: 👁👄👁
lily Simmons
lily Simmons - 17 dager siden
Why is she calling doritos nachos?
Keiraly Reilly
Keiraly Reilly - 17 dager siden
Why did you say nachos
Yvonne Denaga
Yvonne Denaga - 17 dager siden
Why did Kassie eat raw the chicken salami with her 🍞
1k or more by 2021?
1k or more by 2021? - 18 dager siden
:O my grandma has that purple water fan
Frisk The Gacha Cringe Police
Eggs & bacon, that’s a food hack that no one knows :)
Tarryn Wood
Tarryn Wood - 18 dager siden
You are amazing gloom because you are just so
Nice has you and and your boyfriend got married
Love detectic where you butthurt by the hammer and then you started playing the guitar
Was so funny I was laughing
Amazing that you are friends with Azzi
Elena Greene
Elena Greene - 18 dager siden
i have the same fan as you
glitch trap
glitch trap - 19 dager siden
When you like soggy nachos
MikhaeLa Gaming
MikhaeLa Gaming - 19 dager siden
candy cane
candy cane - 20 dager siden
There not nochoes there doritos
Daniel Carriero
Daniel Carriero - 20 dager siden
I liked it but I don’t have
Erica Li
Erica Li - 21 dag siden
Food hacks
Naomi Cuevas
Naomi Cuevas - 21 dag siden
noprob- llama
noprob- llama - 21 dag siden
For the egg fan one I was like isn't that like a cheap whisk like couldn't you just use a whisk
Lucy T-D
Lucy T-D - 21 dag siden
Meeeeeeeeeeeee forest
Lucy T-D
Lucy T-D - 21 dag siden
My name is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy
Kazimierz Kocioruba
Kazimierz Kocioruba - 22 dager siden
They are called doritos
Ed Echols
Ed Echols - 22 dager siden
JOSELYN FLORES - 22 dager siden
Who else just always loved gloom and still does-
Joana Santos
Joana Santos - 22 dager siden
gloom & terry: EgGs

me:EgGs BeNeDiCT
Laurel /Refia Lockhart
Laurel /Refia Lockhart - 23 dager siden
I’m weak as heck and I can still beat an egg...
jaxen lippmann
jaxen lippmann - 23 dager siden
Why would you not have a dishwasher
Zacktheyutuber - 24 dager siden
Kian James Aggarao
Kian James Aggarao - 24 dager siden
She being like shikamaru saying ughh what a drag
Roxanne Handley
Roxanne Handley - 25 dager siden
They are not nochos they are dretos
Lindsey Nolan
Lindsey Nolan - 25 dager siden
Halloween hack, eat all the candy
Kirsten Mall
Kirsten Mall - 26 dager siden
Eat your sandwiches with butter people!
Chad Blotkamp
Chad Blotkamp - 26 dager siden
It’s DORITOS NOT nachos!!!!
Nariah Best
Nariah Best - 27 dager siden
sangeeta chitlu
sangeeta chitlu - 27 dager siden
Another video I watched had the same amount of likes
cat cake
cat cake - 27 dager siden
But the egg think you can use it twice
Mochi Moo
Mochi Moo - 28 dager siden
I only come here for - “Happy day I am GLOOOOM!”
Dez M
Dez M - 28 dager siden
It was since 1 bc
Haidi Gambino
Haidi Gambino - 28 dager siden
Gloom pls can you play roblox and adopt me
- SUMMER - - 28 dager siden
Sad Life
Sad Life - 28 dager siden
Sadie - 28 dager siden
*Kassie calling Doritos nachos*
Princess Mercy Aruwah
Princess Mercy Aruwah - Måned siden
i love you
Keisha Nameera
Keisha Nameera - Måned siden
Monica Palmer
Monica Palmer - Måned siden
The first one is gross
you alk
you alk - 29 dager siden
Go have a Glass of water.
Go have a Glass of water. - Måned siden
I found it so funny that the chopsticks beating the eggs looked like they were dancing
*bluxbxwwy* - Måned siden
I have a better hack for the first one

*use a fork*
Roblox Vibez
Roblox Vibez - Måned siden
me halfway in the video- *gets hungry for crunchy Cheetos*
me 30 seconds later- *gets Cheetos*

me after I finish a mini bag in 1 minute- "hey, all this talk about food, I guess I just got hungry."
Madison Trombley
Madison Trombley - Måned siden
I have that same fan!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Arenhold
Jennifer Arenhold - Måned siden
Kassie why don't you hit the egg off the side of the bowl
xxtanvir_ovixx - Måned siden
We need Terry's wrap technic plss
Maggie Aveyard
Maggie Aveyard - Måned siden
Did anyone realise how she says nachos instead of Doritos?? XD big fan plz no hate
Poppy May-Taylor
Poppy May-Taylor - Måned siden
Poppy May-Taylor
Poppy May-Taylor - Måned siden
lilah nolde
lilah nolde - Måned siden
Gloom is the best I am so happy I found her in this big world of YouTube
Kirk Powell
Kirk Powell - Måned siden
who else was eating doritos

Labanda Vlogs
Labanda Vlogs - Måned siden
Taco with no meat reeeeeeeeee T-T
Izabella Mann
Izabella Mann - Måned siden
Siramick - Måned siden
Make a video about being lactose intolerant
Anamari Špionjak
Anamari Špionjak - Måned siden
Only ogs remember
Billions od evolutionary advancment....and then we have kassie
Clara Presley
Clara Presley - Måned siden
Gloom:calls Deretoes nichos
Me:what?there called Deretoes LOL
Gia Avellini
Gia Avellini - Måned siden
doritos not nachos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maitha Nassir
Maitha Nassir - Måned siden
Wolfie UwU
Wolfie UwU - Måned siden
kassie : this guy is a trail blazer ( first hack ) me over here in oregon: wait how did i not see him on the basketball team?
Asmita Akkannavar
Asmita Akkannavar - Måned siden
2:04 Donr people finish like a whole bag at once and if you were to do that hack for every bag of chips you eat that would just be unnecessary. AND JUST FINNISH THE WHOLE BAG AT ONCE CRAFTY PANDA!!!!!!!! Also how do you get you chips soggy. Did you eat them with pickles???
Irina Marin
Irina Marin - Måned siden
Naomi Jarrett thorpe
Naomi Jarrett thorpe - Måned siden
For people who are triggered she called the Doritos nachos..
She means the nacho flavor
Emma Buhr
Emma Buhr - Måned siden
You forgot the “so hygienic” for the first hack
Teumeorbi.T - Måned siden
I never get soggy chip cuz I destroyed them in less than a day