I tried embarrassing DIY clothing hacks by 123 Go

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Haven’t done this in a minute and wanted to see how evolved and fun these viral hacks have gotten in 2020.
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Runtime: 13:47


Miss Dee
Miss Dee - 7 timer siden
8:02 what's the song they used here??
Sukonya Smith
Sukonya Smith - 19 timer siden
I have absolutely no doubt that that outfit is really cute. ❤
Rose Shanahan
Rose Shanahan - Dag siden
heh heh I have rights and privilegesssss
Cassie Pugh
Cassie Pugh - Dag siden
Bee Roseth
Bee Roseth - 2 dager siden
Why she said everyone in between it made my little non binary self dance🥺
GIOULI TZELETA - 3 dager siden
markkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Durrant
Paul Durrant - 3 dager siden
I like it
Fifi Flower
Fifi Flower - 3 dager siden
I like it 👍
Lilianah St. Laurent
Lilianah St. Laurent - 3 dager siden
i love the intro tho oml
Al gaming
Al gaming - 3 dager siden
Unicorns - 3 dager siden
So it
Sri Vignesvaran
Sri Vignesvaran - 4 dager siden
LOL for a few minutes I taught this is azzyland but I realized that its gloom
JJ - 4 dager siden
Kassie: Ooh I have an idea!
Me: You mean a head age with pictures?
coco berry
coco berry - 4 dager siden
I like how cassie says she's just for us for the summer😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AnimeAddictionzツ - 4 dager siden
123 GO: *doing this trash so the bra will stay up*
Gloom: buy a strapless bra that fits
Me: just buy bras with straps its not that big of a deal-
Wilfred Reurink
Wilfred Reurink - 5 dager siden
you must make more clothing hacks with azzyland
Crystal Monje
Crystal Monje - 5 dager siden
the first one looks cool
sarah deblaere
sarah deblaere - 5 dager siden
I have a 🐶 tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
sarah deblaere
sarah deblaere - 5 dager siden
And I love you 😀
sarah deblaere
sarah deblaere - 5 dager siden
And Ooop!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡
Muhamed Miftari
Muhamed Miftari - 5 dager siden
first thing gloom ses is 123 Go
PupsCrafts&Gaming - 6 dager siden
yes YES u should put time into the cardigan
Siri Qualley
Siri Qualley - 6 dager siden
5:20 i call those exploding buttons
Marjorie Gundran
Marjorie Gundran - 7 dager siden
Gloom can you please do youre videos with Azzy
Alina Hartunians
Alina Hartunians - 7 dager siden
i feel bad for gloom she is ruining her clothes for yt REEEEEEEEEEEEE R.I.P
Miley Walker
Miley Walker - 7 dager siden
No one: Not even 123 go: Me: looking at the thumbnail for 2 hours trying to figure out what the heck the hack was-
Grow bignuggs thats flames
Grow bignuggs thats flames - 7 dager siden
I love itttttt
Brooklyn's Way
Brooklyn's Way - 7 dager siden
Jaxon is my brother's name
jenny hopewell
jenny hopewell - 8 dager siden
bruh that girl who got the pink cote is so spoiled that was cute before bruh\
Someone S
Someone S - 8 dager siden
Olga Bakina
Olga Bakina - 8 dager siden
My sister owns like three easies 👀
She has the biggest collection of shoes in this family 👌
Walnut Waliyah
Walnut Waliyah - 8 dager siden
I love how she says gloom
Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams - 8 dager siden
Only OG’s will remember Billions of years of evolutionary advancement..... and then we have kassie
Nida Rajput
Nida Rajput - 8 dager siden
I love your dress
Jessica Atkinson-Moore
Jessica Atkinson-Moore - 9 dager siden
Tank top
Jessica Atkinson-Moore
Jessica Atkinson-Moore - 9 dager siden
Yea I like the tank to
Melissa DePue
Melissa DePue - 9 dager siden
that's lokey kinda cute
Arts Crafts and DIYs
Arts Crafts and DIYs - 10 dager siden
*7:06** the pocket REALLY annoys me*
Simran Batra
Simran Batra - 10 dager siden
who else notices that kassie always ruins stuff she loves in her hack vids
Kathleen Williams
Kathleen Williams - 10 dager siden
Btw I like your cardigan shirt thing!❤️❤️💙💙
Kathleen Williams
Kathleen Williams - 10 dager siden
Please subscribe to Azzyland and Gloom
Kimberlee Nelson
Kimberlee Nelson - 10 dager siden
The shoe hack works SOOOOOOO well for me, I tried it and they are still tied after 4 months
Sophia Love animal
Sophia Love animal - 10 dager siden
A ten year old that’s normal is nohh tbh going to where shoe laces like that I should know I’m 11
Lucy Cruz
Lucy Cruz - 10 dager siden
Is anyone else binge watching gloom?
rpmoorecos - 10 dager siden
I wonder how many of Terry’s shirts Kassie has destroyed
Isabella Chairez
Isabella Chairez - 10 dager siden
Paisley Starman
Paisley Starman - 11 dager siden
5:01 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ell sepel
ell sepel - 11 dager siden
Gloom, we are lining up as you being a girl trust me 😂
Remington mr9030632
Remington mr9030632 - 12 dager siden
it is nice
*WeepingAngel* - 12 dager siden
For so long I thought gloom’s necklace was a St.Christopher’s one but I just zoomed in on it to find out it wasn’t. I’m a dunce
Madalynn Keaton
Madalynn Keaton - 12 dager siden
i wut moor lif hac
Glossy Strawberrys
Glossy Strawberrys - 13 dager siden
I love her Karen impression
Tial Bikthang
Tial Bikthang - 13 dager siden
I'm just gonna say that gloom/Kassie is REALLY REALLY funny!
Michelle Burcham
Michelle Burcham - 13 dager siden
I like it
Caroline Apolenis
Caroline Apolenis - 13 dager siden
Super cute tube top - def wear it again :)
alva alic gericke
alva alic gericke - 13 dager siden
I hate the thought that wink soon is gonna be gone.. :/
*WeepingAngel* - 12 dager siden
Hush, live in the better days
David Sandoval
David Sandoval - 14 dager siden
Make it a out fit
Ellen Nettleton
Ellen Nettleton - 14 dager siden
I like it
Calleigh Procter
Calleigh Procter - 15 dager siden
hi I'm a new fan I've watched your videos for a while now and I just now realized I can comment to youreally really love so maybe since I'm a really big fan of your videosyourvideosso maybe since I'm a really big fan of your videos
Sword Gaming
Sword Gaming - 15 dager siden
I liked the tube top cardigan
brighton tayloor
brighton tayloor - 15 dager siden
7:50 the right sleeve is privligages and the left is rights
cakeish studio
cakeish studio - 15 dager siden
i liked it better before ya cute it
cakeish studio
cakeish studio - 15 dager siden
i like it
Tabby_Slime - 16 dager siden
3:32 don't mind me
Galaxy Moonwolf
Galaxy Moonwolf - 16 dager siden
I like it gloom
Ms MSF - 16 dager siden
wait I legit gave that away at goodwill haha
Sarah Jung
Sarah Jung - 16 dager siden
um...the hole is um...you know...
Evelyn Gilliam
Evelyn Gilliam - 16 dager siden
The pockets on the cardigan are for your boyfriend 😏
Madelyn Coit
Madelyn Coit - 16 dager siden
i appreciate that she said "and everyone in between"
Charlotte Witt
Charlotte Witt - 17 dager siden
Kassie: tHeRe'S sOmEtHiNg kArEn aBoUt iT.....
Me: I kinda think its cUtE.....
Mariana Francfort
Mariana Francfort - 17 dager siden
Mariana Francfort
Mariana Francfort - 16 dager siden
Devil - 16 dager siden
Same, I’m non bananarey 🍌(non binary)
Kaylie Whitehead
Kaylie Whitehead - 17 dager siden
Who else came here to see how the thumbnail makes sense
David Amyotte
David Amyotte - 17 dager siden
Like it
barizaa Rivas Deebom
barizaa Rivas Deebom - 18 dager siden
I love that aufit gloom
WhatIfBlank WasHere
WhatIfBlank WasHere - 18 dager siden
the dislikes are 123 GO! And their alt accounts that are tired of Kassie exposing them
Olivia Tsao
Olivia Tsao - 19 dager siden
Jaylee - 20 dager siden
Tanisha Borchardt
Tanisha Borchardt - 20 dager siden
5:40 OKAY BUT THE PANTS🤩🤩😝😝😝😝😝
GG - 20 dager siden
The cardigan look so cute on you Gloom!!😍😍
fatuma Muse
fatuma Muse - 20 dager siden
wow yas
Sophia Brownlee
Sophia Brownlee - 20 dager siden
You are so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
David Underwood
David Underwood - 20 dager siden
To jack and mark: excuse me kassie needs new clothes because she Sacrificed it to the 123 gods
Olivia Callin
Olivia Callin - 21 dag siden
"ladys and gentalmen, boys and girls, and everyone in betweeeeeeen" I FEEL SO VALID
Paige - 21 dag siden
She is so funny
Kimberley Powell-McLean
Kimberley Powell-McLean - 21 dag siden
No gloom
michael quinn
michael quinn - 21 dag siden
Kasse: hEvN iS A PlAcE On Earth noone: for #### sace of course it is ......
Sarah Samuel
Sarah Samuel - 22 dager siden
Don't you just love having ideas!?
-kassie/gloom 2020
Rosalie Szabo
Rosalie Szabo - 22 dager siden
Loz Campbell
Loz Campbell - 22 dager siden
I don’t know why
Loz Campbell
Loz Campbell - 22 dager siden
Haha This is so weird
Carson Merreit
Carson Merreit - 22 dager siden
I have carton just like that
KYLIE MURPHY - 22 dager siden
i love it i would sow it i love you gloom
solveig hjelle
solveig hjelle - 23 dager siden
You know that There is insects in red candy
solveig hjelle
solveig hjelle - 23 dager siden
solveig hjelle
solveig hjelle - 23 dager siden
I think Kassie is not finna like this
White Rhino
White Rhino - 23 dager siden
Isla Collard
Isla Collard - 24 dager siden
Johanna Estrada
Johanna Estrada - 24 dager siden
you are rate that shirt was better before
Jxlly Productionz
Jxlly Productionz - 24 dager siden
Ash and ley
Stephani Brooks
Stephani Brooks - 24 dager siden
Laurel /Refia Lockhart
Laurel /Refia Lockhart - 24 dager siden
The first one is part of why I just wear sports bras
Aimee Humphrey
Aimee Humphrey - 24 dager siden
I love your videos