I tried Mixing Every Gas Station Chocolate Bar

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Every chocolate bar is palatable on its own and I'm of the belief that you can't mess up chocolate. So today we're putting that to the test and seeing if mixing every chocolate bar at our local convenience store is edible.
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Runtime: 14:50


carol w
carol w - Time siden
I hate bounty
Ruby Lencicki
Ruby Lencicki - Time siden
i think the cookies and cream taste like plastic
BubbleBo Boo
BubbleBo Boo - 5 timer siden
KarTha, i MeAN I LOVe HOw U HAvE so ManY dOGSs aND thEY Look THe eXaCt SamE
Tawa GachaPotats
Tawa GachaPotats - 5 timer siden
I hate bounty bars
Jeff Cravens
Jeff Cravens - 10 timer siden
My favorite chocolate bar is Twix
What about you?
Tomatoe With An E
Tomatoe With An E - 13 timer siden
We have so many of these in Australia, but with different names lol
Margaret Brooks
Margaret Brooks - 15 timer siden
I’m on gloom’s side I hate snickers
Stephen Ives
Stephen Ives - 15 timer siden
Chinnappa Chuchu
Chinnappa Chuchu - 16 timer siden
I love snikers ❤💕😍
Sydney Bennett
Sydney Bennett - 16 timer siden
Is it ok if I don't like cookies and cream
Julia Osburn
Julia Osburn - 18 timer siden
Actually mars bar is the best-selling brand google
Peppa Clarke
Peppa Clarke - 19 timer siden
I hate BOUNTY yuck🤢
Autumn Dueck
Autumn Dueck - 19 timer siden
i did not know turtles chocolate existed
Kai - 23 timer siden
I don’t like peanut butter cups either
Faria cutee
Faria cutee - Dag siden
I hate bounty my mom loves it and my sister to but I hate it the coucnut makes me choke ew
Tony Murray
Tony Murray - Dag siden
My favrot choclat/candy is BOUNTY'S!!!!
Tony Murray
Tony Murray - Dag siden
Same girl '. '
Twix is also my favorite chocolate bar 😃😃😃
lokesh Rajagopal
lokesh Rajagopal - Dag siden
I hate bounty
Rio Moore
Rio Moore - Dag siden
I didnt realise Canada shares so many British chocolates
Üzgün Erik
Üzgün Erik - Dag siden
Big turk? (im turk)
rachel pestillos
rachel pestillos - Dag siden
I-I how can u not like REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS???? And fun fact Reese is my nickname Reese's peanut butter cups is in my top 3 fav chocolate
tiana petkovska
tiana petkovska - Dag siden
how much for one?
Chloe YU
Chloe YU - Dag siden
Twix is also my fav chocolate bar
yum gacha bread
yum gacha bread - Dag siden
yea its true boundy smells like car refresher
Heath Brown
Heath Brown - Dag siden
I hate bounty
Lose In A Hole
Lose In A Hole - Dag siden
I love every Chocolate in this vid🍫😋
Mase P
Mase P - Dag siden
I have never had bounty
Mase P
Mase P - Dag siden
I am in the USA
Charlotte Carlin
Charlotte Carlin - Dag siden
Chisom Peterson
Chisom Peterson - Dag siden
I love crunchies
Chisom Peterson
Chisom Peterson - Dag siden
I hate snickers
rafaxpg - Dag siden
The content is so wholesome I can't help getting warm inside
Sylvia Lindgren
Sylvia Lindgren - Dag siden
I wish they had aero bars in america.
LOLA HENDERS - 2 dager siden
you know I come from New York city
HANNAH IKIN - 2 dager siden
Bounty is amazing
Mayela Martinez
Mayela Martinez - 2 dager siden
I love Snickers
BOGDAN DOBOSZ - 2 dager siden
AvaRose Bermejo
AvaRose Bermejo - 2 dager siden
im like not ganna lie but that bar of everything lookes disgusTANG!!!!!!!
antonia arriola
antonia arriola - 2 dager siden
My dad just got back from Canada and brought me Coffee Crisps... I ate 10
Georgia Taylor
Georgia Taylor - 2 dager siden
I'm on kassies side with everything apart from the penut butter and bountys..... ARE DELICIOUS
Palwasha Mahmood
Palwasha Mahmood - 2 dager siden
BountyElle I don’t like it it’s disgusting no I would never eat coconut chocolate bar I like those for Rocher or the chocolate one I like those
Sandra Dsouza
Sandra Dsouza - 2 dager siden
The mestery chocolate bar
Description : A mestery chocolate bar taste

Do different chocolate mestery bars plsss.....
Gloria Saba
Gloria Saba - 2 dager siden
I love bounty
Negaar Sayed
Negaar Sayed - 2 dager siden
Not a big fan of bounty though
gaming girl
gaming girl - 2 dager siden
You hate whatever I like
ALANNAH - CAT - 2 dager siden
I’ve never tried like 60% of these chocolate’s
scooter4 - 2 dager siden
when she said i hate snickers, i imediatly thought about unsubbing
Manuel Jose Franche
Manuel Jose Franche - 15 timer siden
How dare u
Cindie Bigham
Cindie Bigham - 2 dager siden
Amelia LaRussa
Amelia LaRussa - 2 dager siden
Tbh, I don’t care for peanut stuff but I’m not from Canada so.......
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur - 2 dager siden
I have a lot of favourite candies
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur - 2 dager siden
I like Coffee Crisp
Sir FredBear Dc2
Sir FredBear Dc2 - 2 dager siden
Ikr snickers are disgusting
Sir FredBear Dc2
Sir FredBear Dc2 - 2 dager siden
Andie Shepherd
Andie Shepherd - 2 dager siden
This is how much names they call that poor dog
Margaret Berkenfield
Margaret Berkenfield - 3 dager siden
Allyndra Davey
Allyndra Davey - 3 dager siden
wait turning chocolte into chocolate
Poppy Mann
Poppy Mann - 3 dager siden
u should try battered mars bars they r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooood~
cieren Caine
cieren Caine - 3 dager siden
I love bountys i cant belive you guys dont
Music dreams
Music dreams - 3 dager siden
Where’s the iconic memorable milky way 😭
Sxms Wrld
Sxms Wrld - 3 dager siden
a name for the chocolate the mickes up. hope you like the name
Ramandeep Kaur
Ramandeep Kaur - 3 dager siden
I love bounty
Hajra abbas
Hajra abbas - 3 dager siden
Ewwwww bounty ima bout to vomet 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢
Lulu Juul
Lulu Juul - 3 dager siden
I love bonty 😛😛
Aѵıɑ - 3 dager siden
is there anyone who likes bounty bars like me?
Alexandra Rubalcava
Alexandra Rubalcava - 3 dager siden
Oh everyone hates Canada sad for u I live in Texas
Eric Cramer
Eric Cramer - 3 dager siden
I agree with you,I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate snickers too
Lilypad the fox
Lilypad the fox - 3 dager siden
It's diabetes chocolate
Louise Ramirez
Louise Ramirez - 3 dager siden
low key tho bueno bars are SO under rated!!!!
GABBY Wirtz - 3 dager siden
Me : I’m in a hurry but I want to watch her video hmmmm.......

Me : Turning playback speed all the way up

Isabelle Kowalewski
Isabelle Kowalewski - 3 dager siden
I hate bounty, but I kind of like Almond Joy I don't think you have them in Canda
Art _Mountains
Art _Mountains - 3 dager siden
Name for your bar: Canadian Station
Alexis wolf
Alexis wolf - 3 dager siden
Gloom:not like u would ever do this-
Jason Magee
Jason Magee - 3 dager siden
Twix is my favoriteeeeee
Claire the Kidpreneur
Claire the Kidpreneur - 3 dager siden
bounty is disgusting
Karitas Kristjánsdóttir
Karitas Kristjánsdóttir - 4 dager siden
I love bontey
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson - 4 dager siden
Twix are my favorite
Lily Terrio
Lily Terrio - 4 dager siden
Mars bar is my favorite
Lily Terrio
Lily Terrio - 4 dager siden
3:46 I agree with underrated
Ochaco Uwuraka
Ochaco Uwuraka - 4 dager siden
Massive needs to be my friend, we both hate Snickers and love Reeses
Waffie The Dweeb
Waffie The Dweeb - 4 dager siden
The brownie like feeling if frome the chocolate and crushed cookies wafer.
YinYang Official
YinYang Official - 4 dager siden
And that's how you get diabetes.
A really fun video!
Kinga Królikowska
Kinga Królikowska - 4 dager siden
Snickers, KitKat and Twix are the best choclets ever
LPS gecko
LPS gecko - 3 dager siden
sorry mate but i can't sand snickers
Butterfly girl
Butterfly girl - 4 dager siden
Please don't disrespect bounty. Its my favorite.
Sehume Leseyane
Sehume Leseyane - 4 dager siden
Me: You mean eat some more Terry
Animal Crossed
Animal Crossed - 4 dager siden
I know this is from july but. you should name it the "All of the Above" chocolate bar
Awakan Kids
Awakan Kids - 4 dager siden
i hate bounty
Katerina Karali
Katerina Karali - 4 dager siden
My mum LOVES bounty
Landon Boyd
Landon Boyd - 4 dager siden
When she said “hi I’m kartha gewart” that subtitles said “hi I’m Carthage” 👁👄👁
hamnah siddique
hamnah siddique - 4 dager siden
Bounty I hate
Max Wonkyi
Max Wonkyi - 4 dager siden
My favourite chocolate bar is crickets
Kayla Schroeder
Kayla Schroeder - 4 dager siden
I hate the turtles candy
simone kenkre
simone kenkre - 4 dager siden
I love love love mars 🤤
Jason Alfonso
Jason Alfonso - 4 dager siden
Kartha: bounty’s
Me: *runs to bathroom*🤢🤮
Sterling Claybon II
Sterling Claybon II - 4 dager siden
Mr thiccc I guess
Alison Bohlander
Alison Bohlander - 4 dager siden
The finished product looks like 💩
Camryn Crowe
Camryn Crowe - 4 dager siden
Fun fact so people are saying in the comments that they probably didn’t know Half of these chocolates when I knew most of them because some of my family Live in Canada
Sister Squad
Sister Squad - 4 dager siden
Yo it’s thanksgiving
Sister Squad
Sister Squad - 4 dager siden
My sisters name is Nora
Hi_Ima_Kitty Kat
Hi_Ima_Kitty Kat - 4 dager siden
I don't understand why everyone loves snickers I hate them (just my opinion dont hate)
LPS gecko
LPS gecko - 3 dager siden
same same
Jessination Lockheart
Jessination Lockheart - 4 dager siden
Nora is kind of like over filling the thing and it’s triggering me right now lol
Anim Crossy
Anim Crossy - 4 dager siden
I love chocolate but for Halloween I only got one twix
Evelynne Gerbode
Evelynne Gerbode - 4 dager siden
I saw the turtles thing I got so mad like...
SaVe ThE tUrTlEs SkSkSkSkSk