I tried Painting Heaven in a Diamond | Acrylic Challenge

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Tried my first acrylic painting daily challenge with NO TUTORIAL as a new beginner painter with limited skills...oop. It's my nonsensical idea of heaven in Serena Art’s masking tape diamond. Did Kartha Gewart make an oddly satisfying cherry blossom painting or is it a mess?
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Runtime: 16:15


Julia Griffin
Julia Griffin - 22 minutter siden
It looks beutyfull
rosemar mojica
rosemar mojica - 4 timer siden
It looks awesome
larissa - 9 timer siden
Does anybody else think that kathy's painting skills are amazing
Evelyn Thompson
Evelyn Thompson - 18 timer siden
Heaven, Kassie, to me looks like heaven, can't wait to go. It's a dream I won't live till' I die.
Lose In A Hole
Lose In A Hole - 18 timer siden
I want to be like you😲👌
Gillian Kojoy-Kendellen
Gillian Kojoy-Kendellen - 19 timer siden
You Cassie🌌🎆
Fairy The puppy
Fairy The puppy - 22 timer siden
time : 1:56( in the video ) ok is it me or is evryone looking ta her dog
Evelyn Sawdy
Evelyn Sawdy - Dag siden
What the heck is your dog doing he looks so funny
Elizabeth Kephart
Elizabeth Kephart - Dag siden
Eva McMurdie
Eva McMurdie - Dag siden
Can we all just give Kartha/ Kassie a big round of applause.👏👏👏😄
Eva McMurdie
Eva McMurdie - Dag siden
Who thinks that Kassie should have a separate channel but it would be an art channel. Doesn't she have mad art skills.
Like if you agree for the art channel
Scholtz Family
Scholtz Family - Dag siden
Nothing it is not real
MysticalArcticFox - Dag siden
Kassie/Kartha: "what does heaven look like to you?"
MysticalArcticFox/Me: it looks like Arctic foxes UwU
XOXgacha ANGLEZ - Dag siden
I feel like that can be art in a musium it's really pretty
XOXgacha ANGLEZ - Dag siden
I meant hevan
XOXgacha ANGLEZ - Dag siden
Urban is real but it isn't in earth you can't find it eatheir but like it's real
NAZIK Hassan
NAZIK Hassan - Dag siden
Am I the only one who realised that every time kassie try’s to paint something she wears white
Wilma Mendez-Bernardo
Wilma Mendez-Bernardo - Dag siden
Unicorn 🦄
Babitha Vikram
Babitha Vikram - Dag siden
you are a artist 👩‍🎨
Abbey McGee
Abbey McGee - Dag siden
my heaven is a field of roses
Sandra Starks
Sandra Starks - 2 dager siden
Did she just say a forest in the woods ;-;
brotherbutt - 2 dager siden
Kassie: what does heaven look like to you terry?
Terry: You! I’m LOOKIN at it!
Kassie :Oo that’s romantic!
Hannah Truesdell
Hannah Truesdell - 2 dager siden
Heaven for me is five minutes away from my little brother (Who is very loud)
Lauren Kemper
Lauren Kemper - 2 dager siden
Wow Kassie you are the next Bob Ross
YING W - 2 dager siden
Kassies why do you have 60+ names for your dog????
Maya Stewart
Maya Stewart - 2 dager siden
I think haven is everything
Ashley Godines
Ashley Godines - 2 dager siden
? Y is she mostly wearing that white shirt 😯
Ishot Maldives
Ishot Maldives - 2 dager siden
You should visit maldives
Sabina Shrestha
Sabina Shrestha - 2 dager siden
Your so funny like azzy cassie
N.E.S Playz
N.E.S Playz - 2 dager siden
My heaven is games and YouTube all day long
Angelo Montez
Angelo Montez - 3 dager siden
Her dog in the background 😂 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
L Lobster
L Lobster - 3 dager siden
bitchtitties 22
bitchtitties 22 - 3 dager siden
your uncle says what now😀🤚
Kayla Temple
Kayla Temple - 3 dager siden
The thing that i was watching the most of in this vid was the doggy! :3
Amber Engman
Amber Engman - 3 dager siden
And I also have to ask u something kassie..............................cAn U pLeAsE gIvE mE pAiNtInG lEsSoNs?
Farwa Zaman
Farwa Zaman - 3 dager siden
Gloom: " I don't know how to paint!"
me: ..............HOW BEAUTIFUL! I wish that i knew how to paint like Gloom!"
do a painting with Azzyland plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pl plzzzzzzzzz
Angel_ kittyUwU
Angel_ kittyUwU - 3 dager siden
I thought his name was the sun?

Lol love your vids
Maleny Aguilar
Maleny Aguilar - 3 dager siden
That is so cool
Toots McGee
Toots McGee - 3 dager siden
I literally can’t believe how nicely this was executed
Georgie Shields
Georgie Shields - 3 dager siden
Me: Only watches art from this channel. Also me: WhO iS tHe OtHeR gIrL?
Elizabeth Splan
Elizabeth Splan - 3 dager siden
I love watching your painting videos! Their so funny!😂
Farhang Shano
Farhang Shano - 3 dager siden
Paul Glieco
Paul Glieco - 3 dager siden
Did you guys see twinky in the background like if you did
stanislava dimova
stanislava dimova - 3 dager siden
You look like Mariah Carey.
Warning: this coment is the only non-meme
bun bun books
bun bun books - 3 dager siden
4:47 lol
Kassie: what does heaven look like to you terry?
Terry: I'm lookin at it
Kassie: ... Ok... Anyways
BearlyOakleyʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
BearlyOakleyʕ •ᴥ•ʔ - 3 dager siden
If Kassie sold this I would be interested to buy it!
Like seriously.
Anisia - 3 dager siden
"What does heaven look like to you, Terry?"
"I'm looking at it"
Awee the cheese 🥺
Betty Fisher
Betty Fisher - 3 dager siden
Havan is a place that daed people go and for egampol my papa when i was 3
Jovanie Anthony
Jovanie Anthony - 4 dager siden
You are the best 🎨
Jovanie Anthony
Jovanie Anthony - 4 dager siden
Chlo Ellery Esguerra
Chlo Ellery Esguerra - 4 dager siden
Girl you're ganna be a artist
AmyDaFox -w-
AmyDaFox -w- - 4 dager siden
Kartha should have tried some q-tips tied together with an elastic band at the middle
The finished product of the q-tip group should look like a cone tent
you dip them in white, then pink, then a darker shade of pink or a light red
It's a lot more effective for painting a bunch of petals at the same time
Adaline Bisciglia
Adaline Bisciglia - 4 dager siden
Ok whats your dogs real name tho?
Freaky Leah
Freaky Leah - 4 dager siden
Is anyone else going to put out the fact she called Bob Ross a she 😂
TikoArmy - 4 dager siden
It's so cool
Violet's Channel
Violet's Channel - 4 dager siden
I love how in all of these videos she wears a white shirt 🤣🤣😂
Grace Bean
Grace Bean - 4 dager siden
Who else thinks the same thing as heaven as kassie
Zachary demon crazy quirk: shadow snatch
The oldest chihuahua is 20 years okd
Ailyn Ferreto
Ailyn Ferreto - 4 dager siden
She should have her own art yt channel.........
Naim Untame
Naim Untame - 4 dager siden
You should sell your art it’s amazing
OMGem - 4 dager siden
I don’t like to talk about it but I guess heaven 4 me would look like a place with a lot of mountains and a field of orange flowers with a clear lake in the middle, floored with coloured stones. And magic. All types of magic.
Little kitten snacks! Lps :3
Poor bob ross he will be missed REST IN PEACE BOB ROSS
Ashketchup - 4 dager siden
Hey I'm thinking of painting soon. Does anyone know what brand of paint she is using. Thank you.
malak and mayar bayoumi
malak and mayar bayoumi - 4 dager siden
I love you but you do gross things I'm sorry 🙁😞😞 I love your videos I was always and I watch them a lot
malak and mayar bayoumi
malak and mayar bayoumi - 4 dager siden
Do you really need to burp 😓
M T - 4 dager siden
Oh my gosh are you an artist I think you're an artist no Literally!
Analietia Juliana
Analietia Juliana - 5 dager siden
Cassie I got in elf on the shelf so I tried to paint him I couldn't and I I tried three times I was hoping if you could make a video of you painting it.
Analietia Juliana
Analietia Juliana - 5 dager siden
And when I saw your video that it's inspired me to paint. 😀
Analietia Juliana
Analietia Juliana - 5 dager siden
I like your videos
Yunong Wu
Yunong Wu - 5 dager siden
congrats kartha for painting without a tutorial
suzanne charlton
suzanne charlton - 5 dager siden
Looks like you
Adam Schettler
Adam Schettler - 5 dager siden
Why did you change your dogs name every episode it’s weird
Jeanie Weber-Castaneda
Jeanie Weber-Castaneda - 5 dager siden
Order more paint on amazong
CJR Arts
CJR Arts - 5 dager siden
Kassie: what does heaven look like for you?
Me: *P O T O O L A N D*
arianna samuels
arianna samuels - 5 dager siden
I love this but can you stop naming your dog every video
Christene Joyce Fernandez
Christene Joyce Fernandez - 5 dager siden
I like your paintings gloom and i like all your vidios too i REALLY like is riddles you and azzy
Laura Clark
Laura Clark - 5 dager siden
she is so amazing at painting
Shadiyah Pappas
Shadiyah Pappas - 5 dager siden
I know that song lol
Ed Echols
Ed Echols - 6 dager siden
I love your Channel😄😀😁😆😄😉😋😊😋😉😆😁😀😄😄😀
Ed Echols
Ed Echols - 6 dager siden
I love your painting
Noa Erlanger
Noa Erlanger - 6 dager siden
Skilled painter right here
Cookie Playz
Cookie Playz - 6 dager siden
Me:Why is she painting a dinosaur-
Alli Dolphin
Alli Dolphin - 6 dager siden
Sorry Idk how to spell Terrie but anyways:

I bet you Terri was thinking this when Cassie asked what heaven looks like to you.

His mind: YOU look like heaven to me
Jolene Lyszczak
Jolene Lyszczak - 6 dager siden
Random fact
I was eating one food and then all of a sudden I forgot I had leftovers so being the fatty I am I ate both
Anshika Singhal
Anshika Singhal - 6 dager siden
just tell me what type of tape is that?
plzz i really need to know
猫の頭Lily - 6 dager siden
Kartha Is amazing YAS
Marin Price
Marin Price - 6 dager siden
Kartha: a forest in the woods
Me: did-did I miss something.....how?
Marin Price
Marin Price - 6 dager siden
Me: Nice 👌🏻😂🤣
Queen Ace The Joker the 10th
That's freaking gorgeous I would actually buy that
Dara Oduguwa
Dara Oduguwa - 7 dager siden
3:10 “When you have to take a burp break for a sec”
Coco - 7 dager siden
15:30 is when she shows the painting (spoil alert)q
Ruth Emz
Ruth Emz - 7 dager siden
Bees are in danger how dare you Terry
Ruth Emz
Ruth Emz - 7 dager siden
Heaven looks like heaven
MyLearner - 7 dager siden
Elaina Cox Cotton candy wolf
Alyssa Cline
Alyssa Cline - 7 dager siden
My dog idk what breed she is she’s a mix of like 3 breeds she’s 180 in dog years I think
Brookie Cookie
Brookie Cookie - 7 dager siden
Could oops lol
lindsey Warren
lindsey Warren - 7 dager siden
Heaven looks like to me were Jesus lives
Brooklyn ALLAN
Brooklyn ALLAN - 7 dager siden
just to comment and subcribe :3
The gaps in the tree bothering me until she peels the tape off and I’m like ooooohhhh