I Tried Watching Kids DUMB Class Presentations

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Public speaking is already hard enough, it’s worse when you either didn’t prepare or are slightly dumb about it. Today RobertIDK and I are reminiscing on our struggles while watching people mess up their presentations in front of the whole class.
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Stephanie Dorlus
Stephanie Dorlus - 31 minutt siden
I don’t like the person who said disney is for girls my whole family likes it
Melanie Katzaman
Melanie Katzaman - 36 minutter siden
Robert sounds like albert aka flamingo
Greenwood Farmz
Greenwood Farmz - 4 timer siden
My emotions:🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
Saga Eriksson
Saga Eriksson - 8 timer siden
I had a presentation today, I shaked all the time, LOVE UR VIDEOS!❤️
Gilbert Grech
Gilbert Grech - 10 timer siden
I hate the end of a present ash in is just quite like if can relate
Anna Kilianska
Anna Kilianska - 15 timer siden
Random things channel
Random things channel - 16 timer siden
Hi everybody how r u especially kassie
Iconic Noodles
Iconic Noodles - 19 timer siden
I have a presentation in virtual school tomorrow, this made me feel a l o t better: *chuckles, I’m in danger*
Hoi - 22 timer siden

Robert: * falls down *
xXFiref1yF0restXx - 23 timer siden
Gloom: Knock knock. Robert: Who’s there? Gloom:UHHHHHHHHHHH
Melissa Adams
Melissa Adams - Dag siden
Kassie: Anytime I have to do any public speaking I'm shaking!
Also Kassie: Is a YouTuber
Me: ???
ThatEmoPreacher - Dag siden
This really reminds me of a friend who got a note with his mark that said "I've never seen anyone yell at the board during a presentation"
Night Dog
Night Dog - Dag siden
This thumbnail is so funny lol.
GradentSans Videos
GradentSans Videos - Dag siden
11:55 it’s Jim
HxneyJar YT
HxneyJar YT - Dag siden
It was music class-
Holly Garcia
Holly Garcia - Dag siden
i had a fail on presentations last year and this year last year = 3rd grade um we were doing a project on earth. We had a substitute. First of all she called me a PIG for cutting paper and not cleaning it up.... Then when we were doing the presentation she asked me what i learned about earth i said 'the earth is over 5 million years old" Then she asked me if we all learned that and i burst into tears saying no we didn't and she made fun of me for crying.... this year = 4th grade. We did a project on math and me and my partner Carson didn't do it right so i was yelled at and she wasn't because I mess around a lot and she said i distracted Carson from doing the work. The teacher also said that i didn't do any of the work.. And i told my partner Carson i hope the teacher gets fired
Donna McGindle
Donna McGindle - Dag siden
Once wen I was in class wen I was doing a project and I peed myself but then the class said EW and I was in high school
Alyssa Burke
Alyssa Burke - Dag siden
I have a passed out 5 times and im nit dead yet so yeah
Alyssa Burke
Alyssa Burke - Dag siden
I meant not
Natasha Childers
Natasha Childers - Dag siden
Doing class presentations always had me on edge, but for some reason, being up on stage in plays acting in front of hundreds of strangers several nights a week in high school didn't. The stage was and is my happy place, it's two totally different feelings.
Crazy AsmrArt
Crazy AsmrArt - Dag siden
I’ve passed out and hit the floor but I was fine just a few scratches so unless u fall flat on ur face really hard ur ok 👌🏻
Wanda Clark
Wanda Clark - Dag siden
Minty - Dag siden
Who was soooo exited to see Robert and gloom together!!!!
Blanca Flores
Blanca Flores - Dag siden
and it lasted 7 years for my. noes 👃to get better👍
Blanca Flores
Blanca Flores - Dag siden
Actually whene i was four i broke 💥my noes 👃cuz I was spining and got dizzy💫 and hit the ege of a very hard couch and it was at night and we had to go to a hodpital 🏥. Btw i love your vids.
Brenda Lagos
Brenda Lagos - 2 dager siden
Same thing I only wrote 2 paragraphs and just wrote down random stuff about D.A.R.E.
David Smith
David Smith - 2 dager siden
my brother he had know lose teeth and a tooth came out by a bumgiecord he was 4 and playing fire fighter
David Smith
David Smith - 22 timer siden
Savannah Grossi
Savannah Grossi - Dag siden
How old is he now?
Brenda Lagos
Brenda Lagos - 2 dager siden
This one time in 6th grade we were doing a D.A.R.E. essay and we needed 3 paragraphs and and this one dude wrote a whole paragraph about his cats
Cotton Candy Siblings
Cotton Candy Siblings - 2 dager siden
Plot twist: at the end another one of Cassie vid was never shown
Susannah Burcham
Susannah Burcham - 2 dager siden
I'm home schooled and my mom is nice so i don't have to do presentations.I'm lucky.
Jaiden and Cole Gaming
Jaiden and Cole Gaming - 2 dager siden
T-pose is from Fortnite!!!
Jenny Waddell
Jenny Waddell - 2 dager siden
Kerry Kato
Kerry Kato - 2 dager siden
I did a animal project now I’m doing a famous person project I don’t wanna talk infront of the class
Caryn Shun
Caryn Shun - 2 dager siden
Me: goes 5 years without my two front teeth also me at Christmas: “all I want for a Christmas is my TWO. FRONT. TEETH. MY TWO. FRONT. TEETH.”
ruby frizzle
ruby frizzle - 2 dager siden
i away hated watching a person doing a speech because it make the person feel uncomfortable and then I feel uncomfortable but if I don't watch I feel bad so what am I supposed to do
Julia Tumbusch
Julia Tumbusch - 2 dager siden
One time my brother with a crooked nose I don't mean to be mean but anyway he was at a basketball game and the basketball and the basketball player both ran into his nose and long story short his nose is now fixed. lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Alice Miller
Alice Miller - 3 dager siden
3400th comment.
Panda Pro
Panda Pro - 3 dager siden
7:52 his face is so funny
Panda Pro
Panda Pro - 3 dager siden
5:27 start listening after that it’s really funny
Panda Pro
Panda Pro - 3 dager siden
5:00 I thought it was so funny
Autumn Bills
Autumn Bills - 3 dager siden
Young Kassie should watch STORYBOTS.
Kaylee Cox
Kaylee Cox - 3 dager siden
Suzy Sharpe
Suzy Sharpe - 3 dager siden
you know that kindergarten 2 series u had- what if it was called high school 1 and Chris was penny
Ale Pay
Ale Pay - 4 dager siden
Me actually laughing
Riley Cleveland
Riley Cleveland - 4 dager siden
I was always the person in the back or switching the slide show so I never had to do anything
Audrey Young
Audrey Young - 4 dager siden
Well if you fell on the floor you would still break your nose and mange even get a concuison if you fell on a desk there would be less of a gap
Tanielle Sylvester
Tanielle Sylvester - 4 dager siden
Your videos are all funny
Donald Gerhart
Donald Gerhart - 4 dager siden
When I was in 4th grade I had to do an immigration simulation were we role played as the immigrants. But the time period was set back when Ellis island was still working. All the parents came into the school and acted as doctor and bankers and walked around us around the school as a “boat”. I played an old lady with tuberculosis. I coughed and hacked all day to make it seem real. I coughed so much I ended up tasting blood by the end of the day
Eva Eaton
Eva Eaton - 4 dager siden
• Ichiko •
• Ichiko • - 4 dager siden
ProR - 4 dager siden
Guy:faints then doesn't react
Your_local _gay_bean :3
Your_local _gay_bean :3 - 4 dager siden
Teacher: do it in your own words

Me:all I know is copy and paste
•Ałex _ The _ Freak•
•Ałex _ The _ Freak• - 4 dager siden
Idk why but I love Robert’s voice! It’s just- idk Lol
Shadow Moon
Shadow Moon - 4 dager siden
Gloom: "I'm shaking whenever I am public speaking"
Me: There is over 700k people watching this-
Katerina_ JustMe
Katerina_ JustMe - 5 dager siden
I black out too i dont remember Where I put or what I said
Imogen Constantine
Imogen Constantine - 5 dager siden
I had to do a presentation and I had never done one by myself before and it was science then my mum said I couldn't bring in my experiment because it was all in glass bottles so I winged it and now I have a photo of me as a nervous wreak and having only a piece of paper that I had written overnight in my science book. Since then I have hoped that I don't meet my teacher and the first thing she says is " how r u doing in science at school?"
Damian Orf
Damian Orf - 5 dager siden
Damian Orf
Damian Orf - 5 dager siden
I.............................. WHAAAAAAAAATTTT
Damian Orf
Damian Orf - 5 dager siden
Mossimo Pochollo Sioson
Mossimo Pochollo Sioson - 5 dager siden
Cochlea UwU
Eardrum TwT
Semicircular canal 0w0
Mossimo Pochollo Sioson
Mossimo Pochollo Sioson - 5 dager siden
Mossimo Pochollo Sioson
Mossimo Pochollo Sioson - 5 dager siden
Malleus Incus Stapes
Alexandra Symes
Alexandra Symes - 5 dager siden
I had a friend once who fainted but their legs didn't give way
Kate Mountainstar
Kate Mountainstar - 5 dager siden
cannot figure out what the girl at 4:20 or thereabouts did??
GetNoobedBUstEr - 5 dager siden
Karma and Anxiety is this video
Deaths Child
Deaths Child - 5 dager siden
Robert: Only in grade school people would laugh at that like *GRUNTS*

me: has a laughing fit
also me: why tf am i laughing
Liliana Rodriguez
Liliana Rodriguez - 6 dager siden
Pat Brannigan
Pat Brannigan - 6 dager siden
What happened to robot kris before he fell I got nofiecefacshions on so I will get repawnses
InvisibleRen - 6 dager siden
Rae Rae Nae Nae
Rae Rae Nae Nae - 6 dager siden
Anna Miller
Anna Miller - 6 dager siden
Stop being bi
anonymous sloth
anonymous sloth - 6 dager siden
Well.... Mine went wrong...
I felt like crying
teacher kept yelling at me to speak louder
I completely blanked
had a panic attack
nearly fainted
cried for like 2 hours after
Yeah, it went WRONG
Itz Rawr
Itz Rawr - 6 dager siden
Maeve Scrimger
Maeve Scrimger - 6 dager siden
One time i was sining i front of the class for music...... and i threw up on like 7 people ;-;
Pat harris
Pat harris - 6 dager siden
A desk I cut my head on a desk and i still have a scar...
Ainsley Morgan
Ainsley Morgan - 6 dager siden
I have to do a presataion next year
U sub to me I sub to u
U sub to me I sub to u - 6 dager siden
It’s only funny when you guys say uuuuuhhhhhhhhh because you guys are Youtubers and you’re like famous
isis crawford
isis crawford - 7 dager siden
the whole time we could not hear them lol no idea what their saying i was confused the whole video XD because i did not know why they said these things
LPS SweetTarts
LPS SweetTarts - 7 dager siden
“Yeah well that’s what teachers do”
They make kids suffer for a living? Right on
Lyricstosongs - 7 dager siden
Tomorrow i have to do a poem in front of my whole school and the teachers and im on my self and i really quiet so it’ll be awkward.....
Molly Arbuckle
Molly Arbuckle - 7 dager siden
Guys i dont care about the feet, is the book ok? 😟
Lola Anne Playz
Lola Anne Playz - 7 dager siden
Stella Minion
Stella Minion - 7 dager siden
The first video with Chris I would’ve been that one kid sitting in the back laughing my head off and trying to hide it 😅😏
Stella Minion
Stella Minion - 7 dager siden
Will for all the fainting ones
Daniella Patricia Medrano
Daniella Patricia Medrano - 7 dager siden
My worst experience of my class presentation is full of akward silence, laughing and full, and i mean FULL of sweating, and shaking hands
XxcheetakidxX - 7 dager siden
It was kinda cringy tbh
Shaylynn Simpson
Shaylynn Simpson - 7 dager siden
hjosuerl - 7 dager siden
I just realized about Roberts bracelets
Serenity Petersen
Serenity Petersen - 7 dager siden
I'm never scared I sang in front of 1000 of people
Elitrick game
Elitrick game - 7 dager siden
hahahahahaha 69 veiws
mia wonderland
mia wonderland - 7 dager siden
9:06 so that's why asmrists do "coconut coconut"
Michelle S
Michelle S - 7 dager siden
Why did you do hit or miss in front of your class? Imagine how cringe that would be
becca dile
becca dile - 8 dager siden
I was in a group presentation today and my best friend only said one word he is anti social and he just said full stop afahfshfahfshdzhfsfsfsdarh
Day Care
Day Care - 8 dager siden
Acai Berry
Acai Berry - 8 dager siden
Hello people. Hi Gloom.
Matilda Vitler
Matilda Vitler - 8 dager siden
GabeBlade Master
GabeBlade Master - 8 dager siden
I think his nervous system shut off
Seargent_Winter - 8 dager siden
Who is here from robertIDK
Ashlyn Rae
Ashlyn Rae - 8 dager siden
I always forget if I say something to my parents or my siblings just a few minutes before so I like ask the same question again and they get mad because i am repetitive
Kristina Araya
Kristina Araya - 8 dager siden
I saw a girl called Kristina so I clicked in this video because my name is Kristina!!!
farrelayz dahbest
farrelayz dahbest - 8 dager siden
Kassie: your not gonna stop yourself anything so
me:and you can't feel anything when you pass out
Shadow Wolfie
Shadow Wolfie - 8 dager siden
I don't wanna do my presontaion I have a fear of public speaking
Ěmý - 8 dager siden
When you use a vocabulary word
but you don't know what it means
and your teacher asks you to explain....