I was Flirty as possible in a CREEPY GAME

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I'm a girl trying to get some sleep and a boy crawls into my window telling me to come with him into the forest. When I reject him, things get weird. Welcome to Choices, It Lives in the Woods.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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Runtime: 19:40


Gloom - 5 måneder siden
don't worry guys, episode is coming! i'm thankful you are all so enthusiastic about it!
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy - 2 dager siden
education - 17 dager siden
@UN- -Known Um what?
UN- -Known
UN- -Known - 17 dager siden
@zoey land APP: Choices Title: It Lives in the Woods
UN- -Known
UN- -Known - 17 dager siden
@zoey land of the story?
zoey land
zoey land - 17 dager siden
Oaky what is the title?
shameonyou49 - 21 time siden
Making jump scare list for my scared friends.. go to end time stamp to skip the jump scares!
“Dan” 1 - 3:50 - 4:05
2- 19:16-19:20
Well um that’s it-
Miki jiang
Miki jiang - 3 dager siden
Evil dan! And sorry gloom I’m scared!

Uhh 🙄 hey dan are you nice!
Miki jiang
Miki jiang - 3 dager siden
Sorry for screaming

Yes punch him
Lim Exora
Lim Exora - 4 dager siden
100% would flirt with a cute monster
Planet Bread
Planet Bread - 6 dager siden
12:17;Harry Potter Dolores Umbringe
Cierra Martinez
Cierra Martinez - 6 dager siden
*Creepy things happen*
*Noah grabs your arm*
Gloom: Oh hi Noah, are we dating now?!?!!
Arianna Angel
Arianna Angel - 7 dager siden
PART 2!!!!!!!!
Cynthia Pecka
Cynthia Pecka - 7 dager siden
I'm currently reading this story too. You should keep going!
My favourits
My favourits - 8 dager siden
Is it just me or does dan look like Tom Holland.....
Tae형Tae - 8 dager siden
Zoe Cleghorn
Zoe Cleghorn - 10 dager siden
Melany Hernandez Ruiz
Melany Hernandez Ruiz - 11 dager siden
Misty Blep
Misty Blep - 15 dager siden
I actually played this book I finished it yesterday.
Ana Diaz
Ana Diaz - 17 dager siden
Uhh is there a part 2 ??
jeongyeon's cereal bowl
jeongyeon's cereal bowl - 23 dager siden
Elody Clark
Elody Clark - 23 dager siden
did you make part 2?!!!!!!!!
Zoe Andrews
Zoe Andrews - 24 dager siden
probably shouldn't be watching this at 10 pm
Bandhana Sambyal sambyal
Bandhana Sambyal sambyal - 25 dager siden
2:43 love your expressions 😂😂
Savannah Kyle
Savannah Kyle - 25 dager siden
you are the best
camila martins
camila martins - 26 dager siden
can someone tell me if gloom posted the second part ???
AZRIEL LIM KAI HIAN - 27 dager siden
Pls continue ;-;
Lilly Blockx
Lilly Blockx - 27 dager siden
Can you make a part 2
gaia mclellan
gaia mclellan - Måned siden
We need a part 2
Surinder Singh
Surinder Singh - Måned siden
Why is it that I've completed evey single book of choices and the ones that she completes in episode? 😂
Jenna Mahoney
Jenna Mahoney - Måned siden
I love her intro
Mackenzie Tasevski
Mackenzie Tasevski - Måned siden
do it again plz
Itzui Tanakan
Itzui Tanakan - Måned siden
if any other Norwegians is here you may have heard of the book "Harpa" den var med i bokslukerprisen i fjord. This game reminds me of that book
Kat - Måned siden
But wheres the part 2?
Dolin Basarab
Dolin Basarab - Måned siden
Do chapters next pleaaase
Hannah Kollascheck
Hannah Kollascheck - Måned siden
Gloom: 1:51

Bella Dowd
Bella Dowd - Måned siden
I JUST LOVE when gloom says: Happy days i'm 𝔊𝔩𝔬𝔬𝔪
Destiny Fernandez
Destiny Fernandez - Måned siden
I've heard of this game before! You should do the paranormal one!
yo it’s me
yo it’s me - Måned siden
part 2?? 🥺🥺
Mag Wishheart
Mag Wishheart - Måned siden
Can we pllleeeeeeaaaasssseee get a part 2
:rosey :ᑎOᔕᗴY
:rosey :ᑎOᔕᗴY - Måned siden
King Prater
King Prater - Måned siden
Try chapters
IzzyWGacha - 2 måneder siden
Did Gloom voice Mother Gothel or something?
Hobby Katt
Hobby Katt - 2 måneder siden
I get scared easily too
Smudge Says No
Smudge Says No - 2 måneder siden
Gloom needs to read Americas most eligible. Now that will give some great gloom voice acting.
Mayté Connor - Archibald
Mayté Connor - Archibald - 2 måneder siden
Do baby bump on choices
Hayde E
Hayde E - 2 måneder siden
Where's part 2
Tony Chan
Tony Chan - 3 måneder siden
can you make more of these
TheFishyLife - 3 måneder siden
Hi! Are you hungry? I have some free food :D take some!!

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What pet did you choose? They cost one like and one comment! Come again!!!
TheNameless Wolf
TheNameless Wolf - 3 måneder siden
/scoreboard players test @p Money 750 1999999999
/scoreboard players remove @p Money 750
/give @0 spawn_egg
Kaelyn Taylor
Kaelyn Taylor - 3 måneder siden
gurl i just now saw ur coming out vid! i'm pan too!! :)
Gracie McCollum
Gracie McCollum - 3 måneder siden
Please continue the story please!
Lily McAdam
Lily McAdam - 3 måneder siden
i love you gloom and all of your content
Ocean Kuhn
Ocean Kuhn - 3 måneder siden
So want her to do more of choices. I like a lot of episodes and she make it funnier but I cant get enough of choices. My favorite characters is Dr. Ramsey, Drake and my two loves is getting hard to choose between Mason and Harris. Gah
shoys68 - 3 måneder siden
Do more please
Anna Martin
Anna Martin - 3 måneder siden
Who what’s part two
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams - 3 måneder siden
Chapter 2! Chapter 2! Chapter 2! This is one of the most interesting games for me! Please tell me you'll play the whole game? 😇
Somthing wired Making
Somthing wired Making - 3 måneder siden
Gloom : and i get scared easily Me : and i get Angry or mad easily ^-^
Phami Lebo Langa
Phami Lebo Langa - 3 måneder siden
JAASMIN ROUT - 3 måneder siden
pls more epies!!!
Purple Dragon
Purple Dragon - 3 måneder siden
Play the creepy game again
Asia Fulp
Asia Fulp - 3 måneder siden
we neeed a part 2!
Garima Gurung Can you find unicorns photo as well.
Yeah I am so excited.
Garima Gurung Can you find unicorns photo as well.
Oh gosh that was very creepy I didn't know that we can play creepy games on the choice.
Jordan Family
Jordan Family - 3 måneder siden
i just love when she do that vocies i cant even do that.and do somemore vocie's
Amelia Major
Amelia Major - 3 måneder siden
Me and my neighbor played this and we didn't sleep for months
hajimes orange juice
hajimes orange juice - 3 måneder siden
isnt this just anohana but made into a horror story
Erika Durcik
Erika Durcik - 3 måneder siden
Is there a part 2???
Stephanie Solis
Stephanie Solis - 3 måneder siden
My name is Ava haha
Foxy Animates
Foxy Animates - 3 måneder siden
My name is Ava
Ruby Hardy
Ruby Hardy - 3 måneder siden
☹️ I'm a nine years old cheerleader ☹️💔
Lana Stapelberg
Lana Stapelberg - 3 måneder siden
I love stranger things 💕🌸😂
Clare the Cat
Clare the Cat - 3 måneder siden
This is like the it it comes when they are kids but then comes back when they get older
Kooty Cat
Kooty Cat - 3 måneder siden
i only watched to 3:01 and I'm scared
Kaiyah Mae
Kaiyah Mae - 3 måneder siden
Continue it pls
Lilly Pop maker
Lilly Pop maker - 3 måneder siden
Jamarri Alferez
Jamarri Alferez - 3 måneder siden
Gloom do episode 2 PLEASE!!!
bryce hall
bryce hall - 3 måneder siden
I need part 2 :(
Owen bunnell
Owen bunnell - 3 måneder siden
can you pLeAsE do chapter 2 pLeAsE
the facts react
the facts react - 3 måneder siden
Just finished this book, and I love how she made it way less serious🤣🤣
Atul Khare
Atul Khare - 3 måneder siden
Can someone tell me which game is this plssss
Haley Lennon
Haley Lennon - 3 måneder siden
Mylene Dimas
Mylene Dimas - 3 måneder siden
Please make another vedeo about this
Tu Toxica
Tu Toxica - 3 måneder siden
When she pretended to be Ava 😭💀
Matt Greene
Matt Greene - 3 måneder siden
I’m a cheerleader and I am ten and I can drive
bryce hall
bryce hall - 3 måneder siden
Anna Leaf
Anna Leaf - 3 måneder siden
Uhh my cousin had a bad dream and she had bruises because her dream was a bully dream............
Sira van Herpen
Sira van Herpen - 4 måneder siden
its cool
Songs For hire
Songs For hire - 4 måneder siden
Want chap 2 NOW
wolf sisters ramirez
wolf sisters ramirez - 4 måneder siden
Who else is name is one of there's
wolf sisters ramirez
wolf sisters ramirez - 4 måneder siden
Of the characters lol
Eve_Playz - 4 måneder siden
BURJ AL NOOR - 4 måneder siden
Continue story
Beth York
Beth York - 4 måneder siden
I low-key just played this!! I love it
MEGHOLEENA BHATTACHERJEE stad - 4 måneder siden
I was Flirty as possible in a CREEPY GAME
Flutter Bugg2606
Flutter Bugg2606 - 4 måneder siden
I get scared easily too, i can't even play SL or FNAF, even thougn i really wanna play SL.
BURJ AL NOOR - 4 måneder siden
Pls do another chapter l really love it 😍
Amalie S
Amalie S - 4 måneder siden
Can you read more About this
周一 - 4 måneder siden
ahhhhh!!!! ep 2 now!!!
Jaxon Tahu
Jaxon Tahu - 4 måneder siden
leave this game dont play this
Zooey Crespin
Zooey Crespin - 4 måneder siden
- Miu Iruma -
- Miu Iruma - - 4 måneder siden
18:19 funniest time pause
Amber Ervin
Amber Ervin - 4 måneder siden
She watches stranger things too
Brandi Horne
Brandi Horne - 4 måneder siden
Play this again
Hannah Zachariah
Hannah Zachariah - 4 måneder siden
you have a great witch voice
사랑yousomuch - 4 måneder siden
And I oop-
Holly Burton
Holly Burton - 4 måneder siden