Kids Being DUMB Dumbs 👶

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It's been a while since @LaurenzSide and I were kids. These kids are being stupid, getting stuck, and making a mess... they need to go back to school immediately.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).
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jihan life
jihan life - 8 minutter siden
You know one time l was walking like l crab and my dad was cooking and the bathroom its close to the kitchen when l was going to the bathroom l falled in the bathroom and my dad was so angry at me and l cry l bit but dad said if l don't stop he will lock me in the bathroom so l stop but l cried l bit more but my dad did't notice
Dana /دانة
Dana /دانة - 35 minutter siden
4:49 did tik tok idite there voices you know that voice when it go oh on oh on oh on no no no i juast
Sean Davis
Sean Davis - 2 timer siden
i hate covid 19 so much
Azirious howling alpha
Azirious howling alpha - 2 timer siden
Wen the kid tried to make the grandma be faster this was me:😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😥
ITZ_Felicity - 2 timer siden
😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚This is what I feel when I watch your videos
ITZ_Felicity - 3 timer siden
Do you know the song no no don’t touch me there about the no-no well no no I don’t like sardines no no I don’t like sardines🤣🤣🤣
Katherine Hemby
Katherine Hemby - 4 timer siden
How did he get a big head through that gate
ARMAN RIVERA - 6 timer siden
If you take a bath you turn up the weird dry fruit. What happens in the shower?
Elodie Stack-Butler
Elodie Stack-Butler - 7 timer siden
my lil sis had an anna doll and like the hair went up sooooo i still have it irl andit look So funny XD
Juliana Lanni
Juliana Lanni - 7 timer siden
One time I was walking out of Panera with my mom, dad and my brother and I begged them to let me hold the desert so wen we were near a trash can I accidentally threw the desert in the trash bc it looked like bc it was in a paper bag and I screamed and cried so much and so loudly bc I was so disappointed
kristine dasig
kristine dasig - 14 timer siden
Katiria m Morales
Katiria m Morales - 15 timer siden
I was dumb
Katiria m Morales
Katiria m Morales - 15 timer siden
I remember well i got finger stuck in the holes in my desk i think they where going to cut off my finger
Miral Mohammed
Miral Mohammed - 21 time siden
Oh to be honest when she was reading.. JESUS SAVED SAUL FROM HIS SINS AND CHOSE HIM TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL.. I thought that man who was kneeling on the floor was stuck in a tree. 😂😂😂
Breanna Peterson
Breanna Peterson - 23 timer siden
I uhhh I was so dum and I fell off of a Second floor and it heart really bad ya I was dum
Elia Sophia Toledo
Elia Sophia Toledo - Dag siden
One time I told mt sister that the drain monsters would get you if you stayed in the bath hen you we’re draining it
Pat Brannigan
Pat Brannigan - Dag siden
Kaddie* one time I had to bring home a giant fraction paper it was so easy hut I couldn't do it me*bruh one time I forgot what 6+2 was and I was.....8
Aalayah Brown
Aalayah Brown - Dag siden
One time I put a wig on but the only difference was when I put it on the step to my hair pulled out that really happened and it definitely came off 😂
Rachel Dunne
Rachel Dunne - Dag siden
When I was like 4 I stuck a light bright peg up my nose
Jaelynn Herring
Jaelynn Herring - Dag siden
I got my arm stuck in a chair and when i was 5 or 6 i ate all my chap stick it was fundip and something else.
april salas
april salas - Dag siden
lol when the kid was playing hide n seek bro i just rememberd that my baby chick was stuck under a cup lol
Paige M
Paige M - Dag siden
When I was younger I covered my doll in sudecream
LukenDan Sevigny
LukenDan Sevigny - Dag siden
my little sister is 4 to explain why she does this but every time she gets outa da bath she runs around the house with our 9-month-old dog with underwear on her head. 🤣
_Wolfxxkill TwT Holly_
When i was 6 years old like im small i stuck something its my mom ring its hurting me and its stuck forever and its can getting out this why
Jessica Dooley
Jessica Dooley - Dag siden
18:21 my bro did that to me
Marlen Hinojosa
Marlen Hinojosa - Dag siden
When you said someone pooped in your drawer I barfed
Hayleigh33 LaRue
Hayleigh33 LaRue - Dag siden
But my brother
sofia the first
sofia the first - Dag siden
i got los in tha mall end my brother help me to my mom end dad end sis sorry that thare someny end
GamingGirl_squad - Dag siden
Her saying ( I ate Terry's pizza ) me oh u went to terms pizza place and she meant her bf`s pizza lol
IZZYTOMBOY 321 - 2 dager siden
Little did Lauren....know...she would be pregnant
Abigail Bernard
Abigail Bernard - 2 dager siden
That’s not a latter that’s a slide
Emilio Palma Daccarett
Emilio Palma Daccarett - 2 dager siden
Once I got stuck in a room with out the thingy to open the doors and I got stunk on till they put the thing idk how it’s called
Hopz Playz
Hopz Playz - 2 dager siden
Speaking of that bath your not alone Lauren
Baumann Summer
Baumann Summer - 2 dager siden
Oh no oh no oh no no no no no
Megan Crispina
Megan Crispina - 2 dager siden
And Hights to
Megan Crispina
Megan Crispina - 2 dager siden
I hate my dog pooping next to me 2020 and throw up But I Love Lauren And Gloom
Ruby Overthrow
Ruby Overthrow - 2 dager siden
I literally laughed through this whole video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Melissa Aber
Melissa Aber - 2 dager siden
I think that we all did it
Melissa Aber
Melissa Aber - 2 dager siden
I was 5 years old I cut my Barbies hair my mom and dad was mad
That_one_weirdo :D
That_one_weirdo :D - 2 dager siden
When I was 3 I put my finger at the top of a car window, when my dad was putting it up- the memories of stoopidness XD
(Btw I’m ok XD)
leonne carl pedernal
leonne carl pedernal - 2 dager siden
When I was six, i was at my uncle's farm near a DEEP puddle of mud standing on a chair trying to clean the window. Then i slipped and fell in the mud, and my whole top half was covered in mud. Been traumatized by mud ever since.
Juan CRuz
Juan CRuz - 2 dager siden
When the lil girl put her mouth on the mixer I think it was turned off then they took the pic
Lenka Resiak
Lenka Resiak - 2 dager siden
i do have a alexa actualy
Kalkal bal Blox
Kalkal bal Blox - 2 dager siden
I’ve never drawn on the walls idk I think my parents are just strict XD
XxClaraXx - 2 dager siden
Litterly every time kassie wants to know something she’s like

“Terry can you blablablabla”
Laureane Sesartic
Laureane Sesartic - 2 dager siden
When I was young I still have my own friends soooooooo they are not ko unit I don't think ok.🏌️‍♂️☔😥
AMBERLYN TATE - 2 dager siden
who crapped in Kassie’s drawer?
Mindy Johnson
Mindy Johnson - 3 dager siden
When l was younger l was in bath to long my mom and dad said that you will turn into a old person or
A raisen sorry bad einglish
Kylie Nuyen
Kylie Nuyen - 3 dager siden
When I was like 4 my family told me that if I crossed my eyes for long enough they would be stuck like that forever and my great grandma had that thing that made your eyes look like that so I actually believed it
Dutch Lightyear
Dutch Lightyear - 3 dager siden
For online math homework I had to do division and so I paused the video and did the problem and it was like 20 digits with 8 repeating then unpaused it and heard now you pull out your calculator.
Alexander Verdejo
Alexander Verdejo - 3 dager siden
Haylee Jones
Haylee Jones - 3 dager siden
Hurts my memory I’m scared if dese happens to me 😰
Tricksy Panda
Tricksy Panda - 3 dager siden
When I was little I got my head stuck between a bicycle handle and couldn't get out so my mum came and needed to push my head from the back to get it out
ᴅᴇɴᴋɪ ぁ
ᴅᴇɴᴋɪ ぁ - 3 dager siden
when u hover over the thumbnail:
gloom wheezing
Jason McDunn
Jason McDunn - 3 dager siden
And I got stuck in the toilet when I was three
Jason McDunn
Jason McDunn - 3 dager siden
That little girl looks like me when I was three years old and I am a girl
Brian Borders
Brian Borders - 3 dager siden
I got stuck in a gate once but I really was not stuck I just put my arms in first so if I got stuck I could push myself out or pull myself in anyways then my body and then my head just so you know it was my mom’s ideas just so you know I am 8 and a girl I am just on my dad’s auto and my name is lexi read more
BlazeGamer - 3 dager siden
BlazeGamer - 3 dager siden
Karen Lowe
Karen Lowe - 3 dager siden
I'M 1000 SOME HOW!
Rebecca Thulin
Rebecca Thulin - 3 dager siden
Is is true that u once got stuck in a toilet?
Rachel Cisneros
Rachel Cisneros - 3 dager siden
onetime ran away with a bag of bread, 30 minutes later returned with half of it gone (I was like really young)
like if you have ever ran away from home
Chloe Belle Nilo
Chloe Belle Nilo - 3 dager siden
Lauren: I wish u guys had an Alexa rn fo when Terry said- hahahaha
Me:....Alexa N.O.
bartlebybrams - 3 dager siden
ummmmm hey im a kid...... RUDE
Life with Piper Dvorak
Life with Piper Dvorak - 3 dager siden
i have a alexa it heard you
puppy popcorn
puppy popcorn - 4 dager siden
Me and my cousin we're playing fortnite well he was teaching me cuz I was new to it and I thought I was playing and I'm like I'm going to jump and then I would jump just to know that my controller wasn't working and it was my cousin who is doing it I got suspicious and said I'm going to jump and I didn't press any of the buttons and I jumped
NotMaya R
NotMaya R - 4 dager siden
Laure. Yesss😎😎😎😎😎
조미은 - 4 dager siden
Were u in South Korea because I'm from South Korea u did have the South Korean flag . ( This is the South Korean flag ) 🇰🇷
Bubble The Guinea Pig
Bubble The Guinea Pig - 4 dager siden
When I was in primary school I got my leg stuck in the slats in a bench and they had to call my mum and break the bench to get me out 😂😂😂
Icereemi - 4 dager siden
Bruh I was dumb I was that kid in the tree. When my friends would say “hey you want to hangout “ so I would reply with “ok where should we hang” and it is cringe now that I look back at in
Sahidul Islam
Sahidul Islam - 4 dager siden
Was stuck in the fence somebody cut the fence then they can cut the friends always the bars will come out and the little boy will be free
gembertdriving - 4 dager siden
I loved the dog watching the iPad
Lauren Amos
Lauren Amos - 4 dager siden
Gloom how do you know Lauren
Lauren Amos
Lauren Amos - 4 dager siden
Gloom how do you know Lauren?
Romell Velasco
Romell Velasco - 4 dager siden
When I was a kid i chewed ALL of the slippers
Michelle Bradford
Michelle Bradford - 4 dager siden
Allies often so hard
Arianna Angel
Arianna Angel - 5 dager siden
My dad told me I see your epidermis and I was so scared every time
• lemon cookies •
• lemon cookies • - 5 dager siden
Last year I was swinging eating icecream after lunch at the playground and someone bumped into me and made me drop my ice cream I said "YOUR BUYING ME ANOTHER ICECREAM BECAUSE I JUST WASTED 1 DOLLOR FOR ICECREAM THAT YOU DROPED😭😡"
Michal Solnica
Michal Solnica - 5 dager siden
4:30 i saw that on Facebook with the caption this is why girls live longer than boys 😂
Ngamihi Wharakura
Ngamihi Wharakura - 5 dager siden
Squidney kwening
Squidney kwening - 5 dager siden
Stephen Pendleton
Stephen Pendleton - 5 dager siden
When I had a dream I was I was actually on top of my apartment and we had the parkour and I was very scared I I accidentally just got out of the bench and then that was so I was so scared thinking it's I went out and yeah that's all
cokie lover
cokie lover - 5 dager siden
Lauren i did that too XD dont be sad your not the only one
Thê Híddën Głįtçh
Thê Híddën Głįtçh - 5 dager siden
One time I was gonna like ride something I don’t remember and you know those bars that keeps you away from the ride I got my leg stuck in it.. and my dad was laughing at me while I was literally Crying and dying on the ground helpless everyone in the line was like: ._. My dad helped me out then said “don’t let the bars get you today” and I looked at him like: *dad... I just got stuck in a bar and probably scared for life.. and your making jokes about me?...ಠ_ಠ*
Belen Bueno
Belen Bueno - 5 dager siden
In 2018, on 4th of July my cousins ate glow up bands 😭
Alistair Briggs
Alistair Briggs - 5 dager siden
Who else realised that they both had their hair out on the same side and their hair tucked behind their ear on the same side!
GrEl B27
GrEl B27 - 5 dager siden
I know someone who said they took one lick of lip balm per day and it lasted 3 years
Aaron Popple
Aaron Popple - 5 dager siden
Appearently I was born smarter than most as I did not try to stick a fork in an outlit or drink the cleaning supplies. Also this is my father's account so if you are reading this and saw any other technological comments that was probably him
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When me and my brothers where younger my mom told us we would turn into a fish if we stay in the bath to long I tried it but my brothers are now forced to take a bath
unicorn dolls
unicorn dolls - 6 dager siden
When i was 3 i got stuck in the store but I got a new mom
Yariana Sophia Reyes Rivera
Yariana Sophia Reyes Rivera - 6 dager siden
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kawaii Gamer
Kawaii Gamer - 6 dager siden
My lil brother trew hi iPad and things out the window and when he saw the Dino he threw out the window heard how he get in
Gonzalo Rodriguez
Gonzalo Rodriguez - 6 dager siden
i also got stuck with my head in the stairs.i was so scared.
Ğhøšłý Čhïłđ
Ğhøšłý Čhïłđ - 6 dager siden
When I was a kid I wacked my head up to a book on purpose
TheJeff's - 6 dager siden
Izzy Playz
Izzy Playz - 6 dager siden
I don't no why but my friend Jace decided to eat LED for a mechanical pencil... still don't know why to this day
Lithium Battery
Lithium Battery - 6 dager siden
i did thet
ashley stephenson
ashley stephenson - 6 dager siden
I eat lipstick
Izzykitty - 6 dager siden
Me too
Angela Regal
Angela Regal - 6 dager siden
Lily Dunn
Lily Dunn - 6 dager siden
hurt like heck
Cloudy Sky
Cloudy Sky - 6 dager siden
i embarrassed myself by farting in a Elavator........