Kids trying to sneak out of back to school

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Times have changed but playing hookie from grade school never does. RobertIDK and I are looking at some funny, impressive and dumb attempts
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Cooper Chang
Cooper Chang - 7 minutter siden
I would never skip school because I have a lot of assignments each day except for half days or days I don't have special like Tuesday and Thursday and also Friday is a catch-up day so Friday has less assignments
Mellody Meléndez
Mellody Meléndez - 2 timer siden
Kassie cringing at things she did probably 10 years ago be like:
Lorelei Lewis
Lorelei Lewis - 3 timer siden
Robert:How can I focus when I have roblox on the OtHeR tAb
Me on Online school:YAZ I DO THAT
Me offline zoom&watching youtube:uh huh uh huh IM GLAD TO BE TALKING TO MY PHONE
Gacha_ CookieDough
Gacha_ CookieDough - 4 timer siden
Wow y’all old
Khaled Moktefi
Khaled Moktefi - 7 timer siden
I skipped school once and its cause my sis didnt tell me srry cause she said a bad word and my mom went on a trip so i didnt go on the school bus and thats how i skipped school and i got into trouble
Sebastian Vega Borges
Sebastian Vega Borges - 11 timer siden
How Manny People are in class right now and watching this like if you’re watching this in class
Crystal King
Crystal King - 12 timer siden
Me watching this and yall are talking about public and trying to escape
Me. I'm homeschooled so I just need to pretend I'm asleep while yall hide in walls😂
MasterBlaster YT
MasterBlaster YT - 13 timer siden
I climed over a fence
MasterBlaster YT
MasterBlaster YT - 13 timer siden
My teacher did
Colin Stahl
Colin Stahl - 17 timer siden
2.46 unless you have a school computer
Skip school? You men skip vote
Fractured Souls
Fractured Souls - 21 time siden
What happens to “happy day I’m GloOoOoOom “and your outro “give that gloomy subscribe button a bit of a pick me up”😞
brittany jacksonThe one with the child
Do you know how many times I skip school I was a terrible kid go after a razor and the teacher had one
MASON HOLMAN - 22 timer siden
Watching this cuz i got school sadly tomorrow
anime much
anime much - Dag siden
I kept hearing Kassie saying *friend* but I don’t even know what a *friend* is.. 😔🤚🏼
Faith Lynn
Faith Lynn - Dag siden
once during recess a kid in my class jumped the fence and the teacher never noticed
Me_and _Friends
Me_and _Friends - Dag siden
Me and one of my friends would skip pe class 20 mins early. We take 10 mins while everyone is running the outside at the beginning and then we carefully sneak out when we get back in!
Lele_LetsPlay - Dag siden
You’re welcome I will never see my grandma and you have to get my chicken out of the house I have no no
Thu Le
Thu Le - Dag siden
I misspelled DANG IT
Thu Le
Thu Le - Dag siden
Random guy: **jumps out window in University**
All teachers: let's all count the students
Every teacher: ok
• Kristen M •
• Kristen M • - Dag siden
Im in grade 5- i love writting in pen :D but i get in trouble lol
Noel 0necimo
Noel 0necimo - Dag siden
Uhu ya i think i would rather go to regular school than online its pretty boring
Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp - Dag siden
Want to make one of the kids in my class so they just didn’t go to school and they didn’t even tell the office or the whole school but they needed to tell the school if they were going to be here at school so for three whole days I have to be at school in that kid in my class got to stay at home and then another one of my classmates got cold so they had to stay home for three weeks it was my best friend now we’re Enemies sometimes He does red cheeks whenever he’s near me so I think he loves me
Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp - Dag siden
How do you even sneak out of school if you just pull the principal pants down you’re not gonna sneak out of schoolJust gonna get a hard spanking at your house 🏡
Max Waygood
Max Waygood - Dag siden
The best one:
Mrs my screens running out 😏
why are you reading my name?
4:18 red vented

red was an imposter
1 imposter remains
Kaylee Cox
Kaylee Cox - Dag siden
im watching this in a class lol
x.harleyrose.x 123.
x.harleyrose.x 123. - Dag siden
is it only me or can i not go to the toilet with anyone
Ainsley Campbell
Ainsley Campbell - Dag siden
I don't have any friends at school. I'm lonely and have trouble concentrating in school. That's why I wanna get out. I'm thinking about dance all day and then so happy when I finally get to go and see my friends. That's my life story everyday.
Mountain Daisy
Mountain Daisy - Dag siden
One time i knew that a kid was skipping class and i was going to tell the teacher but i did not want to be a snitch but the teacher the teacher just kept on giving them their work from the days they wernt there
Høppiē - Dag siden
I could never skip school or say that I was sick because my mum has been a doctor for 25 years so she can always tell 😔😢
Hannah Puppylund
Hannah Puppylund - Dag siden
I also get intimidated by breaking the rules. I've had some close call tho.
Sophie Degan
Sophie Degan - Dag siden
Lol I love school too much 😂
Gamaliel Rafael Kastanya
DON'T SKIP SCHOOL IN 2020 I always get In trouble everyday
john sullivan
john sullivan - Dag siden
One time I missed a filed trip but it was at the movies and I didn’t know and there was FOOD AND POPCORN CANDY DRINK and I was sad that my friend was with a girl that we both hated and she was hugging her and my I said to my mom I that I can’t come and she texted my teacher and said Katie has explosive diarrhea I was so embarrass
MicoYT-Gaming - Dag siden
I like school i dont like to skip
Tiktøk - Dag siden
Same I tried pretending to be sick, but I was caught trying to make my forehead really hot
Max Uy
Max Uy - Dag siden
2:40 me writing in green pen 😎
Poglet Peep
Poglet Peep - Dag siden
All my teachers know that I hate school because at least once a week I would fake being sick, then they just tell me to lay down it never works...
Parvin Akter
Parvin Akter - 2 dager siden
my mum is meh bff my dad is meh twin
C Snider
C Snider - 2 dager siden
I just got a big spoon of pnt butter
Hanaa Mayar
Hanaa Mayar - 2 dager siden
In first grade my teacher used to cry bc sometimes we Stress her out but she is married now so I hope she is happy
C Snider
C Snider - 2 dager siden
I’m a kid... I hate you for like almost a half year
Space Unicorn
Space Unicorn - 2 dager siden
I don’t like skipping school because I don’t like doing work on the weekends
Nicole Pfeifer
Nicole Pfeifer - 2 dager siden
2 nd grade
Olivia Santos
Olivia Santos - 2 dager siden
For me school was a nightmare because I was bulled all my life all my friends bulled me
Drgbfh Shl2
Drgbfh Shl2 - 2 dager siden
Normal people skiping school: *Runs outside*
Me: *Exits out of computer*
Monika Hovhannisyan
Monika Hovhannisyan - 2 dager siden
my school makes us use pens in year4 and then you just start using them
Osana Katie
Osana Katie - 2 dager siden
I don't want to see friends online friends are better i hate school
Anime Moon
Anime Moon - 2 dager siden

Wait have a brother!?
Fluffy Katt
Fluffy Katt - 2 dager siden
if your actually going to school in 2020, heres a tip to be sent home:

cOuGh everywhere
Alexander Montas
Alexander Montas - 2 dager siden
How does Robert make that granny Voice dang🥸🤓
Darcy Duzan
Darcy Duzan - 2 dager siden
《•C H X R R Y•》
《•C H X R R Y•》 - 2 dager siden
One time in 3rd grade a kid in my class with anger issues was trying to leave the school and run home and a teacher caught him so she bit him so hard she had to go to the hospital....yeah he's in therapy now
Rosie Santana-Arias
Rosie Santana-Arias - 3 dager siden
Little Jonny:oh no Don she is coming!
Don:oh it’s coming
MONSTER teacher Jone heals approach *
Teacher Jones:👁👄👁 come on my husband Baldi is COMING IF YOU LOVE ME HE SAID YOU LOVE HIM
Jonny & Don: oh no
A werdio
A werdio - 3 dager siden
best way to skip school in 2020: don't connect to wifi
Zainpain_9054 - 3 dager siden
What is a yeet| others: BOOMER
Kayleigh Taylor
Kayleigh Taylor - 3 dager siden
I love this video I'm know I'm late
Melanie and Melissa Hernandez
I was born in 2014
Stefani Miller
Stefani Miller - 3 dager siden
Boomer alert
Alia Rabi
Alia Rabi - 3 dager siden
Looney Booney
Looney Booney - 3 dager siden
high teletubby
high teletubby - 3 dager siden
don’t know if im the only one, but i never got a spanking.
Carolina Lievano
Carolina Lievano - 3 dager siden
Nami Rayearth
Nami Rayearth - 3 dager siden
Roberts yeet is the best 🤣
Xx angel gamer
Xx angel gamer - 3 dager siden
i have never skipped school but im still primary3B so i dont know in the future
Boba_bear høney
Boba_bear høney - 3 dager siden
my mom lied for me once because i said i would do the housework for a month but i didnttt :)
Karen Lowe
Karen Lowe - 3 dager siden
I litrle be this by staying up all night
Someone - 3 dager siden
How many of you are the only kid in school that just wants to stay so bad that when COVID comes and school is gone you cry -_- 😂🤣
Someone - 3 dager siden
Im a girl and the boy janitor comes in when all the girls are gone
puppy popcorn
puppy popcorn - 3 dager siden
If I ever skipped school third wheel voicemail straight to my parents phone one time I was staying home with my dad on a school day cuz I might have been sick in 2019 and there was a message that popped up on his phone that I heard and it was your daughter missed school from the principal
Kalani Skye
Kalani Skye - 3 dager siden
Well I'm in Kingwood
Julia Dib
Julia Dib - 3 dager siden
Im currently growing up with video games but yet I'm still an athlete, I have never missed a workout at my house and I eat so much but never gained weight and I'm called a twig in my class because I'm so skinny no matter what xD
Story’s With Jeramaya
Story’s With Jeramaya - 4 dager siden
My grandma would lie for me
Maggie O'Connor
Maggie O'Connor - 4 dager siden
michelle sebastian
michelle sebastian - 4 dager siden
you use pens in 5th grade !
AManda TheNoob
AManda TheNoob - 4 dager siden
Fact: what you Do wen your skip school is Grab your mom and Dad's phone wen there asleep and Block all the teachers so they never get in trouble!😏😏
Jayden&More - 4 dager siden
1:49 hello BOOMER
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh - 4 dager siden
Well actually I m in 6th grade right now and I'm using pen since 5th grade now I hate it ,I also have to use black or blue pens and I'm only 12 year old and I hate doing assignments 😰😰😰😰😭😭😭
Charlie West
Charlie West - 4 dager siden
My daughter tried to escape school and it
pagod nako
pagod nako - 4 dager siden
Super Sambhav
Super Sambhav - 4 dager siden
Soooooooooo nice video but who was the other guy
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez - 4 dager siden
gloom. does girls teacher go in boy bathroom?

me. yes i see my teacher go in there
Dallas Edgerton
Dallas Edgerton - 4 dager siden
Now in 2020 we just turn off our camera and sleep
Miz Rios Quiles
Miz Rios Quiles - 4 dager siden
when you skip school all the time TwT
Miz Rios Quiles
Miz Rios Quiles - 4 dager siden
when you have a broken gate at your school and you sneaked out of school many times from that gate in on the other side of the school there’s no gate 😂😂😂😂
Leslie Robison
Leslie Robison - 4 dager siden
When I skip school I pretended that my stomach hurts like I was going to throw up but then whenever I went to the nurse's office they called my cousin and my cousin came and pick me up and take me home
Johnoi K. Green
Johnoi K. Green - 5 dager siden
Me hears Robert say self yeet
Me:*after gloom says what*
Me:unsub's 5o gloom
Stefanie Baker
Stefanie Baker - 5 dager siden
I had iss once
Dana Mohammad
Dana Mohammad - 5 dager siden
sometimes adults make there kids lie for theme
Gacha 247x-x Plays
Gacha 247x-x Plays - 5 dager siden
But wath if your sick
Leticia López
Leticia López - 5 dager siden
Im 7 my dad said that I skip school I said yes im in first grade they didn't call me I pretend that im sick
Nora Foxy
Nora Foxy - 5 dager siden
i have a story for teachers being dumb so my teacher got a sub for my grade 4/5 class and he gave us a 12 page booklet of times and one division the sub filled all the white/black boards with the answer to it what it said was -five police men wanted a pizza the pizza had ten pices how many to each get?- and my group (aka me) did it without knowing division lol p.s. my partner DID NOTHING BUT STELL THE PAGE THEN GIVE IT BACK 10 MIN LATER i was very upset
Lily Watkins
Lily Watkins - 5 dager siden
3:10 when she said royal high I was literally playing it. Wow creepy
Marlee Baker
Marlee Baker - 5 dager siden
Cute fuzzy Dragon
Cute fuzzy Dragon - 5 dager siden
They expect you where sick
Cute fuzzy Dragon
Cute fuzzy Dragon - 5 dager siden
No in my school they don’t call
EE Gamer 223
EE Gamer 223 - 5 dager siden
Noura Butti
Noura Butti - 5 dager siden
One day I skipped class when I was grade 1 so felt bad so I said the truth and my mom was ok with it was weird but when I was in the classroom it was English
wolfy fire
wolfy fire - 5 dager siden
When I was in class I jumped the fence and I went to the corner store and bought doritos bc we had a little fair at school where we could buy food