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Bless the impostors today, it's a very high IQ lobby || 0:00:00 - Just Chatting || 0:19:50 - Games Start || 2:14:22 - Pokimane shows up || 2:55:26 - Neekolul shows up || 3:52:50 - CORPSE shows up
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Gloom - 25 dager siden
Big nice friendly lobby ft. My worst impostor games ever hope you enjoy :)
ALSO time stamps are in the description of new people showing up if you want to see their games!
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
Hi I'm 9 and watch you start
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
I love your videos I watch you sins you frist videos
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
Please say something I'm a NOburn and a single
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
I'm a single please say something to me
3dorksover - 6 timer siden
Julie Dvorak
Julie Dvorak - 8 timer siden
Alexis Hawley
Alexis Hawley - 15 timer siden
I know you won't see this Kassie but I just wanted to say I luv ur vids
Eshaal Shahzad
Eshaal Shahzad - Dag siden
hi girly ive been watching ur vids for 4 years and would love if u noticed me :D
koala time
koala time - Dag siden
I'm a sag to lol
_ ItzLibby
_ ItzLibby - Dag siden
Queen of among us
Sophia. .Caputo.
Sophia. .Caputo. - Dag siden
Cassie u should make a vlog channel
David Stoudt
David Stoudt - 2 dager siden
I subscribe to your channel almost for 4 year’s ago
Yasmin and Addy
Yasmin and Addy - 2 dager siden
her impostor luck is immaculate!
Caitlin Rahal
Caitlin Rahal - 2 dager siden
Did anyone notice CORPSE left?
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell - 2 dager siden
Chad “I feel like LaurenzSide is doing a side thing because she keeps following me around”
Me Flashbacks to Spinning a colour wheel-
KitKat_54 - 2 dager siden
She played this for 5 hours? You bet I'll watch the entire thing
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
No your look pretty just the way you are
Connor Ordonez
Connor Ordonez - 3 dager siden
Zayvre Zayvre
Zayvre Zayvre - 3 dager siden
i started laughing when the game started and corspe showed up someone said "stick wit me corspe"
Charlotte O
Charlotte O - 3 dager siden
me:oh gloom uploaded, ill watch before i have to go in an hour.
the vid: I'm about ruin dis girls life. ahahahahahaha 4 HOURS YASSSS
Lindsey Peterson
Lindsey Peterson - 4 dager siden
hi gloom i am your biggest fan
Roblox Bee Livestreams
Roblox Bee Livestreams - 4 dager siden
Chloe Kindle
Chloe Kindle - 4 dager siden
you look amazing with black hair-
Royal Christmas Roblox . Gacha. Among us
Hello gloom I’ve been here for 5 years
Etta Evans
Etta Evans - 4 dager siden
my only question is why would ppl give this a thumb down I mean whats wrong playing among us with your friends!
Arabella Elizabeth
Arabella Elizabeth - 4 dager siden
I have been a subscriber for over 6 years. My sister showed you to me on my birthday and I have loved your videos ever since. Thank you for making me smile every time
Audrizzle - 5 dager siden
i love how Dan knows who it is cuz he sees them running from the body then asks Kassie: did you see the body? and she says no, and he believes her...
roblox games
roblox games - 5 dager siden
The Crazy Leo
The Crazy Leo - 5 dager siden
Gloom: Always Crew
Grease: Always Imp
Dan:Always leakes code
Jose Vega ** Girls **
Jose Vega ** Girls ** - 5 dager siden
GamingGirlS - 5 dager siden
Was days late but can u give a channel:GamingGirlS people call it gaming girls but it is pronounced (gaming-girl-s)
tove Karlsson
tove Karlsson - 5 dager siden
i want to play among us with you :)
Thirlwall’s Biscuits & Tea
The way Kassie was okay with Toast and Rae completely ignoring that she died and immediately started cheering for Scott 😭
Fred Chapman
Fred Chapman - 5 dager siden
Nitcxle games
Nitcxle games - 6 dager siden
ShowThyme: Im standing perfectly under him
Lauren: ooo
Chad: xd
ShowThyme: T-that's all that happened xD
Lauren: naughty
Flora - 6 dager siden
Ian Pocock
Ian Pocock - 6 dager siden
Uma Zderic
Uma Zderic - 6 dager siden
You know that there are other visual tasks except medbay scan
شقاوهه السبيعي
شقاوهه السبيعي - 6 dager siden
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki - 7 dager siden
anybody who watches my hero academia like bc i wanna know who all watches it
melissafrederick9 - 7 dager siden
I just watched your among us music video I loved it
Bailey - 7 dager siden
corpse's voice 🤤
Libby Stevens
Libby Stevens - 7 dager siden
Can we just appreciate how long this video is
Julia Golden
Julia Golden - 7 dager siden
Ok so when you're imposter you freeze so much on the screen but when you're not imposter you dont freeze at all
Sally Thomas
Sally Thomas - 7 dager siden
She looks like a umpalompa lol😂😂😂
kimberly durandetto
kimberly durandetto - 7 dager siden
Carly H.
Carly H. - 7 dager siden
Sadie Petty
Sadie Petty - 7 dager siden
At 56:16 someone is groot lol 🤣
Amelie Keenan
Amelie Keenan - 8 dager siden
3:41:47, I'm also sleepy Gloom, its ok
Kyxlie jxnnxr
Kyxlie jxnnxr - 8 dager siden
title: "corpse" Me: *clicks*
Sarah Tate
Sarah Tate - 8 dager siden
Eating into the mic is a no from me
Faith Fleming
Faith Fleming - 8 dager siden
kassie~ i was just minding my business
sykkuno~ yeah she sounds pretty innocent
Molly Bat
Molly Bat - 8 dager siden
wow 4 hours. i barely have time for 4 mins
Ana T
Ana T - 8 dager siden
My face when Kassie got imp 3 times in a row
Commander Harata Idaku
Commander Harata Idaku - 8 dager siden
Lauren: *starts chanting ritual spells*
Toast: *interrupts*
Lauren: *frustrated witch noises*
Kassie: 👨‍🌾 *wooooooah gurrrrrl, easy does it*
Edit: Also I'm just gonna start calling Sykkuno Kassie's little brother
Valerie Fairchild
Valerie Fairchild - 8 dager siden
Valerie Fairchild
Valerie Fairchild - 8 dager siden
Valerie Fairchild
Valerie Fairchild - 8 dager siden
HLB Club10
HLB Club10 - 8 dager siden
Can you play phasmophobia again (idk if thats how u spell it)
Charlo - 8 dager siden
Charlotte MacLean
Charlotte MacLean - 9 dager siden
ayeeee canadian squaddd
I love sitch
I love sitch - 9 dager siden
Ok is it just me or does gloom keep making Hamilton quotes
Meg Weale
Meg Weale - 9 dager siden
8:50 😁😁😁💖
Linda Blanchard
Linda Blanchard - 9 dager siden
Steph Policella
Steph Policella - 9 dager siden
You know gloom is imposter when she starts saying “it’s not mEeEeEEeEEeEE!!”
Isis Boussaada
Isis Boussaada - 9 dager siden
the wimpering at 1:14.36 broke my heart
Julia Griffin
Julia Griffin - 9 dager siden
ggonfire - 10 dager siden
Aisha Sombrero
Aisha Sombrero - 10 dager siden
Nice videos and hope you do more nice videos!!
P Giles
P Giles - 10 dager siden
Can you play a game with your fans?? Please😁
Madison Brown
Madison Brown - 10 dager siden
u can ignore me just a timestamp so i remember where i left off
Kragainis - 10 dager siden
yes you do look like a op
MM - 06KM 776370 Castle Oaks PS
I love when Valkyrae, changed her colour to gloom’s, but gloom’s the one that got imposter.
Bella Beaudoin
Bella Beaudoin - 10 dager siden
Anybody else play on phone!!!!!
ayesha sk
ayesha sk - 10 dager siden
Brandon Yip
Brandon Yip - 10 dager siden
claim your “missed the stream ticket here”
The adventure Kittens
The adventure Kittens - 10 dager siden
Me: why is it so nic outside now it's the weekend xD
Betsy Casillo
Betsy Casillo - 10 dager siden
Dang I’ve been watching her for three years
Sophie Moore
Sophie Moore - 10 dager siden
Am I the only one that heard her swear
Cherie Taylor
Cherie Taylor - 10 dager siden
When she said she was a Sagittarius I got so happy because I am one too!!!
BBQ Review
BBQ Review - 10 dager siden
The thumbnails are so cute
Kalya Ling
Kalya Ling - 10 dager siden
How can this girl play for almost 5 hours :O
Julia Gutkin
Julia Gutkin - 10 dager siden
Scott: We were just re-enacting the Titanic
Bella D Will
Bella D Will - 11 dager siden
why did f...
clown attack
clown attack - 11 dager siden
yo ive been here for 5 years. like on diffrent accounts and stuff and mann your amazing
GrimLagoon - 11 dager siden
if you do episode you should do the story Loving The Tomboy. They are coming out with a part 2 soon i’m pretty sure
Adie Horse crazy
Adie Horse crazy - 11 dager siden
Also you playing on a computer?
Nanul Hovak
Nanul Hovak - 11 dager siden
2:06:21 did only i see Sykkunos name on top of the vent
Cactus - Chan
Cactus - Chan - 11 dager siden
2:06:22 was it just me or did anyone else see sykkuno name hover for a quick second over the vent. I legit was like bruh it sykkuno and it turned out it was lol
Zeniyah Mosley
Zeniyah Mosley - 11 dager siden
i love you sooo much
Its_Mini Cassie
Its_Mini Cassie - 11 dager siden
Kassie: Tha's bullying!
Kassie again: *messages her psychiatrist*

(no offense)
Elaine Wang
Elaine Wang - 12 dager siden
No one:
Scott when he's imposter: "Litrally, no." "There's like a bar of tasks left so let's skip." "Literally!!"
Elaine Wang
Elaine Wang - 12 dager siden
Do you all notice that when Scott brings up how close they are to finishing tasks, he's the imposter?
Nicky - 12 dager siden
Umm i think im in love with Sykkuno?
Lil boss
Lil boss - 12 dager siden
Rewatching streams because I can😊
richelas 20
richelas 20 - 12 dager siden
do your tasks
Sophie Howren
Sophie Howren - 12 dager siden
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The first game starts at
Kyrie Ramirez
Kyrie Ramirez - 12 dager siden
Hi Kassie! I know you won’t see this, but your Among us live-streams, your episode videos, and all of the random content you make always makes me smile and laugh. Especially in the time we are in and other things happening in my life, I always need a laugh. Thank you.
Revna Sigrid
Revna Sigrid - 12 dager siden
My cat is an imposter, he opened and climbed into the vent in our floor!
i am a potato
i am a potato - 12 dager siden
I have been here since cloudy apples keep up with the great content and u are a great rollmodel
Mia Polley
Mia Polley - 12 dager siden
I felt bad when Sykkuno was trying to change his color because Corpse was his usual color (dark green), but they started the round so he just went, “oh ok”
Nevaehh Mares
Nevaehh Mares - 12 dager siden
“I PUSHED THE BUTTON “ “NO I DID” love it....