Recreating 8 BRILLIANT Clothes Hacks (DIY Ideas)

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Time to 124 Go our way into looking hot with some surprisingly not awful hacks for girls! Sorry about my work with the ol’ scissors.
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Melody Holland
Melody Holland - 7 minutter siden
123 go
Princess A
Princess A - 22 timer siden
I like that that's pretty
Xxthat1weeb xX
Xxthat1weeb xX - 22 timer siden
am i the only one who realized when gloom was doing the skirt hack she did the monokuma dance (danganronpa)
Family Christiansen
Family Christiansen - Dag siden
You look better with black hair kas
Shannon Poisson
Shannon Poisson - 2 dager siden
watch my chanel, it has a little vid called determind
chicken nugget
chicken nugget - 2 dager siden
Fashion girlfriend
Almond Milk
Almond Milk - 2 dager siden
Kassies hand shakier than a middle school relationship
Anikó Nagy
Anikó Nagy - 2 dager siden
Gloom:" I have really small wrists and really small hands "
Me: "I feel you sister"
Uni in Gacha Universe
Uni in Gacha Universe - 2 dager siden
Anyone else thinks she looks like Santana from Glee?
Dallas Moore
Dallas Moore - 3 dager siden
"She's just here for the summer." ~Gloom 2020
Malika Khan
Malika Khan - 3 dager siden
Every shirt looks cute with kassie
mayyoula _ytb
mayyoula _ytb - 3 dager siden
I’m earlyyyy
Veronica Lissman
Veronica Lissman - 3 dager siden
she look cute in the top she made.
Amelie Fauque
Amelie Fauque - 4 dager siden
Ava Pina
Ava Pina - 4 dager siden
Gloom: we’re chillin, we’re chillin

Julienne Kate Otto
Julienne Kate Otto - 4 dager siden
I dont really likes gloom hair color🖓
Anika Saran
Anika Saran - 4 dager siden
gloom ilove th crop top
Laura Graham
Laura Graham - 4 dager siden
I loved the tube-top that you made. It was cute!
xoxo girl
xoxo girl - 4 dager siden
Taleen Phan
Taleen Phan - 5 dager siden
Edit fashion😍👍🏻🤩
Apple Berano
Apple Berano - 5 dager siden
Gloom! Do u like Sssniperwolf or Azzyland??
Larki Land
Larki Land - 5 dager siden
Anyone notice in the description she said 124 go?
Rilyn Shannon
Rilyn Shannon - 6 dager siden
Happy bay I’m gLoOoOm is the best part of my day
سليمة ليلي
سليمة ليلي - 6 dager siden
Kim Yin
Kim Yin - 6 dager siden
Kassie : i always get hate when i was Blonde
Me : Hello? I didnt even saw a hate comment in your channel 😅
Izzy Cracra
Izzy Cracra - 7 dager siden
Comment if u like gloom like if u like gloom and azzyland😳
Izzy Cracra
Izzy Cracra - 7 dager siden
Yaaaas love u gloommmmmmmmmmmm and uuuur doooooogsssssss
Family Halaka
Family Halaka - 7 dager siden
i am not going to lie these were probably the most successful hacks u have ever done
maooz usman
maooz usman - 7 dager siden
丂卄乇 |丂 卂 几|匚乇 卂几ᗪ Ҝ|几ᗪ 🤗
iris alvarado
iris alvarado - 7 dager siden
123 go: put the shorts on as a top and boom
Gloom: uhhh okay
She puts it on and it looks wacky
123 go be like uhh whatever I am not going to show what you gotta do
Horrible I know do. Not Judge okie 🙄🙄🙄
Kalista Kraft
Kalista Kraft - 7 dager siden
gloom kinda looks like azzy in this video
Walnut Waliyah
Walnut Waliyah - 7 dager siden
Truc Le
Truc Le - 7 dager siden
Why does gloom have like the same skirt as like 123 go
Neil Cooper
Neil Cooper - 7 dager siden
Josh Fulton
Josh Fulton - 7 dager siden
Josh Fulton
Josh Fulton - 7 dager siden
Lovercat361 - 7 dager siden
The first one is something I’m sure my English teacher has worn
Samantha and Roxy’s World
Samantha and Roxy’s World - 7 dager siden
Who is watching this in 2020
Cora D.
Cora D. - 7 dager siden
this is how many fear's that Kassie has
Jennlp1979 - 7 dager siden
I like your blonde hair
Kylie DelCastillo
Kylie DelCastillo - 8 dager siden
Who misses Azzy and Gloom doing this together
Mimi Cares for Kids
Mimi Cares for Kids - 8 dager siden
Who else noticed her voice got weird at 5:55
Fern Banuelos
Fern Banuelos - 8 dager siden
What have you done that is a little risky
Gonzalo Rodriguez
Gonzalo Rodriguez - 8 dager siden
defently fashion
Gonzalo Rodriguez
Gonzalo Rodriguez - 8 dager siden
my first time hearing you talk Spanish
Gracie Conley
Gracie Conley - 8 dager siden
Kassie in every single video: sHeS jUsT hErE fOr tHe sUmMeR
Who else thinks that there should be "Just here for the summer" merch 😂😂
Saida Hussein
Saida Hussein - 9 dager siden
This is not a hate comment:she always say my biggest fear me:how many fears does she have?
Saida Hussein
Saida Hussein - 9 dager siden
Cloudy Dang
Cloudy Dang - 9 dager siden
She looks like the little mermaid
My'Elle Boyd
My'Elle Boyd - 9 dager siden
nice shirt
Sushi - 9 dager siden
This is how many times Gloom says: "She's just here for the summer"
Gaming Star
Gaming Star - 9 dager siden
Paisley Starman
Paisley Starman - 9 dager siden
Kassie: I did it right for the first time for once
Terry: Looks like you put it backwards
A daily dose of stupid With A Yetter
Just to answer the shirt is cute!
cherryontop X
cherryontop X - 10 dager siden
" My worst fear is an elastic sampling and hitting my eye"
Thanks, I now have a new phobia
shaika farraj
shaika farraj - 11 dager siden
I casually sow these on 123 go
shaika farraj
shaika farraj - 11 dager siden
Alma Salling Gralitzer
Alma Salling Gralitzer - 11 dager siden
8:20 What does she do** Waddasheda?!?!😂😂😂
Kenzie Dove
Kenzie Dove - 11 dager siden
You know instead of cutting the sides off the shirt you could just cut the armpits off
Jairis Santana
Jairis Santana - 12 dager siden
Ur worst fear is everything
Laila Issa
Laila Issa - 12 dager siden
WoW 👏
Arlyn Rivera
Arlyn Rivera - 12 dager siden
This is how many clothes she wasted on this vid
Cíara o 'neill
Cíara o 'neill - 12 dager siden
I have a coat that i got from my nanny and it looks like a traffic cone
Shadey Gacha
Shadey Gacha - 13 dager siden
Why don't you just put your hands thro the bag and then flip the bag to make a backpack
Shadey Gacha
Shadey Gacha - 13 dager siden
Me: *thinking I'm watching azzyland because gloom's hair is black*
Shadey Gacha
Shadey Gacha - 13 dager siden
Then me: Oh I'm watching gloom
Eshee playz
Eshee playz - 13 dager siden
Hey everyone !

Reply if u want to be Kassie's/kartha's BFF
Nellie Becker
Nellie Becker - 14 dager siden
This looks expensive!
*puts on a cartier braclet*
Aizani Henry
Aizani Henry - 14 dager siden
It’s fashion
Jochebed Ashie
Jochebed Ashie - 14 dager siden
Strxberry - 14 dager siden
2:07 Wiggle wiggle wiggle.
Carmen Carrion
Carmen Carrion - 14 dager siden
I’m obsessed with sewing and when I grow up I want to be a seamstress and I very talented and I’m still a beginner.
Evelyn Malfoy
Evelyn Malfoy - 15 dager siden
don't you hate it when you're doing something for so long and you get SUPER restless and hot
Heather LaPlante
Heather LaPlante - 15 dager siden
Grace Arnold
Grace Arnold - 15 dager siden
I think your black hair is wayyy better X 💕
Norma Garcia
Norma Garcia - 15 dager siden
So hard today
Norma Garcia
Norma Garcia - 15 dager siden
She looks like me when I try to put my socks on
Giang Bui Thu
Giang Bui Thu - 15 dager siden
m grandma is the best she give me a beatiful outfit ever and she buy me some chips
Saige_is_a Coolster
Saige_is_a Coolster - 15 dager siden
Can you please dye the under half or your 2 front strands of your hair red or blue Please like this so she can see
aoi - 15 dager siden
How I am gonna say hi on online class:

HappY dAy iM kUromIIiI
Ben Ziehl
Ben Ziehl - 15 dager siden
Gloom I LOVE your vids
Ben Ziehl
Ben Ziehl - 15 dager siden
Gloom I LOVE your vids
Ben Ziehl
Ben Ziehl - 15 dager siden
Hi you are my best friend
adriana alvarado
adriana alvarado - 16 dager siden
Can you play episodes
Alia Abdelgalil
Alia Abdelgalil - 16 dager siden
It's 123 go
Alia Abdelgalil
Alia Abdelgalil - 16 dager siden
Hiii gloom are you and Azzy still friends ?🌸🌹🌈⭐🌟✨🍝
Ed Echols
Ed Echols - 16 dager siden
I like that
Aroni Alam
Aroni Alam - 16 dager siden
Murtaza - 16 dager siden
Bot Gaming
Bot Gaming - 16 dager siden
Why she have brown hair she has yellow hair
Madison Pryor
Madison Pryor - 16 dager siden
Just in my opinion you look much better with your dark hair and I'm not trying to say you looked bad but you look better with the dark long hair in my opinion.
Patricia Edwin
Patricia Edwin - 17 dager siden
I. Love. Her. Hacks💙✌
AIIYL Was The Best Era
AIIYL Was The Best Era - 17 dager siden
I think i prefer the blonde- its what i think of when i picture her, for some reason
Hui Carrie
Hui Carrie - 17 dager siden
I love tl
mochi 589
mochi 589 - 18 dager siden
Those pants are iconic
Audrey Mate
Audrey Mate - 18 dager siden
I want to actually wear those kind of shirts but im insecure-
Umaiza Athar
Umaiza Athar - 17 dager siden
Same :') Also I'm a Muslim so even if I were confident I wouldn't be able to wear them 😔
Raheema Begum
Raheema Begum - 18 dager siden
Love your vids ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍👌😎😎
hawaiigir - 18 dager siden
kassie your mic made you sound like a robot hehehehe
PereZkidZ - 18 dager siden
Esta loca😭😂
Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor - 18 dager siden
Love that shirt
cecelia - 18 dager siden
when my grandma buys me clothes I'd never wear I tell my mom and she just sends it back to her

also i miss blonde hair on Kassie ;-;
Alisha M
Alisha M - 19 dager siden
I have bangles to
Damien Jon Dos Santos Aabakken
Why is your name gloom that's the name of a pokemon?