Trying Satisfying Tik Tok Experiments at Home!

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They're relaxing, they're oddly satisfying, they're things I haven't seen on Tik Tok that were politely curated for yours truly to try.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).
Runtime: 13:35


rosie fong
rosie fong - Time siden
us in 2020 being so unfit be like
Jason Willems
Jason Willems - 2 timer siden
londynn bradley
londynn bradley - 5 timer siden
cassandra bennett
cassandra bennett - 6 timer siden
What is your dogs real name?
Tanya - 7 timer siden
Well actually hands stand
Tanya - 7 timer siden
I am seven years old and I can just bend over and do a bridge or do a handstand and then flip over and do a bridge
Olive Schaub
Olive Schaub - 8 timer siden
Can someone count how many dogs kartha has please
Hollie Anderson-Smith
Hollie Anderson-Smith - 9 timer siden
I tried the wall one and I fell over
KØPAL Sharma
KØPAL Sharma - 10 timer siden
While they were making the lava lamp and Terry zoomed up I realised...Kassie is really pretty🦋
Quaid Braniger
Quaid Braniger - 11 timer siden
Lol you forgot about the wine so it didnt work
Gabriella Cohen
Gabriella Cohen - 12 timer siden
so i think with the ballon popping in water thing insted of food coloring, i think the guy used some form of paint.
Jordan Dempster
Jordan Dempster - 14 timer siden
Happy 1st December kassie! And Everyone
Aroshi Gurung
Aroshi Gurung - 19 timer siden
Your hair looks purple
Dj Queen
Dj Queen - 23 timer siden
Everybody talking about the Alka-Seltzer thing
Me: They did the lava lamp one first... probably 😅 or she was just joking...
MDNyota Norm
MDNyota Norm - Dag siden
R u squeezing ur dog i feel kinda bad for him I could hear him breathing a mile away
GAME ON - Dag siden

Vincent R.
Vincent R. - Dag siden
I love how gloom says at the beginning for the crayon she knows what a elka-seltzer is but then for the olive oil trick it's just like memory gone brain washed she didn't know what it is
Saanvi Verma
Saanvi Verma - Dag siden
how can anyone not like her.. she is a legend
Polina McLane
Polina McLane - Dag siden
You can tell she did the wine glass thing before the crayon thing because she didn't know what Alka- Seltzer
WaffleWolf Playz
WaffleWolf Playz - Dag siden
Bertha Cox
Bertha Cox - Dag siden
"What's Alka Seltzer?"
•used it in the first experiment•
flower rainey
flower rainey - Dag siden
6:54 i was like- is that "tum" what they put in sodas ;-;
PlotTwist TeeHee
PlotTwist TeeHee - Dag siden
Jordan Horn
Jordan Horn - Dag siden
Cassie you’re so beautiful and I love how when you start talking you’re so goofy so it’s like your looks and your personality are two different things, which they are! You were so unique and I love you for that😊
Roblox2000 Brockhouse
Roblox2000 Brockhouse - Dag siden
Why do you keep on changing your dogs name
Amy Liu1189
Amy Liu1189 - Dag siden
Yo you need more water
Hazel W
Hazel W - Dag siden
9:28 you did a bridge it is called a back bend when you do it standing up
Maddie Duggan
Maddie Duggan - 2 dager siden
If he's or she's a boy
Maddie Duggan
Maddie Duggan - 2 dager siden
Gloom im really sorry but I think u need to put thinky down jk he's a king
Deja Pierce
Deja Pierce - 2 dager siden
But in sience class we needed a balloon and mine ligit got on the floor lol 😆
Deja Pierce
Deja Pierce - 2 dager siden
It’s sooooo coooooo.
Deja Pierce
Deja Pierce - 2 dager siden
I meant coooooooooooool
Deja Pierce
Deja Pierce - 2 dager siden
It works I tried it I’m sience class
Maya Carmichael
Maya Carmichael - 2 dager siden
I like how she did the crayon thing added the Alka-Seltzer then a few times later she needs Alka-Seltzer and she’s is like “what’s that”
Riya Ranjitha
Riya Ranjitha - 16 timer siden
Maybe she did the food colouring first and then did the crayons So then she maybe switched up... Maybe 😅
PENELOPE FROMAL - 2 dager siden
you put to much alca seltser the first one
Art _Mountains
Art _Mountains - 2 dager siden
5:37 That face tho- LOL
kirby is a Christian man
kirby is a Christian man - 2 dager siden
I can do the leg thing against the wall ez
Mark Wooten
Mark Wooten - 2 dager siden
Next time you use coconut oil please
Lois Ma
Lois Ma - 2 dager siden
In a robotic voice “I feel the power of a million stars inside of me”
Christina Jennings
Christina Jennings - 2 dager siden
i love your dogs
Tishtoshy - 2 dager siden
Hi by u do the Nat and tidht
Qlklkkkkkkl boondock
ALF And Q - 2 dager siden
Sub to AFL And Q
Samantha Hollie
Samantha Hollie - 2 dager siden
So satisfied
Marguerite Lavoie
Marguerite Lavoie - 2 dager siden
The slomo thing didn't work because they used paint, you used water and food colouring.
mya gahan
mya gahan - 2 dager siden
Her bridge is so mutch more arched then mine and I have been working on gymnastics for years T-T
Pepper proctor
Pepper proctor - 2 dager siden
what is your dogs real name?
Kyvacado 09
Kyvacado 09 - 2 dager siden
She said “let’s use Alka seltzer” in the first diy and then a couple minutes later asked what alka seltzer was? I’m so confused.
Also what’s the dogs name?! I thought it was Twinky but then they called him brink and brinky so I just don’t understand a lot of this video
Kyvacado 09
Kyvacado 09 - Dag siden
@MusicalMoviesBooks haha ok thanks
MusicalMoviesBooks - Dag siden
No she just pretended the name was Brinky She does that for different vids The real name though is Twinky Come on man, ya gotta understand these stuff
Shy Strawbery Milk
Shy Strawbery Milk - 2 dager siden
The food coloring reminds me of boba 🧋
Pauleen Hernandez
Pauleen Hernandez - 3 dager siden
Your lava lamp is blinding me😧😂
Isabel Goldschmidt
Isabel Goldschmidt - 3 dager siden
Donut Creme Puff
Donut Creme Puff - 2 dager siden
Billions of years of evolutionary advancement... and then we have Kassie.
Cadence LeCrone
Cadence LeCrone - 3 dager siden
if you try hard you can lift you're leg like I did
Bethany Asbury
Bethany Asbury - 3 dager siden
sorry im late to the video but
when you were doing the lava lamp you looked like a over grown fish hahahahaha
Abigail Fain
Abigail Fain - 3 dager siden
I’ve done the lava lamb before! :D
cedits edit
cedits edit - 3 dager siden
play the sims more :(
Sima Hassan
Sima Hassan - 3 dager siden
Hi hate Beranki
Tsahai's World
Tsahai's World - 3 dager siden
The lava lamp one is my progect it is due o Billie Ellish bd 18th December haven't started it yet
Fern Carter
Fern Carter - 3 dager siden
This was - Wierd-
Jasmine Barham
Jasmine Barham - 3 dager siden
Cassie Random comment but i think the colour that suits your personality the best would be a bright bubbly yellow as you are allways really bright and happy!
Jason White
Jason White - 3 dager siden
What a wall Terry. A true professional
Lakrisa’s TV
Lakrisa’s TV - 3 dager siden
The dog has a different name every video 😂 but it’s cute😍
Aleksandra Kamp
Aleksandra Kamp - 3 dager siden
Terry: "You should put an Alka-Seltzer tablet in there"
Kassie: "Should I?"
*a few minutes later*
Kassie: "Wait what's the third thing he put in?"
Terry: "An Alka-Seltzer tablet"
Kassie: "What's Alka-Seltzer?"
Just Jj
Just Jj - 4 dager siden
Gloom: what’s Altza selter
Me: I don’t know either
Terry: well that is pretty obvious (and then he says his facts)
Jaelyn Stephenson
Jaelyn Stephenson - 4 dager siden
o no o no O NO NO NO NO
Elizabeth Crowe
Elizabeth Crowe - 4 dager siden
Someone should probably tell them that Alka-Seltzer is not for acid reflux......
It is actually for a cold and your sinuses
Mary Hood
Mary Hood - 4 dager siden
It would have been cool if you would have used oil instead of water on the balloon thing.
Elizabeth Courtney
Elizabeth Courtney - 4 dager siden
I heard the dog breathing
Meylanis Garcia
Meylanis Garcia - 4 dager siden
I have done that lava lamp at school
Isla-Jane Lyall
Isla-Jane Lyall - 4 dager siden
The leg trick is possible I did it and did not fall
Amanda Strober
Amanda Strober - 4 dager siden
gloom be like XD i am so fruging happy /brinky pls send help i am dieing
Catalina Garcia Gonzalez
Catalina Garcia Gonzalez - 4 dager siden
Kassie: let’s put a alka-zeltser tab on it!
Kassie: what’s alka-seltzer?
Me: didn’t you just- *sighs* - DiDnT yOu jUsT- *sighs*
Me: facepalms
Sangita Raj Patel
Sangita Raj Patel - 4 dager siden
-kassie /gloom
Sangita Raj Patel
Sangita Raj Patel - 4 dager siden
Kyle Gaudet
Kyle Gaudet - 4 dager siden
the expiriment at 2:49 i do the alot
THEIA does stuff
THEIA does stuff - 4 dager siden
megandriskell - 4 dager siden
how many dogs do u have
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn - 4 dager siden
Elinore Grace
Elinore Grace - 4 dager siden
my dad calls his romba is only son because we are all girls
Mia Bay
Mia Bay - 4 dager siden
Kassie why did you stop saying “happy day iM gLoOm”? I miss that.
Kassandra Geronimo
Kassandra Geronimo - 5 dager siden
you didn't mix it
Zaraa Rahman
Zaraa Rahman - 5 dager siden
On the first one you done everything wrong I hate it
Chloe Lippe
Chloe Lippe - 5 dager siden
I thought it was twinky not briinky ;-;

Like if u agree
Mysterious - 4 dager siden
She gives twinky random names when she makes hacks videos
callie • coffee
callie • coffee - 5 dager siden
*terry is the wall*
Mihai Neculoiu
Mihai Neculoiu - 5 dager siden
I have the same Roomba
Gia Leon
Gia Leon - 5 dager siden
The crayon one was cool
Pat Brannigan
Pat Brannigan - 5 dager siden
Peewee Quesea
Peewee Quesea - 5 dager siden
Lily McGuire
Lily McGuire - 5 dager siden
I have a lava lamp
vanessa ramsey
vanessa ramsey - 6 dager siden
4:37 but she literally just put alka seltzer in the other thing 😂
Mía Abdian
Mía Abdian - 6 dager siden
For the ballon thing try using paint with a bit of water it wont mix as fast. btw i love ur vids and ur a great youtuber
Blueberry Pancakes
Blueberry Pancakes - 6 dager siden
Ok so for the lava lamp Cassie, I think you need to put the food coloring in like bigger drops and really fast cause that how he did it. Love you Cassie!
Lolka Polka
Lolka Polka - 6 dager siden
And i can bo the thing That the girl dus 9:03
Lolka Polka
Lolka Polka - 6 dager siden
I can walk wile being in the brige
Lolka Polka
Lolka Polka - 6 dager siden
I can bend my back backwards intill my hand Touch us the floor and then i trow back my legs or just stand up
•H00manBeans• - 6 dager siden
Ever think about drinking the little bottle thing in your lava lamp?

Hehe, I didn’t, what are you talking about 😅
Noela Alili
Noela Alili - 6 dager siden
I love you😍😍
Nolan Avakian
Nolan Avakian - 6 dager siden
That dog is so adorable I’m dieing of cuteness
laisharm kiran
laisharm kiran - 6 dager siden
Azzyland is your sister
AestheticAria - 6 dager siden
Kassie: This is the most cooking I’ve done this year
Kartha Gewart: *Am I a joke to you?*
crusty potato
crusty potato - 6 dager siden
3:18 I tried that on my bed and I fell down and broke my leg

Eva Collado
Eva Collado - 7 dager siden
I love when you say the gloom
Pedro Renteria
Pedro Renteria - 7 dager siden
Poor. Rug