Trying Tik Tok Trends with my NEW Baby Pup🥳

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Ladies and gentlemen, I now have 2 sons. Been a long time coming, and he’s everything I’ve ever wanted for myself, Terry and Twinkie.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).
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MeaghanGOESBOOM 421
MeaghanGOESBOOM 421 - 20 minutter siden
Gloom should make her own channel for kartha gewert😂😂
CC, L Queen and the bear !
her new puppy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocute
Hazel Wolf
Hazel Wolf - 2 timer siden
Please teach it to sit on couches correctly Bc umm we have four dogs and uhh we have to big ones and two small ones and the small ones sit on the top part of our couches Bc we didn’t show them how to sit correctly. One of them knows how to open the gate we use to block off the rest of the house. Also there’s a very sad story behind one of them :(
Nathaniel Ferneau
Nathaniel Ferneau - 3 timer siden
We have a German shepherd, as a puppy he was so much bigger and then he is also more mischevious. He was the biggest in his liter. He was supposed to be 90 lbs. He got super muscular and now he weighs 115.
Nathaniel Ferneau
Nathaniel Ferneau - 3 timer siden
The blow dryer most likely didn't scare him. It was probably just the loud noise that made him nervous
Gabriella M
Gabriella M - 3 timer siden
Anging is so freaking cute
Wakko_Warner Acnh
Wakko_Warner Acnh - 3 timer siden
I love German Shepard’s UwU
Edit: she acts like my cousins dog Mille, who is a Rottweiler
Josephine Koutsie
Josephine Koutsie - 6 timer siden
I was thinking of geting a dog too
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh - 7 timer siden
Did you know the original German Shepherd is smarter than the white and black German Shepherd I know crazy right
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh - 7 timer siden
Did you know white and black German Shepherd’s are just clones of the real German Shepherd
Zoé Greenwood
Zoé Greenwood - 8 timer siden
I’m Also getting a dog on 7 December🥳
Im malay i never expected for gloom to name her dog dog
lindsay Berke
lindsay Berke - 11 timer siden
My doggo is big too and he’s a black lab so maybe he and anjing will be simaler sizes
Lilly Nicole
Lilly Nicole - 11 timer siden
But your place is so beautiful!
Lacey Russell
Lacey Russell - 11 timer siden
anjing buddy zoey is single sha a german sheperd and in the futer u could marry lol
Lacey Russell
Lacey Russell - 11 timer siden
i have three dogs tow muts one german sheperd she is cute and if your puppy needs a date in the futer come to me lol
Alliyah Polson
Alliyah Polson - 12 timer siden
hes gonna be a big dog look at the size of his feet
krizza duque
krizza duque - 13 timer siden
I have a brown German Shepard its really big in the age of 4
Hayden StMary
Hayden StMary - 14 timer siden
you should do the thing where you see how they act with an egg
𝕝𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕚𝕚𝕚 - 14 timer siden
The “It’s free real estate” got me
Bean _er
Bean _er - 15 timer siden
i have a question Kassie, why do you always get male doggo's and not female?
I’m not saying this to brag, but I have three puppies. One is a Great Pyrenees, one is a chocolate lab, and one is a red nose pitbull.
Gracie Trinh
Gracie Trinh - 15 timer siden
I love the dog,
Katie Medford
Katie Medford - 16 timer siden
My dog loves the blow dryer. As soon as anyone turns it on, he RUNS to the bathroom and lays on his back
Yasmine Scharpf
Yasmine Scharpf - 17 timer siden
Kassie: we've both been lonely
terry: am i a joke to you?
Ciel Mikella
Ciel Mikella - 17 timer siden
I love your dog!I have TWO huskys which had SEVEN puppies and now we have one the one we are keeping
GamingWithAvari - 19 timer siden
my dog is a pit bull
Bella Boesch
Bella Boesch - 20 timer siden
He is SOOO cuteee
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - 21 time siden
My German Shepard isn’t that fluffy
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - 21 time siden
Didn’t know twinkle was a grandpa I thought it was still youngish
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - 21 time siden
Didn’t notice that u got a new puppy
Lekki And Bibi
Lekki And Bibi - 21 time siden
to be honest "anjing" in malay (a language) means dog..... kassie you learn malay??
FinDiesel 38
FinDiesel 38 - 22 timer siden
Am I the only one who think the dog looks like Sky from Adi and Em
FinDiesel 38
FinDiesel 38 - 22 timer siden
HES SO CUTE A I have a German shepherd too
Little Nerds
Little Nerds - 23 timer siden
Madison VanDrese
Madison VanDrese - 23 timer siden
well the big dog is a golden retriever and the small one is a shelty he is the runt
Esme Freeman
Esme Freeman - Dag siden
My bff dog can sing/howl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cassandra Ropp
Cassandra Ropp - Dag siden
if u want to get a place with more carpet, it will be way harder to clean out his accidents
CLVUDII - Dag siden
Me: Can we get another dog
Mom: You dont even take care of the dog we have
Me: Well our one dog is lonely when we leave and yall got rid of my fish
Mom: My mind isn’t changing
Me: Dad can we get another dog
Dad: No
Me: Please
Dad; Shut up and go away talking about a dumb dog
Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Woomy Boomy
Woomy Boomy - Dag siden
My puppy is golden doodle who's super smart.. smart enough to know that he'll get attention if he barks and whines
Prakash Adhikari
Prakash Adhikari - Dag siden
Cute little puppy
Katydog Or Katy Island
Love the dog I love German shepherds 😍
Maisy W
Maisy W - Dag siden
Cupcake Crafter
Cupcake Crafter - Dag siden
I love your sweater !!what is the name of your sweater?
Ashley Butt
Ashley Butt - Dag siden
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson - Dag siden
Do More with him
Lizzie C
Lizzie C - Dag siden
What the heck a I just got a German Shepherd and now this
Kani Ali
Kani Ali - Dag siden
I love her cardi
Pixel Perfect
Pixel Perfect - Dag siden
My shorkie-poo Leoisnt afraid of anything, he's just loud and would willing tussle with a larger dog and think of it as playing. HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE!!!!!
Solvaneon And Bebe
Solvaneon And Bebe - Dag siden
Watch isle of dogs with Anjing
Christian Santos
Christian Santos - Dag siden
Gloom: “Her name is Anjing.”
Me: “You just named your dog.. dog..”
2:40 : no shxt sherlock.
NALANI SIMENTAL - 2 dager siden
wow i just love golden sun, frank, twinky
Gg - 2 dager siden
The floppy ear might actually straighten when you least expect it. My dog's ear was floppy for years and then juts straightened when she was 5 or so. We have no idea why, we thought one would just stay floppy but it eventually straightened
Darksoul ._.
Darksoul ._. - 2 dager siden
Gloom: his name is anjing
Me(trying to tell my friend hes name: hes name is anjing
Me: 😭
Jessica Li
Jessica Li - 2 dager siden
where do u live i need to steal ur dog
Niccole Garfield
Niccole Garfield - 2 dager siden
Let me tell you something. MY dog is the cutest😡🐶
Eve Joco
Eve Joco - 2 dager siden
we have the dog that is exactly the dog our neighbor has at 6:23
yEs iTs tHe bRoWn oNe
Vanessa Alvarado
Vanessa Alvarado - 2 dager siden
3:19 kartha: aren't you the smartest, coolest, most awesomest, cutest, lovely. GORGEOUS!
Vanessa Alvarado
Vanessa Alvarado - 2 dager siden
Kartha's dog scared of nothing
My dog scared of butterflies. -_-
Amy Palm
Amy Palm - 2 dager siden
What type what dog is this because it so cute
Amy Palm
Amy Palm - 2 dager siden
Comment plz
Peanut Creator101
Peanut Creator101 - 2 dager siden
i had a german shepared chow mix. he would have taken a bullet for me. he died in 2018 of bone cancer Rest In Peace Griz
now i have an amazing pure Siberian husky whos my ESM dog (emotional support dog)
sophia bromgard
sophia bromgard - 2 dager siden
Awww congrats I have a German make sure to soshalize him!!!😊🐶
kol Garland
kol Garland - 2 dager siden
Dangmathsmith I love your videos to😺😺😺😺
striped starz
striped starz - 2 dager siden
golden sun is da same age as my chihuahua
Phoenix Rose Bishop
Phoenix Rose Bishop - 2 dager siden
I jave a black German Shepherd. Her name is December we call her Cember
giselle mendez
giselle mendez - 2 dager siden
I have a all black German Shepard her name is sam and she’s 2 years old
Willow Feather
Willow Feather - 2 dager siden
Where is that jumper from
Dana Riggs
Dana Riggs - 2 dager siden
Were did you get him
Salome Ramirez
Salome Ramirez - 2 dager siden
Kassie can you get short curly light hair again
Dragon Army!
Dragon Army! - 3 dager siden
Isabelle Kowalewski
Isabelle Kowalewski - 3 dager siden
I love it
Kawaii Bunnies
Kawaii Bunnies - 3 dager siden
Oh mah god....I got a bird and when she goes at the window and sees a lizard she’s like absolutely crazy
and I bet your puppy would try hugging it XD
Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez - 3 dager siden
Can you please do more videos of Kartha Guert with anging
Lucy Kenny
Lucy Kenny - 3 dager siden
Her new puppy is soooooooooooooo cute
Ria Kalal
Ria Kalal - 3 dager siden
you abandon your old dog but the new one is cute too
Lesley King
Lesley King - 3 dager siden
Your new dog kinda looks like mine, who is a belgian shapard border collie mix, who is black w/ white paws, underbelly and chest. (no white on tail)
the make up chair
the make up chair - 3 dager siden
My dog sleeps like that he’s completely fine just weird
kol Garland
kol Garland - 3 dager siden
Why do you feel lonely you had all us😸😺😸😸😸
Stacia Sienkiewicz
Stacia Sienkiewicz - 3 dager siden
What happened to him is he yours
Caitlin Rochford
Caitlin Rochford - 3 dager siden
Now we twinning we both have German shaped but my ones name is bear
Farah Frazier
Farah Frazier - 3 dager siden
Actual helpful information:
10:26 You shouldn't wave your hands in front of his face. That encourages fighting and biting. I suggest more docile approaches like stroking him on the back and getting your head level with his on the ground.
Ella Liew
Ella Liew - 3 dager siden
The yellow part of kassie’s sweater kinda looks like corn
Puppy Playz
Puppy Playz - 3 dager siden
Soooo cute soooo adorable
Toga Queen
Toga Queen - 3 dager siden
This is so cute I am getting a puppy to
Mary Tounn
Mary Tounn - 3 dager siden
He’s so cute! 🥰
•The Light Wings•
•The Light Wings• - 3 dager siden
Taz Dawn
Taz Dawn - 3 dager siden
Aww he’s so cute
dirtylaundrygirl - 3 dager siden
awwwww nice puppy but I dont like your sweater, I am a huge fan of you though its just a comment
Mella2367 yeet
Mella2367 yeet - 3 dager siden
Do you mind if I steal the dog ma'am lol not really
Lili Granado
Lili Granado - 3 dager siden
I love pitbull‘s too and actually I got one for my seventh birthday his name is Robert\bob
Angie Is da best
Angie Is da best - 3 dager siden
0:19 Avacado couple sounds
Madison Langan
Madison Langan - 3 dager siden
Hi he is so cute the little baby!
Xaryah Jenkins
Xaryah Jenkins - 3 dager siden
clara sh
clara sh - 3 dager siden
Me an Indonesian: wait what did U name him...
Sophie Rivers
Sophie Rivers - 3 dager siden
Awww he soooo cute
Brianna Callahan
Brianna Callahan - 3 dager siden
i watch that dog show too
Brianna Callahan
Brianna Callahan - 3 dager siden
i have the game catan too
Xxwhite wolvesxX
Xxwhite wolvesxX - 3 dager siden
Aw he kinda looks like a baby pig🥺🥰
Vanessa Alvarado
Vanessa Alvarado - 2 dager siden
Halo .hailey
Halo .hailey - 3 dager siden
I thought my dog how to sit,shake,lay down,roel over,high five,jump,speak,spin
Kohaku Usagi
Kohaku Usagi - 3 dager siden
AAAAWWWWW!!! I LOVE ANJING! And not gonna lie, I thought that was Terry asleep in a hoodie under a blanket at 5:14 for a second, 😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣