Vegetable Beauty Contest Battle... For Kids? (Reaction)

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Carl won’t stop watching his favourite kids channel, Avocado Couple, and as a concerned mother, I’m going to hold his hand and try to nitpick the hidden meanings behind it all.
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Benjiman N
Benjiman N - 16 timer siden
Jeff Ken
Jeff Ken - 23 timer siden
Gloom how about watching pencilmate ,it’s a video for kids
Zac Day
Zac Day - 2 dager siden
But I did not do it because of this I just wanted to be cool
Zac Day
Zac Day - 2 dager siden
Well I already got my ears pierced so...
Yay for me
Yasmina AH
Yasmina AH - 3 dager siden
I love the pupet
Enchanted Bow 907
Enchanted Bow 907 - 3 dager siden
Kasey:punches Carl in the face
Me:you’d get along swimmingly with gacha mike🙂
bubble me
bubble me - 3 dager siden
This is very funny I cant take this :)
XxDemonwolf xX
XxDemonwolf xX - 4 dager siden
PLZZZZZZZZ HAVE CARL BACK TwT i love him honeslty QwQ✨✨✨
Sol Giannetti
Sol Giannetti - 4 dager siden
Lex Uy
Lex Uy - 6 dager siden
my Ear Is Pearced Time In Video ____: 5:22
Jubilee Rivera
Jubilee Rivera - 7 dager siden
When the beauty contest is on your birthday😂Lol
b b h
b b h - 8 dager siden
You cant eat unhealthy things
小神波Genius - 9 dager siden
I hate these avacado thing's
Kylie Mendoza
Kylie Mendoza - 9 dager siden
Please do part 2
well in the first one she was allowed to eat but she didn’t allowed junk food
Brandon Squibb
Brandon Squibb - 12 dager siden
A salad
Wet Chicken
Wet Chicken - 14 dager siden
This is reasonable
My mom got mad at me for watching azzyland cause she was to HYPER! WTH!
Cecilia Martinez
Cecilia Martinez - 23 dager siden
Wait but she doesn’t have to not eat u see what the avocado girl not to eat junk food which means A diet
Cecilia Martinez
Cecilia Martinez - 23 dager siden
Sorry but that just bothered me
Ronald Chirinos
Ronald Chirinos - 24 dager siden
I am kid ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I am 8 ha ha ha
Barb Rupp
Barb Rupp - 24 dager siden
I mean subbed.
Barb Rupp
Barb Rupp - 24 dager siden
I love you kass and I sobbed
Raymond. - 25 dager siden
2:22 Me to my Guineapig when it Makes my room a "mess"
brandon mcdowell
brandon mcdowell - 25 dager siden
I’m a kid BUT I have my ears peared
brandon mcdowell
brandon mcdowell - 25 dager siden
I mean ear rings
Pinnacle Rehab
Pinnacle Rehab - 26 dager siden
I am a kid and this still seams weird.....
Ursula Morua
Ursula Morua - 27 dager siden
NopeThat thing is actually for adults it makes it look like it’s for kids but I’m pretty sure it’s adults it says a bad message for kids
Matthew King
Matthew King - 27 dager siden
Carl I heard that Azzyland likes you
Art Rat
Art Rat - 27 dager siden
Gloom: she’s a strong independent avocado
Subtitles: she’s a strong indent uh McDonald’s
Galaxy Phoenix sumaylo
Galaxy Phoenix sumaylo - 28 dager siden
Avocado couple are officially bullying the LGBTQ+ community.
Zoe Leahy
Zoe Leahy - Måned siden
I love rug rats to death 🤍🤍💙💙🤍🤍💛💛
Antonio Gaines
Antonio Gaines - Måned siden
she can still eat but not sweet
Layla Reger
Layla Reger - Måned siden
is caral ur son kassey?
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy - Måned siden
First grader:So you need to spend money to be beautiful
Called Rocket265
Called Rocket265 - Måned siden
No she is not allowed to eat Junk food
Siyana Tsura
Siyana Tsura - Måned siden
I whant more videos whif carl
ft. lolbit
ft. lolbit - Måned siden
😆😆😆 haha what is tisss
Scarlett - Måned siden
I am only 7 but I’m watching you
Ella M
Ella M - Måned siden
In short: that channel is extremely toxic, sexist, and heteronormative.
Kathleen Pike
Kathleen Pike - Måned siden
I'm 8 not 7 8 okay
Gargi Godbole
Gargi Godbole - Måned siden
He is your son!?
But he's a puppet miss
Kennedy Sims
Kennedy Sims - Måned siden
I'm 7
Aqsha sheikh
Aqsha sheikh - Måned siden
Uhhhhhh........... hi
Yvonne Kerwin
Yvonne Kerwin - Måned siden
It's not about she's not allowed to eat it's she doesn't want to eat junk food
Lara Ayman
Lara Ayman - Måned siden
My sister loves this cartoon
Xabine Dawn Emmanuelle Ocampo
no it means no sweets
TᗯIᒪIᘜᕼT ՏTᗩᖇ シ
what's does HR means
꧁Lun̸a ꧂
꧁Lun̸a ꧂ - Måned siden
How to point you out gloom but the no food sign was actually meaning no junk food like she was allowed to eat veggies and like run so ya
Jim Gentile
Jim Gentile - Måned siden
Why do I feel like a first grader
Aunt Josephine
Aunt Josephine - Måned siden
she is allowed to eat but not suger or that stuff only healthy stuff
Febina Shahan
Febina Shahan - Måned siden
In India, or at least in Kerala, most girls get their ears pierced when they are a kid. So if you don't have your ears pierced people are gonna be like " Did you not wear your earrings and did they close up. so most of the girls have their ears pierced. So yeah!
Nightmare Eclipse
Nightmare Eclipse - Måned siden
Pikachu YouTuber Hans
Pikachu YouTuber Hans - Måned siden
are you kidding me you're saying I can't watch this it's just cuz I'm seven anyway I know this is actually wrong I just watch it cuz it's so funny but I only watch it if YouTubers watch it so like you're watching it and you do video of it I'll watch it
Coralie Jean
Coralie Jean - Måned siden
I have a pupets to but a girl and a boy
Coralie Jean
Coralie Jean - Måned siden
Is je your kid hahzhz
Izzy Hague
Izzy Hague - Måned siden
[] [] 😂😂😂
Izzy Hague
Izzy Hague - Måned siden
Me:Why have I cliked this. me 5 seconds ago: I like that let me clik it.
rannapeerzada - Måned siden
Hey I am a 7 years old lade and I have eayr piercings so what my hair are died and I put on makeup so whatever 🤬
Gacha City
Gacha City - Måned siden
So True
hihi byebye
hihi byebye - Måned siden
Thank you! That channel isn't for kids I almost drop kicked my sister for watching it
Astrid Meissner
Astrid Meissner - 2 måneder siden
I love glooms hair
Antonio Zalaya
Antonio Zalaya - 2 måneder siden
Antonio Zalaya
Antonio Zalaya - 2 måneder siden
I'm mean legs
Antonio Zalaya
Antonio Zalaya - 2 måneder siden
I cut myself by shaving my hair my hair wax
Emma Cerda
Emma Cerda - 2 måneder siden
Can you make more videos with Carl
Ariana Kpatchavi
Ariana Kpatchavi - 2 måneder siden
:( im sorry
Ariana Kpatchavi
Ariana Kpatchavi - 2 måneder siden
I'm a kid but i don't watch this
i don't know if i wanna upset you but i watch this when i was 5 years old
Ariana Kpatchavi
Ariana Kpatchavi - 2 måneder siden
The Awesome chickens Wacky Laboratory
This is the day my mom died.
Δ kAtS eYeLaShHh Δ
Δ kAtS eYeLaShHh Δ - 2 måneder siden
I loved when the puppet said "busteddd!" XD
Lweendo Chisamu
Lweendo Chisamu - 2 måneder siden
*now wants to watch Avocado Couple*
BBH Baker
BBH Baker - 2 måneder siden
I had my ears pierced when I was ONE!! 😝🐙
Michaela Boyle
Michaela Boyle - 2 måneder siden
Karl is the most beautiful creature ever made
Camila Sanchez
Camila Sanchez - 2 måneder siden
And avocad Couple is funny
Camila Sanchez
Camila Sanchez - 2 måneder siden
I love avocad couple
AliBaDali - 2 måneder siden
It’s not they have to starve to be pretty it’s the avacado cutting off all sugar to be pretty okay gosh kassie
The party ALPAKA
The party ALPAKA - 2 måneder siden
It says 7 June that’s one day left so at the 8 June is my birthday;-;
Laetitia LeVavasseur
Laetitia LeVavasseur - 2 måneder siden
I do not like that
Guoda Mataitė
Guoda Mataitė - 2 måneder siden
I have a story bout the toilet : One time i was in the shoping centre and i went to the bathroom and i was like " why there are like the "mans" toilets in there ?" I saw a lot of mans but i still i did things there .After i vame out ,my dad was "why did u where in the mans bathroom???„. I was so red cuz he didint even came into it he just standed and watched me failing my life😂
Natalia Ochoa (Student)
Natalia Ochoa (Student) - 2 måneder siden
roses are res crafts need glue i liked my own comment wait why is it blue
Gabrielle Amanda Dimarucot
Gabrielle Amanda Dimarucot - 2 måneder siden
I skipped a couple meals whats the big deal
Before i get one spoon and then spread it around the plate so and said that i am done but I didn’t eat so I skipped a couple meals whats the big deal.
•Help _ me _ Amy•
•Help _ me _ Amy• - 2 måneder siden
Gloom: The 7 year olds watching this- juist-
Me:Ah, Yes i'm 8.
Mila Zlateva
Mila Zlateva - 2 måneder siden
Wher did you get Karl
Osmani Olivo
Osmani Olivo - 2 måneder siden
Gloom is a Karen 😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😢😠😫😠😫😫😠😱😢🙁😷😠😥🏤⛪🏨🏬🌅🏢🌆🗽🏯💒🏩🏥⛵🚄🚀🏩💒🏢🌅🗽😠🚄🌆🏥🌅😥🏢🏨😥🙊🚄🚀🌆🚀🏬🐜🏨🏬🚀😙😀😘😔☺😃🏬🏥🏬🚀🕸😠🏩⛵😷🏯🌆😷🏨🚄🏩⛵🏯🙁😠😠😡😡😠😠😎😡😡😠😷😱😫😦😩😩😫😆😷😎😴😲😆👿😧😐😈😨😟😋😩😐☺😴😀😎☺😠😡😫😲💒😷😷😫😠😩😙😆😎😋🚄😦😫😎😃😴😠😡☺😠😟😈
Catie Wilde
Catie Wilde - 2 måneder siden
i think it means to nor eat sweets
rita ghanayem
rita ghanayem - 2 måneder siden
rita ghanayem
rita ghanayem - 2 måneder siden
rita ghanayem
rita ghanayem - 2 måneder siden
Xx_The_moonlights_xX - 2 måneder siden
I got my ears pierced when i was2
rita ghanayem
rita ghanayem - 2 måneder siden
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - 2 måneder siden
If Kassie asked to speak to people's managers:
Ajin Lee
Ajin Lee - 2 måneder siden
Karen is SOOO frustrated with her son
Blaze - 2 måneder siden
Gloom is Keren
Fatima Buzinjal
Fatima Buzinjal - 2 måneder siden
Yes you are Carey
kitty1234 amazon
kitty1234 amazon - 2 måneder siden
Who is his name please tell me what is his name please
OwO Bunny animation & gacha
OwO Bunny animation & gacha - 2 måneder siden
I'm young like 8 years old why I am watching this?.
Matthew Ivan
Matthew Ivan - 2 måneder siden
I am 7
Elaine Sadler
Elaine Sadler - 2 måneder siden
You read my mind I’m 7
GreEnPuppYLOL - 2 måneder siden
I'm my manager
Aqeela Shogie
Aqeela Shogie - 2 måneder siden
Can you please do more vid with Carl
Fun lol With Faelyn
Fun lol With Faelyn - 2 måneder siden
Gloom: the seven year old watching this is Ghana be like ok I need to shave my legs to be pretty
Me: I’m 8 and I know that it doesn’t matter if you have hairy legs it doesn’t matter if you don’t have makeup. I don’t ware makeup and no one Cares!! So avocado 🥑 Couple what does that mean?
Ly'Nia Bonner
Ly'Nia Bonner - 2 måneder siden
ur clid is uhgy but in liked and subscribe to ur canle